Last Updated: 2022-10-20
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Unique card game. I really don't love the Marvel Superhero setting but I can't deny the quality of the game. It looks very flashy and kind of "trashy" in a way, but the monetization is very fair. At the start you're matched against bots mostly (I think), as everyone I'm playing against is pretty terrible. But each match is different enough that it still is very fun to play. There are a lot of gameplay mechanics that I've never seen before, matches last only a few minutes... Just try it out.


I didn't think that I was a fan of Card games but this game just completely addicted me. It's easy to get into but the mastery seems limitless. No ads, no pressure to spend money at all (literally just for cosmetics) and very good visuals. The retreat and snap system make the game so enjoyable because when you get unlucky it doesn't feel very bad and if you have a good read on the game you can double down. Hands down the best mobile game I have ever played and makes me not want to play PC games.


Had to change my review. This is a fantastic game. One of the best out there. Sadly, I've been noticing some bugs/glitches with certain cards being played on the final turn. A couple of these irregularities have cost me a win. This is my favorite game so I hope some of these issues get fixed. It really is a 5 star app when all the cards and scores function accordingly.


For the love of the marvel universe with all its enemies and heroes, the Nuverse is bringing the universe to your feet by MARVEL SNAP. This is your dream of becoming a true being in the MARVEL team, and there are both villains and the heroes you assign for the power moves. There will be strategic card battles you need to handle, and whatever marvel icon you see as the most exciting, put it here for more fast-paced gaming than ever.

Your Favorite Marvel Heroes for Rising and Rank

Hundreds of villains and heroes are coming in here with the Marvel universe, and they can be mixed to come up with the best out of the universe. They all can be matched for one another, and even if you love to take the classic com or the cartoon variants, everything is possible with MARVEL SNAP from its unlimited art styles.

You will be able to double your rewards just with SNAP, which is the best way for a player to be more assured of winning in the MARVEL SNAP. The best emulator: LDPlayer 9 will make your best ways to increase your performance with the most advanced options and features provided to you.

Fast and Unique Matches

MARVEL SNAP is a super-fast-paced game because it doesn’t hold you onto a match for more than three minutes. Every one of them will make you feel unique, and there are more than 50 marvel universe locations that your matches will hold up to the game. Each will be featured with game-changing skills.

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