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Last Updated: 2022-12-05
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For a P2E game, it's a well-made strategy TCG game. It can be a little difficult to understand in the beginning, but after you figure stuff out, it is pretty fun. Once I started to get strong and joined an active alliance, it was hard to stop checking on my kingdom to see what I could upgrade next. Highly recommend for any gamer.--


Was introed to this game by a friend but the Fail to Recall Data error took the fun out of everything. Makes it difficult to join on the event to get a free 5star Hero. Tried restarting the phone several times but still no luck. Could've been a solid game. Too bad.


I have entered 6 digit captchas about 5 or 6 times in the couple hours I've played. The game is portrait mode, which is uncomfortable for my emulator. Pick any town/castle building game like vega conflict or state of survival, and here is another game with different graphics, but the same concept right down to 3 different units, npc armies starting at level 1 that you fight on the map, a hospital, farming locations on the world map.. I mean, change the graphics here, you have those other games.

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Kingdom Hunter is making you establish a kingdom with true heroes, and this is a strategy TCG mobile game by RedFox Games M. You, as a player, are required to unlock the secrets behind the ancient god, and through that, you will be able to conquer this world. The best emulator: LDPlayer 9 is the ideal place to enjoy Kingdom Hunter with all your required advanced features.


Hero Cards, Vast World Map Battles, Strategic Play, and the Mighty Kingdom


You have an epic journey with Kingdom Hunter, where you get more than 140 heroes to fight and develop the way through this gameplay. These all are unique with their skills, and whatever the need that your kingdom has from them, you are allowed to customize and develop these heroes as per the need. The heroes will come with over 80 classes and unit types, and a huge world map comes in Kingdom Hunter too. The strategic bases, as well as the battlefields, are there.


You can develop more than 15 types of kingdoms from Kingdom Hunter, and they all come with their own purposes too. You have to focus more on resource production, recruiting, and many more and make the kingdom the mightiest of all.


Landscape Mode Gameplay with Better Details


Kingdom Hunter comes in portrait mode from its gameplay but to enjoy all its details, you better try it from landscape mode. Now you have this chance with LDPlayer 9, which can allow you to lock your screen to landscape mode forcibly, and this is going to give you the best ever gaming experience with more graphic enhancements for the Kingdom Hunter.


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