AFK Arena End Game Mechanics and Theories


AFK Arena is an interesting RPG presented to us by Lilith Games with an amazing gaming strategy, and as a player who is in charge of a team, you all are fighting against an ancient evil. This evil is trying to destroy the Esperia Kingdom, and you must save your world without being destroyed.


AFK Arena End Game Mechanics and Theories


The battles on this island seem to be never-ending, and you need to create teams of fighters with characters on AFK Arena to bring the campaign end and save your world from the threats of evil. Endgame means that you are getting into the chapters of 25 to 30 on AFK Arena, and it would never be easier with the current processes of the game. So it needs some theories. End game campaigns are coming after chapter 30, and there are some strategies that you have to use here to be effective.


So today, our AFK Arena guide is dedicated to the endgame theories that you should want and discuss what mechanics are there in advance. First, download AFK Arena on PC as your copy of this world, and let's start our mechanics and theory guide.


End Game 


To be present at the end game of AFK Arena, the player would have to reach for 30 or upper chapters, and there are many statistics in here for the progress optimization. Achieving this level is not easy as it seems, and it needs some high effort to pass every chapter until you become 30 or upper. So there are some calculations we need to use on maximizing our rates for the progression within the end game.


The Resonating Crystal or RC 


RC or same we called as Resonating crystals are the pentagrams to AFK Arena. Players can place these things within their heroes. And those are helpful for the players to share their levels with other heroes who are available within the crystal. In a late game, players break the crystals after they have already reached for getting five heroes within level 240.


AFK Arena End Game Mechanics and Theories


RC Cramming 


RC Scramming or the Resonating Crystal Cramming is a process that the players will use to invest the majority income of the continuous diamond or the whole amount of diamonds. These depend on the game's VIP, and this process has to be completely identified by the players before they start the game as a beginner.


You need to buy as many resources through those diamonds you get, and they will help you level up the Resonating Crystal cramming. Before we begin all, we need to understand the value of these RC scramming. So let's check on the RC scaling of stats.


  • RC Scaling – There is an increasing amount of RC scales on each stat corresponding to the RC level.


RC Zones 


Depending on the inflexions on the percentage of increasing each stat and the costs, the spectrum of RPC for a whole level 1 - 841 will be split into different sections. Those are as follows.


  • Level 1 to 240 would be pre-break


  • Level 241 to 250 is the worst valued 1st RC ramp as 0.37


  • Level 251 to 280 will be the terrible value of Early RC as 0.51


  • Level 281 to 300 will be the good value of Tranquility Zone as 2.97


  • Level 301 to 359 will be the decent value of Mid RC as 4.21


  • Level 360 to 364 will be the worst valued 2nd RC Ramp as 0.34


  • Level 365 to 420 will be the bad valued late RC as 4.00


  • Level 421 to 478 will be the terrible valued dead zone as 2.52


  • Level 479 to 501 will be an ok valued Prosperity Zone as 8.17


  • Level 502 to 640 will be an insane valued Endgame RC as 17.35


  • Level 641 to 841 will be the Mystery zone.


The order of increasing decreeing the values of these amounts are


  • Insane
  • Good
  • Decent
  • OK
  • Bad
  • Terrible
  • Worst


Those numbers are the increasing ratio of the stats vs the increasing ratio of the costs.


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Pre Break 


This is the level 1 to 240 period, and there is a different working style of RC within the game here. And this zone of RC is not lasting for very long, and there should not have the greatest concern here. If we talk briefly, the percentage of the increasing stats and the upgrading costs are changing fast here, and they will have a small amount if increasing percentage for dust cost per 20 on levels.


RC Ramp 


This comes on levels 241 to 250. These are the shortest sections that come within the RC spectrum, and they are costing inflate on dramatically. It may seem because of the attempts of Lilith to increase the progression difficulty. When a player has just broken the RC, the cost increasing would be gradually high. Those are increasing by 2.25% if average increasing within stats and a cost-increasing of 6.14. Each level, this amount of percentage increasing will be different.


