AFK arena Tier List and Best Heroes July Update 2021

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AFK Arena is our favourite time-based RPG game released for mobile devices, and it uses the gacha mechanics to make it progressive on user experience. Multiple characters are available on AFK Arena, and they own have their play styles to use in the game. Each of them has a unique way of facing the battles, and they have their very own weaknesses as well. There is a rank for each. So if you are a player who wants to know each rank and their respective skills, here is a July update of the AFK Arena tier list.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


When you are looking at this tier list, you need to be aware that this is titled on a gacha styled as a game, and you are getting random heroes by summoning them within game rewards and objective missions. So by combining these heroes, building a specific team would be challenging and will take some time. You have to be aware of building a team with different compositions and making your heroes lifespans to the game from combining all. So let's start our guide.


Rating Tiers 


There are five types of rating categories available with the game as follows.


S Tier 


These are the best choices and the best heroes at AFK Arena. Some of these picks are so powerful, and when you make them level up, they are finely working with several team compositions, so in the gameplay, these are the absolute selections that you need to play around the game.


A Tier 


These are the heroes we considering somewhat robust, and you better not overlooked them if you take an opportunity to earn them. They don't have much difference from the S tier and what we make them varied is they have two or more flaws than the S tier heroes. But overall, these are also the best selections that you can earn in the game.


B Tier 


These heroes are the decent ones within overall units. But remember that heroes will not excel at every game mode in the game on this tier, and they are sometimes prevented from being the highest rank. These characters are the ones you need at the early phase and will be suitable for creating a unique style for yours.


C Tier 


These are the average type of heroes in AFK Arena. And players must try to avoid these units if they are not vital with your team compositions or not having a chance on some specific units for using them.


D Tier 


These are the worst heroes available with AFK Arena. Try to sacrifice these kinds of heroes as soon as possible when you start to move forward with your end game. There is no proper use for these characters, and there is no doubt that they will not be helpful for the highest-level battles.


These characters are again divided according to their factions and classes. Let's first look into the factions.


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AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes



There are seven factions on AFK Arena as follows.


AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes




These are the heroes serving as Dura, and they are mainly fighting with the Hypogeans, Gravebors, and Maulers. The main goal of this faction is the releasing their land called Esperia out from evil. These light-bearers own a factional advantage over the maulers.


AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes




Maulers believe in their strength more than anything. There is only a belief in their usability. And the mighty and some stories say that mauler has served to the Hypoegeans as a military. This class has higher advantages over Wilders.


AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes




Wilders is serving nature, and they're protecting it by a swear. There are no visible allegiances for them with Lightbearers and the Dura. Still, there is a reveal that they are fighting with Hypogenas. Factional advantage of this faction goes for over Graveborns.


AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes




These are the heroes who are serving for the death, and they can revive as undead. Graveborns are seeking immortality via dark arts, and they search it also from the necromancy. It is not confirmed why these heroes serve the Hypogeans, and they are focusing on their problems and conflicts. Graveborns are enemies for the Hypogeans, and they have factional advantages over the Lightbearers.




Celestial heroes are directly serving under the Dura, and they are fighting against the Hypogeans and Dura. There is a specific role on these heroes, and they hold factional advantages over the Hypogeans.




Hypogenas are known to be the primary villains of the AFK Arena, and their goal for destroying any creation of Dura by spreading evilness along the Esperia. They have an advantage of faction over the Celestials.




These are the heroes who are coming to the world Esperia via a rift space. They are unique and well fused with the high-ranked heroes on a team. Dimensionals can obtain the same levels and ascensions just as the way they do for the highest heroes. Dimensional heroes are not doing additional damage on other factions or take them extra damage.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


There are five classes here.




Mages have been blessed with the Dura's sorcery, and they are utilizing the spells with different methods to perform damages and defeat their enemies.




Tank heroes are blessed with the Dura's fortitude, and the damage taken by their opponents will better equip them. Tank heroes are so bulky, and they are enriched with defensive skills. These heroes will excel within the frontline, where they are protecting the teammates by absorbing their damage.




The warrior class has been blessed with the Dura's might, and they have more enriched with a punch. Warrior is dealing the highest level of physical damage on their opponents while succeeding the sustainability.




Rangers are blessed with the celerity of Dura, and they are attacking their enemies from a distance. Rangers are nimble and known to be the perfect assassins to the game. More like they are the best damage dealers to the game.




Support heroes are blessed with the Dura's sustenance. They are nurturing their tea members and provide them with a perfect health boost with some stat buffs. These heroes are excelling within the backline, and they are well protected on there to have continuous out buffs and their allies.


