My Time at Portia

Last Updated: 2021-09-03 Current Version: 1.0.11225
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hello there developer's your game is great and very addictive, there is only one issue when everytime you go inside, or outside the door to any house, it takes too long, i keep waiting but screen still all black!! for almost 2minutes!! can you make some adjustment make shorter of waiting time, i think it the loading page, before you can go inside or outside of any doors, it takes too long!


I love this game! Gathering, crafting, romance, open-world, mining, horses! The list goes on! Super bonus is farming is almost optional, only had to do it a couple times for missions. I really enjoyed it ☺️


Can't play "My Time at Portia" on my phone b/c it crashes often, but game play is great on my tablet. The game is awesome! 😎

New updates:
1. 28 sets of new outfits for characters and NPCs available in store!
2. Resolved issues related to some devices freezing at loading
3. Resolved the non-refresh issue related to certain resource upgrade locations
4. Text optimizations
5. Fixed the issue with male character displayed as female characters
6. Added touch feedback for the mail/post interface
【Recommended Specs:】
RAM>3GB,System>Android 9.0
【Controller not supported yet】
Welcome to feedback and bug report in our Discord.

Discover your inner builder in the open world of Portia!
A top hit 3D simulation RPG on PC has now arrived on mobile! Inherit your Pa's workshop, craft and build your way to compete for top builder in town! As you explore and discover hidden relics, restore the glory of human civilization on this post-apocalyptic land. As you grow into a seasoned builder, bond with NPCs and townsfolk to build a circle of friends and romance!

【The Civilization of Portia Includes:】
- A fully operable 3D workshop
Enjoy the fun of building and growing your workshop in this 3D open-world by gathering resources and assembling them into meaningful pieces. Automate your workshop and expand your farm and homeland, and take on more skills and techniques that will benefit the town. Don't forget that you also get to develop animal husbandry, riding a horse or even alpaca is a dream not far away!

- Socialize and build a family
More than 50 interactable NPCs live in Portia. As soon as you land, you'll meet a few of them and as you progress, you can develop further friendships or even romantic relationships with them. There are quite a lot of activities available for socializing, including taking a hot air balloon ride! When everything falls into place, you can tie the knot, have children and experience the joys of parenthood.

- Engage in challenging battles and adventures in old civilization
Hone your fighting skills to defeat monsters in post-apocalyptic ruins as you unearth the truth of the former civilization buried beneath.

- 100% Original PC gameplay and experience
Whether you're a new explorer or a fellow Portian already, you can now bring the entirety of Portia with you on-the-go! Your phone is now your mobile workshop!

【Join Our Community:】

【Dear builders! Note that data/saves will be deleted from you phone once the game is uninstalled. Please upload the saves to the cloud before you reset you phone/system or change another device. Thank you!】
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