AFK Arena Patch Notes 1.67 Update Guide

2021-07-04 Content Collaboration

AFK Arena is the LilithGames RPG and, this magical world Esperisa is hiding so many adventures within it by waiting for you to reveal them. As a charger to team fighters, you will be fighting against an ancient evil and this world has to be saved from this evil.


AFK Arena Patch Notes 1.67 Update Guide


Continuous fights have to be done to save this amazing world to become normal again and, you will be offered several unique factions, adventures, and teams as well. This is a world where it happens never-ending battles.


As AFK Arena is revolving to fight against the evils of ancients and trying to save the Esperisa world, it needs some updated features of the gameplay to make it spice within the battles. So it is been sometimes when the patch note 1.66 released and, now we are setting up patch note 1.67.


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Mauler Hero and Hero Union


When we talk about the added features on the new update, the very first thing added was the new hero. There is a new great feature added to the game and, it is a new hero for our players.


AFK Arena patch note 1.67 is coming with the newest added Mauler hero as Thali – Maniacal Mage. This hero is added to the game and, he is available for the gameplay in the AFK Arena by the time of 2nf July 2021 after it has been passing the 08.00 on test servers. There is also a bountiful trials event that has been held to this new Thali- Maniacal Mage hero when it was time 08.00 at test servers in 02nd of July 2021.


This 1.67 patch adding a new hero union to the game as The Traveling Trio and players. Those union attributes are


  • Using three from 25% increasing defense and 1.00% increasing defense


  • Using three from increasing 150 attacks and 5.00% attack


  • Using three of the 2000 increasing HP, 30 of increasing Dodge, and 10.00% increasing HP


It is time for you to enjoy the newest hero union as well.


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Stars Constellation New Field


With the several upcoming came to the game, we didn’t see a new added stars constellation in the game and, that desire has been fulfilled by the new 1.67 updates. 


This newest patch note is adding a new field of stars constellation to the game and it was named “The Great Lute”. It also reducing the unlocking requirements on some Starbursts which come from the Obsidian Finch to the players. If you want to know the specific effects of these unlocking features, you can take a view from the features of Field of Stars in the game of AFK Arena.


Price Changes to the Store 


There were Gold prices available to the Amplifying Emblems and the Primordial emblems in the store and all of these have been changed with the new update. Adjustments were made for both of them in the store and there is a reduction in the prices of these games. When a player is progressing through the campaigns, the prices will be deducted from these items with the new update.


If you want to know the exact specifications for these price changes, you can try looking for the game.


New Heroes on Garrisoned Mercenaries 


To make an interest in the game, what we need is are the new heroes. When the game is passing through several phases of the gameplay, it always needs upgrades with our existing heroes. But what if there is a combination of skills coming with a new hero? The new update is coming with that and, it is not only one hero, it has come with two.


The newest update of the AFK Arena is adding the two newest heroes to the game as Garrisoned Mercenaries and, they are available for players to get by hiring. These heroes are coming as Queen Joker the leader of the few words and, Queen the Courageous Tactician.


Changes on the Advancement Wonders 


The numbers of the Advancement Wonders have been changed. There is a resetting with the new update on Advancement Rewards I and the number of times you can try has been changed. There will be no time limit for the purchasing


Newest Adventure for the Voyage of Wonders 


There is a newly added adventure with the latest patch note as Forgotten Ruins. Voyage of wonders will give all the players to earn useful rewards while they are discovering different maps and this is yet to come to the game. The adding of the Forgotten Ruins is available for the players from 16th of July 2021 in the local time of 08.00 within the test server.


Newest Adventure in the Wandering Balloon


The wandering balloon of AFK Arena is going to be added with a new adventure Called Black Woods. It is available for the players to unlock and you have to earn this adventure by completing the stages of 27 to 20 within the campaign. And also you will be required to complete 60% of the part from the Windfall Gorge.


Fixing of the Bugs


Some bugs happened within the heroes on this game and these all have been fixed with the new update. The fixed issues are as follows.


Ice Sherima – Twisted Realm Boss 


The players have been faced with an issue that makes them face issues on the summoned characters. Some characters summoned who have been normally recovered their health even there is Blizzard on Ice Sherima whether this effect has occurred or not in the battlefield.




Talene faced an issue that preventing her furniture abilities from not triggering. This ability was Burning sun and, it was not triggered when Talene hero dies and, it was within her Fore Born states. So this bug has been fixed with the newest patch note.


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AFK Arena is now within its 1.67 patch note updates. These are the things that have been added to the game with this new updated feature and you have to gain the maximum benefits from these all to make your gameplay better. So take a chance on these new enhancements and changes and make it spice within your gameplay.

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