AFK Arena codes June 2022


AFK Arena is an RPG game established on the best quality level practices of the genre while having innovative game-play strategies. Lilith launched this game globally two years ago. With time this free-to-play game has become one of the most favourite games with continuous updates and fun arts. 





Like other mobile games, AFK Arena has its system of monetization. To speed up the progress, you have to have different currencies. If you want to collect more gold, diamonds, or cosmetics, the best way is to use the codes. If you are a player looking to pay out less money while playing the game, you can win your target using all the given codes. So, today let's review what those redemption codes are.



AFK Arena Active Codes


  • kayd7grgvi - Valid Until: June 21 15:59:59 UTC 

  • LORDDREAF – Redeem 3000x Diamonds, 10x Common Hero Scrolls, 10x Stargazing Cards, 10x Time Emblems

  • j5mjxtdpia - Redeem for 60 Elite Hero Soulstones and 300 Hero's Essence.

  • ithg8qup87 - Redeem for 10 Time Emblems.

  • iybkiwausg - Redeem for 500 Diamonds.

  • J9v5yeqm76

  • j54umuazyy

  • k9k8wjc438 - 3x Faction Scrolls, 6 Hours exp, 6 Hours Essence, 6 Hours Gold

  • jrz8r5xe5c - 600x Diamonds, 6 Hours Hero Resources

  • jinsuo666 - 500x Diamonds, 5x 8 Hours All Resources

  • Talene2022 - 300x Diamonds, 300k Gold

  • uf4shqjngq - 30x Common Hero Scrolls

  • afk888- 300x Diamonds

  • misevj66yi - 500x Diamonds, 5x Common Hero Scrolls, 60x Rare Hero Soulstones


How to Redeem these Codes from AFK Arena


  • Go to the AFK Arena redemption site.



  • Once there, login into your AFK Arena account, which is identified by your 'ID,' which can be accessed by clicking your player photo in the game's top left corner.



  • After that, you'll need to confirm that the account belongs to you. Select 'Verification Code' under Services from the options menu under your player portrait. Fill out the form on the website mentioned above.



  • A code will be given to your in-game Mailbox from here.


  • On the website, enter the code mentioned in the email you received.


Please take a look at the list of codes below and use them!


What are AFK ARENA codes?


AFK Arena codes are a jumble of letters and numbers that you may use to get free stuff in the game. These are presumably released regularly by developer Lilith Games and codes for other special events with no expiration date.


How to play AFK ARENA on PC?


You can play this game on a computer using the best android emulator, LDPlayer, and by downloading their AFK ARENA page, you will be able to download the game instantly after installing LDPlayer. Otherwise, you can keep your game on the computer by following these steps.


  • First, download the emulator in  64-bit or 32-bit versions.



  • Then go to its inbuilt store called LD Store, which lets you search for the game and download it to your device via the emulator.



  • You can install the game on your computer after downloading it, and then you can play AFK ARENA from your PC.





AFK Arena is one of the favourite fan games in RPGs. If you want to speed up the progress, you can collect gold, diamonds, or cosmetics using the given active codes, which is more accessible than spending real money. Make sure not to use the expired codes!

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