Fate/Grand Order Christmas Rerun Event Guide


With the 5th year Gudaguda Event coming to a close and players are taking a break from the tedious farming and raid battles of the event, a slightly easier and more F2P friendly is steadily approaching. Held from the 28th of September 2022, the special Christmas Rerun is upon us once again. Players who participate in the event will be able to obtain various rewards such as Saint Quarts, Golden Apples and an entirely free Welfare Servant - Christmas Nightingale.


In this guide, we will go over the details of the pre-release campaign for the Fate/Grand Order Christmas Rerun Event, as well as advise players on how they can best prepare for the event in order to obtain the most amount of rewards possible.

Let’s play Fate/Grand Order on PC and find out together.

Fate/Grand Order Christmas Rerun Pre-Release Campaign

In preparation for the upcoming Christmas Rerun Event, Fate/Grand Order is offering its players several special pre-release campaigns in order for the players to strengthen their roster and prepare for the eventual return of this highly-anticipated event.

The Pre-release campaign is divided into 3 different campaigns: The special pre-release login event, the double EXP strengthening event and the special half AP interludes/strengthening quests event.

Pre-release Special Log-in Campaign

During the Event Period, when logging in, players will be rewarded with Silver and Golden Apples everyday for a total of 7 days of login for up to four Silver Apples and three Golden Apples. This special login Campaign is available for all players who have cleared the first Singularity: Fuyuki and will be available from September 28th all the way to October 11th.

Golden Apples and Silver Apples can be used by players to recover their lost AP and help players to clear the event quests more frequently, making them a very essential resource to have for all players. Therefore, players should absolutely login for all 7 days of the event in order to obtain the maximum amount of Apples through this special login event.

In addition to the Apples that players can get, logging into the game regularly in order to obtain a total of 4 saint quarts and 1 summon ticket per week in order to prepare for the Event is also an essential thing that needs to be considered.

Special Double EXP Event

During the Event Period, specific Event-related Servants will have a chance to receive double the Enhancement EXP amount when players enhance them with 5* or 4* Embers obtained from the previous Gudaguda Event or from farming daily quests.

Players should take advantage of this special event in order to strengthen the event-related servants in order to have a decent enough roster of servants in preparation for the upcoming event rerun.

In addition, players should note that the free Welfare from the event- Christmas Nightingale will herself be receiving double the amount of EXP during the event period. Therefore, players should save a decent amount of embers for when they can obtain this welfare servant in order to get her to the best shape she possibly could in order to be a good farming servant for the event.

Players should also enhance other support and AOE Np servants in preparation for the event if they want to obtain the most amount of rewards possible as the event is heavily reliant on constant farming.

Special Half AP Interlude/Strengthening Event

In addition to the double EXP amount event for the event-related servants, if the specific event-related servants happen to have interlude or strengthening quests that help strengthen their kit and power, all of these quests will now require half of the usual AP cost throughout the time of the event.

Players should take this opportunity in order to clear these quests as soon as humanly possible as many of the event-related servant’s power and farming potential is locked behind these interludes and strengthening quests. In addition, when clearing these quests, players will also be rewarded with up to 2 saint quartz for each quest clear, depending on the specific quest of the specific servant.

Special Christmas Rerun Pre-Release Event Banner

Every event wouldn’t be completed with a special rate up banner to come along with them, and this time, the Christmas Rerun Event comes with a special pre-release event banner, featuring 2 specially rate up servants for players to attempt to get - the 5* Avenger Jeanne d’arc (Alter) and the 5* Archer Orion.

Jeanne D’Arc (Alter)

The original Tsundere waifu and one of Fate/Grand Order’s most beloved and sought-after servants, Jeanne d’arc (Alter) or Jalter for short, have made her return in the best way possible in order to drain all players of their saint quarts.

A 5* Avenger Class servant, Jalter is one of the best Single Target Buster NP Servants with the ability to not only roast the enemies to death with the raw damage output from her NP, but also beat them to death with her critical hits’ damage.

Jalter’s kit consists of all skills that put her raw damage output using her critical attacks or her NP, with the 1st skill enhancing the entire team with an attack up buff, the 2nd skill increasing her critical damage output and the 3rd enhancing her overall performance with an impressive 50% Buster up.

Jalter is one of the servants with the highest attack value in the game, making her far and beyond one of the best DPS servants in the game, coupled with her damage oriented kit and you have got yourself a mean Boss Killer of a Servant.


The teddy bear on top of the Moon Goddess’ shoulder, Orion is a ST Arts NP Servant that specializes in dealing massive damage to any enemies with the Male Trait.

The Servant’s entire kit revolves around their ability to shoot an extremely powerful arrow and deal massive damage to Male trait enemies within 1 single turn, effectively killing them in the process.

While Orion is a 5* Archer, they are extremely niche in the game and are hard to use even for newer, F2P players. As such, it is not recommended for players to attempt to use them. However, if all else fails, they can still be a very decent backup option against Male Trait bosses with a good base stats and decent kit.

Should You Roll

Yes, but only on Jalter rate up days. Jalter is one of the game’s best boss killers even in Japan server to this day and she will become even more powerful with her future buff, so players should absolutely attempt to roll for her if their saint quartz stash permits them to. As for Orion, not only is their kit not as impressive and not as meta as Jalter, they are also a non-limited 5* servant, meaning players can get them at any time they want, so players should only prioritize rolling for Jalter on her rate up days on Oct 2nd and Oct 8th.

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