So here are each tier ranks.


SS Tier 


Elijah & Lailah 


AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


These are twins who are working alone who were charged by Dura millennia. They don't work alone and seem like two halves within the same whole. Each of them complements both souls, and they are intelligent support bases heroes who belong to the faction of celestial. Elijah is restoring the health of her allies, and Lailah is focusing more on her ally's energy points; they are creating a union among their allies and helps team members to mitigate the damage they receive.


The ultimate ability called hope on these two souls is increasing the speed of their allies and makes them use their ultimate skills even faster than they could. Their skills are


  • Hope – sharing the same amount of energy and health by fighting independently and possessing 35% extra health. They are dancing with this ability activated, motivating all allies by increasing 75 of them for over 8 seconds. When it is level 2, this ability will remove all the team's adverse effects and prevent them from being controlled by the enemies for over 4 seconds. When it becomes level 3, it is increasing the Haste persistence for around 10 seconds.


  • Grace – restoring the allies' health on the weakest by 130% and the highest amount will be 40 points on the energy, this ability is prioritizing the frontline heroes at first.


  • Cleanse – when the Lailah is being affected by enemy control abilities, Elijah is removing all the adverse effects from her—and creating a shield that covers 280% of the amount of attack rate. When an enemy is close to Elijah, Lailah teleports that location and attacks those enemies with 180% of damage. And knock them back for the process.


  • Unity – taking 30% of the amount damage from the inflicted one from other and making less that damage on allies which has been attacked.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Talene is a support hero who is based on agility, and she belongs to the celestial faction. She summons meteorites with a self-reviving and sacrificing the attack rates to heal the allies. The fireborn, the ultimate ability of Talene, is letting her perform a phoenix from until its ballet end, where she converts her health into a shield. Her skills are


  • Fire Born – goes into a phoenix form which will last until its death and converting 90% of the health into an equal value permanent shield. There is also 20% which will be similar to the maximum health on the extra permanent shield. Normal attacks of this skill are deal with a closed range of 150% of damage in the phoenix form.


  • Meteor Shower calls down a fiery meteorite dealing with 200% of damage to the single enemy. When Talene has a phoenix form, those meteorites continuously fall randomly for every 0.5 seconds, targeting the random enemies for a specific time. This will also increase the damage.


  • Phoenix Rising – when Talene dies, she is transforming into a fireball and recovering maximum health for up to 7%. And while she is on this form, she will not be targeted by the enemies, and once she achieves 50% of her health, she will be reborn and have a blast exploding which deals with a 200% of area damage on enemies. When Talene is transforming into a fireball, she is reducing her recovery rate by 20%.


  • Afterglow – this is a passive ability, and with this, she is recovering two of her weak allies by 150% of her attack rates on health. Each tie she does this, she is losing 10% of her maximum health.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Rowan is a supporter, and he belongs to the Lightbearer faction. He utilizes the pet duck of him within the battle to perform attacks on his enemies and keep a supply of potions to heal his allies. Rowan is also converting the health damage he receives into energy damage. The ultimate ability of this hero called dazzle is used to stun his enemies and heal his allies. His skills are


  • Dazzle – throwing a considerable amount of gold coins into the battlefield, which are targeting three random enemies for every 0.5 seconds. If any of the allies have collected these coins, they are recovering 50 energy points. And they increase their attack rates by 30% of the amount for over 8 seconds. If enemies have selected these coins, they are going to be stunned for around 4 seconds.


  • Avian Assault – ducks of Rowan are attacking the closest enemies several times by resulting in 60% of the damage on each, and it will lead them to drop their accuracy by 120 points for over 10 seconds. These are allowing the Rowan to steal enemies' energy points by 80. On level two, this damage will be increased to 70% of the amount.
  • Healthy Supplies – after the battle enters, Rowan sets up supply stalls and places three health potions on them. When a nearby ally is drooping its health by 50%, this potion will help restore it by 30% on their maximum health. Each of the heroes can use this potion once every 55 seconds.


  • Damage control – when Rowan is receiving damage exceeding 10% of his maximum health, he uses all the energy to mitigate this damage, and it will lose his energy than the health. You can use this ability once within every 3 seconds, and the mitigated damage will determine the loss of energy. Eighty of energy maximum points can be used for mitigating damage.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Merlin is a dimensional faction intelligent supporter, and he is a great magician to the game. He is dealing with excellent damage t his enemies using magic power, and he has the following skills to the game.


