Fate/Grand Order Summer Event Guide - Should You Roll


After celebrating its 1st Anniversary, Fate/ Grand Order is entering its summer season with a bang, bring with it a brand new summer event in the style of a B-Rated horror movie, in addition with 2 new special swimsuits SSR Limited Timed Servants - Sesshouin Kiara (Summer) and Abigail Williams (Summer)

This guide aims to explain the crazy mechanics of Fate/Grand Order’s 5th Summer Event and advises players whether or not they should roll on the 2 new Summer-themed Banners.

Let’s play Fate/Grand Order on PC and find out.


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Fate/Grand Order Summer Event - Servants Summer Camp

Fate/Grand Order’s 5th Summer Event - Servants Summer Camp mainly consists of 3 different parts: The Main Story, The Farming Nodes and the Event Shop

The Main Story

Progress through the main story in order to gain special rewards such as Saint Quartz, Summoning Tickets and special limited timed Skins for 3 servants - Emiya (Archer), Prince Lanling (Saber) And Sigurd (Saber).

As players progress through the story, the event stage will alternate between Day and Night, so keep that in mind before you progress.

The Farming Nodes

The Day and Night cycle affects the Farming Nodes of the event and each gives different kinds of currencies. Therefore, it is highly advised that players pay utmost attention to the materials they need then progress through the main story to adjust the Day and Night cycle accordingly to get the Farming Nodes they need.

The Event Shop

There are a total of 3 Event Currencies players can spend in the Event Shop, with some notable rewards including Crystalized Lore ( Skill upgrading material), 5* Embers EXP and a lot of important materials for character ascension. 

In addition, there are specially available Event Craft Essence that boost servants’ damage output during the event period from 100% and up to 200%. Therefore, if you want to farm efficiently in the event, prioritize getting the Event Craft Essence available in the shop.

Servants Summer Camp Pick Up Banners - Should you pull

Together with the summer event, Fate/Grand Order also introduces 6 new servants in their new swimsuits form, each with their own unique ability and is only available for a limited time on the Servants Summer Camp Pick Up Banners (Part 1 and Part 2).

The featured new servants are divided into 2 banners, each with 1 SSR and 2 SR Servants:

Part 1: SSR Sesshouin Kiara (Summer), SR Illya (Summer) and SR Brynhild (Summer)

Part 2: SSR Abigail Williams (Summer), SR Murasaki Shikibu (Summer) and SR Tomoe Gozen (Summer)

Sesshouin Kiara (Summer)

Coming into Fate/Grand Order with her mermaid attire, Summer Kiara is one of the few Moon Cancer Class Servants in the game and is the only Arts Looper Moon Cancer class Servant currently available for players.

Summer Kiara kit revolves around applying special mental debuffs on enemies and upgrading her own skills’ level over the lv 10 limit. When using Kiara’s 1st skill, she will gain a special buff named “Skill Upgrade” that allows her to gain 1 stack of “Skill Upgrade” status each turn for 5 turns. When this effect is on Kiara, any skills she uses will have their level status increased by the amount of “Skill Upgrade” level, up to 2 per skill, allowing her to go past the normal servants skill lv10 limit and making her skills even more powerful.

Summer Kiara’s also relies heavily on her 2nd skills’ mental debuffs on enemies in order to deal massive amounts of damage to them thanks to her AOE Arts NP, which deals heavy damage to all enemies and damage is increased proportionally by 20% for every mental debuffs inflicted on the enemies.

Abigail Williams (Summer)

The 2nd featured SSR Summer Servant, Abigail Williams (Summer) retains her normal self’s Foreigner class and switches her focus from dealing massive amounts of damage to a single enemy to dealing moderate amounts of damage to all enemies with her AOE Buster NP.

Abigail Summer’s kit revolves around the special debuffs “Sleep” and “Terror”, allowing her to incapacitate enemies and making them misses their turns back to back, while she deal damage and regain her NP. 

In addition to the unique debuffs, Abigail also have immense utility in the fact that she have a massive 50% NP Battery, allowing her to quickly regain her NP and her NP can remove all enemies’ defensive buffs, meaning even with Caster Artoria’s unique Damage Mitigation, Summer Abigail can just ignore all defensive buffs and deal massive damage to all enemies, clearing waves quickly and efficiently.

The SR Summer Servants

The SR Servants of this particular Summer Event are unique in their own ways, however, they are not as good as other servants already available in the game - with the notable exception of Tomoe Gozen (Summer).

Illya (Summer) is an AOE Quick Archer, making her a unique candidate capable of running alongside Skadi in order to farm stages. However, her low damage output is a major concern for farming as her kit doesn’t revolve around increasing her own damage output.

Brynhild (Summer) is a ST Buster Berzerker, and like others before her, her class makes her extremely powerful but also vulnerable to all servants and enemies in the game. Brynhild’s damage output is also only sub par compared to others of the same type, unless she’s of high NP levels.

Murasaki Shikibu (Summer) is a ST Arts Rider, however, she suffers a lot due to this class and NP typing in addition to her lackluster kit. For a ST damage dealer focused primarily on boss killing, Shikibu’s skill kit really doesn’t allow her to deal good damage or support the team in any way, making her a very awkward servant to use, even with the new Caster Artoria system.

Tomoe Gozen (Summer) is an AOE Arts Saber, and is perhaps the only SR Sumer Servant to be well designed in her kit. Being a saber with the ability loop and farm waves of enemies, Tomoe is one of the only Arts Saber in the game capable of benefiting the new Caster Artoria system, making her a prime target to aim for if you are lacking a servant to farm.

Should You Pull

No. While the summer servants are limited and are interesting, there already exist characters in the game that fulfills their roles better both in terms of farming and in terms of boss killing potential. Therefore, unless some of them are your waifus, you shouldn’t roll on these summer banners and should save your currencies on future banners coming up.

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