MIR4 Tips and Tricks to racking up resources and completing main objectives


MIR4 is a thrilling new MMORPG game from developers Wemade that takes heavy inspiration from the original Legend of MIR game series. The game offers a fascinating MMORPG experience where players can take control of a fighter from any of the selected classes and enter the world of MIR. 


For players familiar with MMORPG titles on mobile, playing MIR4 and completing its missions and activities will almost feel like a breeze. On the other hand, those who aren't familiar with MMORPG titles might find this game's features, characters, and activities a bit overwhelming. 


So in this article, we'll be giving you detailed Tips and Tricks for MIR4 to help you get the hang of the game's content and understand the features that it presents. MIR4 has a lot to offer, and we hope our tips and tricks guide will make the game enjoyable for you. 


So without wasting any more time, let's get into the tips and tricks for MIR4.


Use the Auto-Combat feature often

Most MMORPG titles include an auto-combat feature to help reduce the combat time for players if they're fighting manually. Some levels will bring about opponents that come in large numbers, making it very difficult to clear the stage by fighting manually. However, enabling auto-combat lets, you hand over the controls to the computer. 


In most cases, the computer will prevail against less powerful opponents. But if you're facing powerful foes, you may have to turn off the Auto-Combat feature and take back control of your character. Doing so will allow you to come up with ideas and strategies that will help you take down an opponent.


MIR4 Auto Combat Feature


Upgrade your skills     

You can upgrade your skills by obtaining skills upgrade resources using various means. The most common means of upgrading resources, however, is by playing the game's daily missions. Meditating is also a good way to get rewarded with tons of resources. 


MIR4 offers some breathtaking locations with beautiful sceneries that you will encounter on your journey. Your character can meditate at the locations with the fine views and cultivate inner growth for themselves. So if you approach a certain spot that's landmarked with a green light, you can approach it and meditate for a while. 


The meditation process can take a while to complete, but you'll be rewarded with lots of energy that you can use to upgrade your skills afterward. 


MIR4 Skill Upgrade


Complete some or all of the daily missions

Resources are the most sought items in MIR4, and so far, in our tips and tricks guide, we've laid out ways to help you get them. However, as we've mentioned above, one of the best and most reliable ways to get resources is by completing the daily missions. 


The game allows players to complete up to 30 different tasks every day, and it rewards you with resources afterward. These are usually straightforward to complete. Some of the tasks will require you to eliminate a boss, gather certain items, defeat several enemies, and get rewards. Some of the tasks offer better rewards than others, so it is best to aim for and complete the tasks that reward the most resources. 


Create a Clan

There aren't a lot of shortcuts that give you resources in this game. One of the ways to progress and get rewards is by joining a Clan. If you don't have or want to join one, you can simply create your own. Playing with other players doesn't always bring about positive returns, but it does in this game. 


You'll not only rack up more resources, but you'll also have fun playing the game while completing several missions at the same time with other players. So it is definitely worth creating a Clan or joining one in MIR4. Not to mention there will be times when you'll encounter a monster or creature that will simply be too powerful for you to defeat alone.


Joining clans can allow other players to assist you as well as help you speed up the process of opening any chests that you have. The saying "Two heads are better than one" is highly recommended for players who wish to get very far in little time. However, if you're joining a Clan, be sure to possess enough resources to be able to contribute to that clan instead of being an idle contributor. 


Completing the Main Missions     

Now that you've probably gotten the hang of MIR4, you've chosen your class, you've maybe even completed several missions and daily missions and have actually heeded the guides in this article, this last suggestion is pretty obvious, and that is to complete the game's main story missions. 


All other ways of getting resources are worth it and are actually helpful to you, but the most reliable and fastest way to progress in this game is by playing the main story missions and clearing them. The missions will be tougher than the daily missions, and they won't simply require you to fight enemies on end. 


Story missions will reward you for your efforts with tons of resources, new features, and even more interesting daily missions. So by playing the game's main story missions, not only are you progressing in the game, but you're unlocking new features to new possibilities in MIR4. 


MIR4 Main Missions



MIR4 has its ups and downs, which we have written in our review, but despite these negative aspects, it ultimately offers promising gameplay that is captivating enough to keep players hooked for hours. 


We hope our tips and tricks guide will help you speed up your journey in MIR4, and despite our tips, it is also up to you to explore the game's content and discover your own tips and tricks that aren't mentioned here which can help you progress faster in the game. 


There are so many activities you can engage in MIR4 like most MMORPG titles, so even if you're not fighting hordes of enemies or trying so hard to defeat a boss, you can simply enjoy the game as a lone farmer and farm for resources that'll keep you alive. 

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