  • Destiny Foreseen – this wizard is foreseeing the impending danger. Those allow him to reduce the received damage of himself and his allies for over 8 seconds by 25%. If an enemy is positioned symmetrically using their ultimate ability whenever Merlin is a premonition, all the allied will receive a runic shield. This shield is equalled to 180% of the maximum health of his own, and it will exist for over 5 seconds. This shield is preventing the control effects of the enemies and makes them not be dispelled.


  • Magical Amelioration – Merlin calls upon the magic forces to heal his self-health and this most damaged allies for over 8 seconds to increase it by 4.5% of maximum health. 30% of the damage dealing on these injured allies is healing when Merlin is born.


  • Karmic Law – when this hero suffered from the enemy control effects, he dispelled most of the adversely affected impacts on him, and he makes lose the spirit owl him. This spirit owl proceeds the effect imprison for over three seconds and makes them lose their health by 150% on Merlin's attack rate for each second. You can dispel this ability, and you are only allowed to trigger it once for every 8 seconds.


  • Guardian Owl – when this hero is suffering from fatal damage, he is entering into a spirit form and seeking the Spirit owl refuge. Merlin protects the majority of his damaged allies on this spirit form and recovers the allies and himself by 10% of maximum health for over 7 seconds. When Merlin is stopping the process of protecting allies, he turns back to his original position. While Merlin is protecting his allies, and if they died, Merlin is reappearing to his original position. You can use only use once this ability when there are surviving allied heroes on the battleground.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Ezizh is a strength-based hero as a supporter, and he belongs to the Hypogean faction. He is creating an explosion that will result in his enemies burning and creating a shock wave that temporarily silences the ultimate of enemies. Ezizh can enrage his allies which will allow those members to regain their energy points. His skills are


  • Fissure – causing an explosion which will deal with 180% damage for any surrounded enemies, and this explosion causes a burn to a part of the ground. That will damage any enemies who are standing up for over 5 seconds.


  • Feeble Mind – Ezizh can control the minds of enemies who are far away from him and make them prevent from using any kind of attacks while forcing these enemies to walk towards Ezizh. Once this enemy is close to the Ezizh, he deals with 210% of damage to those mind-controlled enemies.


  • Horrify – launching a shockwave towards the enemies, which is inflicting 160% of damage and make them unable to use ultimate abilities for over 3 seconds


  • Mental Fury – energizing the teammates and make them regain their 12 of energy per a second




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Eironn is a damage dealer of melee who belongs to the faction of wilders. He is pulling several enemies into him, and there is a great agility hold by him in the game. So there are dodge attacks perform by him to those pulled enemies, and we can identify Eironn as a great counter. His skills are


  • Elemental surge - combines his two blades into one most robust blade and proceeds to hack his enemies and give them the most significant damage. Then Eireann summons an ice tornado dealing with AOE damages to all the enemies and remains that power for sometimes along on the battlefield. This is engulfing several enemies and makes them backwards in the game.


  • Twin Force – dealing damage to all the enemies with an attack on the ice blade by standing in front of them and freezing them. This will affect the enemies' attack and movement speeds into low, and the wind blade in here is landing extra damage to enemies, which will be equal to the current health of enemies targeted.


  • Vortex – using the elemental powers for generating strong wind gusts that are drawing enemies within a specific area and dealing damage to them all


  • Sylvan Oath – this is a passive ability, and it is increasing the attack rates of Eironn and giving him a chance to ignore the defence ratings of enemies. Any of the damage dealing done to enemies that uses the shield abilities will be multiplied.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Tasi is a support hero who is based on intelligence, and she is a wilder faction hero. She is disabling her enemies by using several types of crowd-controlling effects by interrupting them. And also, she is evading the attacks and stealing damage rates to make it buff on her damage. Tasi is capable of healing her allies. Her skills are


  • Slumber – putting all the enemies asleep for over 4 seconds, and when they have been awakening, Tasi is dealing with 25% of damage to them while sleeping.


  • Dream Spirit – summoning a magical fairy who is lasting for over 10 seconds and attack the enemies periodically or healing own teammates. The fairy is dealing with 55% of damage n all enemies and healing the allies by 55% of the amount.


  • Banishment – banishing the most potent enemies for over 4 seconds, and while these enemies were expelled, they will not be able to attack or be get attacked.