The efficiency ratio of the cost on this region would be so much terrible as it has a 0.37 count, making this a worst valued section within the RC spectrum. Players have to be aware that all of these additional costs carry over the rest of the things on the RC spectrum. The levelling of those all particular levels is not so much value compared to other regions in the game.


Early RC 


This region comes on levels 251 to 280, and we identify it as a separated RC region. There is a region to call this a spate RC region as it has a percentage increasing for upgrade costs, which are scaling down instead of going up. This is more similar to the things that happened on the 1st RC ramp on the game.


The efficiency to the cost on this region would be 0.51, and it is something better than the one we had on the 1st RC ramp. The first one had only an average amount of 2.17% for its stats and 4.25% of costs. So in here, it is something better, but still, this percentage is considered to be in a low amount.


Tranquillity Zone 


This zone comes on the levels of 281 to 300. This region has been donated a name as Tranquility zone as it has a minimum variance increasing percentage on the stats and for the costs per a level. This means that the players within this region will experience equal time waits between every level, and they will have to expect similar returns from their investments.


This region has an efficiency ratio of cost of 2.97, and it is an average amount of 2.10% on increasing stats and 0.71% on rising costs per level. So this region would be much worthier compared to the first regions.


Middle RC 


This region comes from level 301 to 359; we can see a rapid increase of the decline in percentages and increase on average stats and the increasing percentage of average costs compared to the tranquillity zone. There is also a remarkable decrease in the defence percentage gained by the players per level, and it is less amount than the tranquillity zone with other stats like ATK and HP.


Interestingly, this region has a defence where it begins an increase that will be slower than the attack and HP. Those are marking the start of the phenomenon of Glass cannoning. This region has a cost efficiency ratio of 4.21, and it will make this region more valuable for investment.


2nd RC Ramp 


This is the 360 to 364 level, and this region also has cost inflation as the first one. So this region is turning to be a terrible return to the investments. But if you had to go along with this, don't worry, press this region. This region serves as a bridge to the late game, and it has a rate of cost efficiency of 0.34.


Late RC 


This is the region of final pleasant, and it goes from level 365 to 420. You meet this region before you meet the dead zone. There is a major increase in stats here and a slight increasing in the cost with this region. But this increase is going to be declined when you are progressing more into the region. In addition to these all, there is a returning of dust wall two at the beginning of the region. The ratio for the cost-efficiency here will be 4.00.


Dead Zone 


Dead zone comes from level 421 to 478. Level 421 is the marking point of the dead zone start, and there we will see an increase of the percentage continuously without increasing for the stats. This is a region that has been already projected for being last long, and there is a fair ratio for cost efficiency.  


The in stats per level is making this region so boring. And this is also marking the current endgame or the f2p s graveyard, dolphins, and low splendours. the ratio for the cost-efficiency here will be 2.97


Prosperity Zone 


This is coming from level 479 to 501. This is a region we have an increasing percentage for the cost decreasing, and it also increases the ratio of cost-efficiency. The required dust for the level plateaus is high, and the number of diamonds a player has to spend on the dust for a level up was stagnant once.


There is a significant increase in the costs of gold and EXP, and for that reason, this region would be worthy of investing in. There is an 8.17 ratio for cost-efficiency here.


Endgame RC 


Endgame RC comes from level 502 to 640. It is also known as the OP zone and has a 20.43 ratio for cost efficiency. We can clearly say that this region has the most values within other regions of the RC spectrum. There are increasing stats happening here within level 502 and will have a 1.735% per a shoot up where the increase of the cost declined continuously. This means that the level within this region is much beneficial than the prosperity zone or dead zone.


Players in this region are pulling away from the players from the previous two regions. And those are bummers to non-whales. There is a 17.35 ratio of cost efficiency here.


