Misty Continent: Cursed Island

FunPlus International AG
Last Updated: 2022-12-01 Current Version: 0.5.0
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I like the graphics and some of the quests... But its hasnt to do anything with the ad. In the beginning you build your island and you are protected. But on some point its all about fighting, attacking, building alliances whatsoever. No mystery to solve except some puzzles. So, if you are looking for settling, growing, solving mysteries in peace and not constan fights & rebuilding- this is not your game.


The game looks nicely designed but even in the landscape mode it plays in everything looks absolutely tiny. It makes allllll the reading (a lot of it!) difficult to see and the actions are pretty much impossible to interact with on a mobile. The game is so so slow between screens it's very painful. I only just found out that I have the choice of several possible actions by accident as only one displays on my screen size!! Deleted after 20 minutes of play.


I love how they combined puzzle, adventure, strategy and war games all at once. I never played on this genre before, more of a puzzle adventure gamers, but this hooked me up so bad. But after 2 months, you'll be expecting those aspect less and less. I promised my self to stop this when it's starts to grind. And I think that the unavoidable anytime soon. Leveling up is getting harder, less adventure, more of repetitive act.. great community though. Some actions are not explained properly.

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Misty Continent: Cursed Island is a survival strategy game related to old myths by FunPlus International AG, and it comes with a story of old legends. There are several treasures that the sea gods have left, and those are the path to infinite power. The one who collects this will be the one to rule the seas, and it is time to explore the island. The best emulator: LDPlayer 9 is the best platform for you to have this exploration with best optimizations.


Explore, Fights, Strategies, and Friends

The whole island needs to be explored the best you can, and several ghosts will also be fought. Misty Continent: Cursed Island has some sea monsters and pirates who are looking for your every move, and you need to be careful enough to get rid of them. There are also many quests to be found in the mist.


Since the game comes with different types of obstacles, you need to clear them all by crafting unique artifacts, and if you have more treasures with more abilities, the treasure hunts are going to be much easier. You can also make up with friends from around the world and connect with all to fight along with them. Having friends will help you a lot in the battles until the end.


Better View for the Map

If you want your Misty Continent: Cursed Island gameplay to be done in detail, switch to the LDPlayer 9, where you can get a wider screen with better graphic quality to view your gaming. This is the most effective method to enjoy your game to the fullest because you can have a long hour of gaming with no interruption, and there you have all the graphic enhancements too.


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