  • Teleportation – Tasi is teleporting behind an ally or back from the enemy whenever she got stuck. If she is teleporting next to her teammate, the haste of that ally will be increased. If it is an enemy, they are having a 140% of damage. There are 6 seconds of the cooldown period on this ability.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Mehira is a mage of intelligence-based who is belonging to the faction of Hypogean. She is possessing an influential crowd controlling ability, and Mehira is reducing the damage from enemies. This hero mainly deals with AOE damage recovering the energy for her allies and health on herself. There are many signature items combined with this hero, and there is the most vital life leeching ability hold by Mehira. She is also preventing her death by having a sacrifice of the cast minions of her.


Her skills are


  • Mesmerize – Mehira is entering into an enemy hero by making them attack each other along with their regular attacks for over 4 seconds.


  • Whiplash – Mehira is using her whips to deal with an AOE damage of 120% on everyone in front of her, and this will be included with her allies. Her allies here are going to recover from 65 energy, and their haste will increase for over 8 seconds by 40% of the amount.


  • Infatuation – this skill deals with 60% of the damage on single enemies and reduces the damage this hero gets by them with a 45% amount for over 10 seconds. Same, she is leeching 3% of current health on her enemies to make it restore for her own.


  • Hellspawn – this skill is sacrificing the current health of Mehira by 60% to summon 3 of the minions who are automatically attacking her enemies to give them a 65% of damage. After they have been returned from the attack, those minions are converting 30% of the damage they given to enemies back into Mehira's health, and then Mehira receiving any type of fatal damage that she sacrifices a minion to restored maximum health her by 25%


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AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Daimon is a tank hero who is based on strength, and he belongs to the Graveborn faction. He deals with the most incredible damage to his enemies at the expense of his health and attacking the enemies by using the doll Stitchy of hi to stun them briefly. He does sapping the enemy's health and forming a shield. His skills are


  • Soul Feast – dealing with 260% of the damage on his all targeted enemies, and if the Blood shield ability has been unlocked, he used it against two enemies who have the highest health values for maximum. While this hero is using his shield, he is suffering from 35% of the damage his allies received, but Daemon is not going to die due to this.


  • Blood shield – stealing 18% of health from enemies with a high rate of health and converting it for a shield that will be lasted for over 5 seconds. This stolen health will not kill the enemy, and once that shield has been expired, the remaining value of the shield will be returned for the health of the enemy.


  • Inanimate companion – using his dolls, Daimon attacks the enemies who are standing in front of him over three times. And each of these attacks is dealing with 200% of the damage on the enemies. The final attack will cause his enemies to become stunned for over 3 seconds.


  • Forbidden power – dealing with 250% of damage to the nearby enemies and receiving 120% damage to himself. The effects happening on this ability will not kill the Daimon.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Saurus is a warrior of strength-based and his faction is Wilder. He has spears that make him stun and knockback his enemies, and it deals with AOE damage on them. Saurus attacking without causing any interruption allows them to reset his cool downtimes on the abilities and rating potential stacks on his defence and attack rates. His skills are


  • Phase form – enabling phase forms that creates phases, and Saurus's ephemeral version is copying his abilities for over 9 seconds to deal with an 85% damage value on the original damage.


  • War strike – this hero issuing the spear to attack all his nearby enemies and deal with 170% of AOE damage. After he has attacked his nearest enemy targets, he deals with more than 280% of the damage on them, which causes them to be stunned for over 2 seconds. When Saurus uses this skill successfully, he can reset the cooldown timers of the Burst Strikes ability.


  • Burst strikes – dealing with 100% of the damage four times for enemies within the attack range, and when Saurus has used this skill successfully, he is resetting the cooldown timers of his skill war strike.


  • Tenacity – when dealing with a war strike or the burst strike without interruption, the attack rates of Saurus are increasing by 10%. And the defence rating is going to increase by 25% of the amount. This ability will be stacked five times, and if any of the abilities have been interrupted, this effect will end.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Izold is a durable hero who is strength based on the warrior for the Graveborn faction. He is utilizing the chemicals to increase his health and the haste along with the damage on enemies. Sold has the need strike abilities which can stun his enemies. His skills are


  • Toxic Transfusion – Izold utilizes a powerful agent of chemical that is restoring 50% of health amount quickly on him, which has been already lost, and it also increases the haste by 20 points. The attack ratings are also being rated by 35% of the amount for over 12 seconds.


  • Noxious Blast – when there is a 30% greater than health own by Izold, he is using the ability of Noxious has, and it will deal with 3% of damage equal to his health to his nearby enemies. This Noxious gas is causing Izold to receive damage similar to 1% on his health as damage.


