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Last Updated: 2022-09-11
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Setting aside the traditional bait and switch, where the ads showcase a very minor part of an eventually very expensive combat game, the fatal flaw in this game is the huge disincentive to attack another player. Everything builds to that point, the ultimate goal of the game, the boss battle, but you irretrievably lose so much by doing so, even if you resoundingly win, that it takes a ton of resources to recover. Now that I know, I'm deleting.


Fun, but buggy. Also a pay to win model, constantly changing so what you have is worthless. Tech support takes 7 days. And the prices are WAY to high for what you get. Also it is a bait and switch game: you think it's a fun time waster shooting game, but it's really a heavy RPG War base building game, with lots of other stuff to do. It IS the only war game I have actually stuck with and play every day, even through all the bugs. Because it is fun. Still a Beta game, and unfinished, but fun.


I've been playing about 1 and half years. Great strategy game. Not just military. Requires planning and handling many tasks at once. Challenging. Offers social interaction with people all over the world. Fun.A great war game, build your city with never ending goals to be better; make friends from all over the world. I came for the puzzles and found so much more.

Rise to the calling of lost treasures!
Beneath your feet lies the lost Treasure Island filled with danger and mysteries. To survive this unforgiving world, you must wield your greatest weapons: your unmatched wit, flawless aiming and absolute focus to fend off whatever evil may come!

Game Features
◆ Never the same levels
300 challenging levels await you, use your wisdom and find the fastest way to solve every puzzle. Here’s some free advice: being a top challenger requires more than making the right choice, it is being able to plan ahead, capture the right timing and most importantly, precise execution.
◆ Explore the mists and experience various strategic gameplay.
The Treasure Island is covered with mist, use your adventure instinct to find the lost treasures, defeat mysterious ghosts and the terrifying Sea Monster!
◆ Collect treasures to renovate ancient relics and decrypt the mysteries even words can’t describe.
◆ Reinforce your Stronghold and forge a strong alliance with others on the Treasure Isle, they will be your biggest support through the challenges and the best treasure you’ll ever find on this journey!
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