Mystery Zone 


This is an unreachable region, and there is no specific calculated ratio for this zone as well. However, the enemies who are in this region will have increased stats. There are no main inflexions within this area and will only have a decreeing percentage for stats. In this region, the defence is increasing back to the same rate as its ratio on other stats.


Why is RC Cramming Best? 


Now you got the idea of different stages and the scales that RC has, and you need to know why this RC cramming becomes the best value than the VIP level. It mostly comes with value. It means the increasing percentage of the strength of your team per diamond or some equivalent amounts you spent. If we say it in another form, when we are talking about the value, we are exactly saying how much power you can progress with the same number of diamonds and time. Or how an investment would be much optimal.


If you are a player who is likely to play the game with a different version, or if you want to build some specific characters, that is good. But you need to remember that doing like this way decreases your progression with strength, and those opportunities cost more regarding the nature of challenger coins and loot. So let's see why this RC cramming has become the highest investment for you, and we are comparing it with the contenders like HCP, Stargazing, and the Hero Investment.


AFK Arena End Game Mechanics and Theories




Let's start to compare with the most popular choice of the game called Stargazing. As we all know, performing 10x summons will be the best and wise choice to spend your diamonds until you are building many of the core heroes. The next best value would be the Hero Choice Pulling or HCP for spending diamonds for the copies of your core heroes and purchasing Reds and Poe from the Lab Merchant.


Most of the time, many players are mostly like to stump on deciding which to spend their diamonds. And we see a lot of them are spending those gazing. So how much will it be taken with diamonds as an average for a celepogean copy? Gazing rates are highly subjective, and you don't get a bit of luck on range from insane into abysmal. So we need some quantifiable amount of gaze number as we expect, and we can quantify those average rates by personal experience, stats, and the Ensign calculations.




This is also another popularized diamond sink for making your heroes HCP. The HCP probability is not holding a complex strategy like Stargazing. It is operating on a pity system than a counter system. If we talk about pity, players are averaging on one hero for every 23 pulls, and the cost goes with eight copies on hero would be 55200. This will not be the total cost for a hero ascending, and you need more fodder heroes if 10 E+ which is costing 180 blues.


The expecting amount of blues on a 10x pull of HCP will be 4.37, and it is 80 blues for eight copies which we have performed 8x23 pulls. Blue has an expected value of 180 diamonds, and it will take 73200 for taking an A. as we have taken a similar method, each of the 4-star heroes will cost an opportunity cost of 62611.2 diamonds. These meta values will be changed fast, and there is a real power creep. But no more enough core heroes are focusing on demand building, so HCP is worthy than others.


Reds and Poe / hero Investment 


Players are spending their money on hero investment as well. It is more for buying reds and Poe. You can buy them at a low price from a lab merchant, and each of the 30+ costs you make will take 42520 diamonds. Coe is a pulling system, so it is more complicated. There is a 23 chance of taking M furn from a one, and every 90 pulls are giving you additional furns. So you are getting 4.91 million of furn from 90 pulls.


So basically, it worth buying red. Players next 30+ have to improve their team setup of 5 for at least an average of 2.25 on a hero and 4.11% effectively. These all hero investments are worthy for you when a player is investing in the first core heroes.


What should you buy when RC cramming? 


Although there are many deals within the game, still there are some resources that you should invest in as they are better than the others. Buy these three areas when there is RC cramming.


  • Store
  • Bounty board
  • Fast rewards


When to start RC cramming? 


There are differences in game regions, and they all have different kinds of investment values. Some regions cannot skill, but you need to start as earlier you can due to the benefits of compounding opportunities. You should not begin to the RC cram when until you earn


  • Ascended amount of most core heroes
  • Investments into more core heroes


Players have to start scram as soon as they can as they have completed those above requirements. And they should be cramming latest by the late RC.


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RC cramming will be the most valuable investment a player can make to maximize their progression within the game. It also strengthens the LCT and the PVE of a gamer, and you need to do it at the right time with the right opportunities. So choose wisely on which to spend diamonds and refer to this guide. You will get an answer.

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