  • Needle Strike – charging single enemy targets and stun them backwards and knock them for same. Finally, he is stabbing those enemies by using his needle with 190% of damage.


  • Hypodermic Healing – Izold injecting this to himself and restoring his health by 16%, which he lost per second for over 8 seconds.




Raphael is a mage hero who is based on intelligence, and he is a celestial faction hero. He is teleporting around the battleground to strike his enemies with an attack based on lightning. And those are dealing with the damage to them all and make them stunned. Raphael is also forming a shield that goes around him to mitigate the damage received. His skills are


  • Lightning purge – teleporting one side to another on the battlefield, which has the most enemies within it, and firing the most substantial lightning bolts to them across the battleground. These are dealing with a damage per lightning bold on each enemy that bolds are striking.


  • Thunderstorm – summoning thunderclouds striking the target enemies who are nearby Zaphrael, and for each second spending, it deals with damage on them and makes them stunned temporarily.


  • Lightning Arc – teleporting behind from an enemy close to the allies on the battleground. And he is knocking those enemies to the ground by dealing with AOE damages. At the same time, this hero is receiving a shield that can mitigate the damages similar to the own attack rates percentage, and while this shield is still existing, he is using melee attacks. When this shield disappears, Zaphrael is going back to the original position.


  • Static Charge – in the battle where enemies deal with the damage, they will be electrified continuously. When those electrified enemies deal with the damage exceeding the maximum health percentage, the electricity is transferred into the next closest enemies. It causes those nearest enemies to lose their health. This loss amount will be equal to the initial damage attack percentage.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Athalia is a celestial-functioned ranger hero who is based on agility. She is delivering critical strikes and slashes by using her blades, and she is preventing her enemies from regaining their health. She also stuns the enemies and mitigates the damage to herself. It depends on the allies who are remained on the battleground. Her skills are


  • Divine Fury – attacking the enemies by using precision and lightning speed and slash them three times with several positions within the battlefield. Each of these slashes deals with 160% of the damage on all the enemies within Atahlia's path. The third slash of her will deals with a 100% of critical striking chance.


  • Judgment – descending the heaven to the battlefield and targeting the enemies directly opposite her. This will inflict 280% of the damage on enemies. Once the initial attack has been finished, this hero is standing and attacking the target enemies usually. Enemies will not gain the chance to regenerate their energy when attacked with this ability.


  • Purging frenzy – unleashing multi-stage attacks for the nearest enemies, and her final bow deals with 150% of the damage on the targets, leaving them stunned for over 2 seconds.


  • Protection – suing a divine aura that allows Athalia to mitigate 8% of the damage that her allies are receiving while still being alive on the battlefield.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Lucretia is a ranger hero of agility based, and she belongs to the Hypogean faction. She is absorbing two skulls following her with the battle to restore the energy and increase her life leeching attributes. Lucretia is serving to debuff her all the enemies and attack ratings. Her skills are


  • Ungodly defiance – when Lucretia uses the ultimate ability for the first time, she is absorbing two of the revolving skulls and absorbing that energy until the battle ends. After this absorption happened, the energy recovery and the life leeching abilities are rising on Lucretia. After that, every time she is issuing the ultimate, she will do a greeter AOE damage to her all nearby enemies.


  • Hellfire – Lucretia is dealing damage by flames encircled for every 0.5 seconds to the closest ranged enemies. Enemies who have been affected by these flames will decrease their defence ratings, and this Lucretia can stack this ability.


  • Deathwish – marking the enemies who have deal with the high-level damage and hunting them until their death. While she is tracking those enemy targets, she is receiving minor damage from them. If those enemy formations are included with Zaphrael, Lucretia prioritizes her attacks against him than all the enemies.


  • Twin terrors – when Lucretia is on the frontline and activated with the skull of treachery, it increases her dodge and tenacity. When she is on the backline, it will raise the attack speed and the crit amplification. Both skills are continuously activated after Lucretia first time used her abilities of ultimate.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Gwyneth is a ranger who is based on strength, and she is a Lightbearer. She uses the attribute bonuses when she is left unhindered, and Gwyneth is capable of reducing the accuracy of the enemies dealing with burn damage on them. Her skills are


  • Divine arrow – firing divine arrows to the sky, splitting into several arrows, and then those are raining down upon half of the enemies on the battleground. It will deal with 201% of the damage on any enemy being struck while reducing accuracy to 90 for over 8 seconds. You can activate this ability when the enemy side is being empty on the battlefield.


  • Flaming arrow – regular attacks of this hero prioritize the enemies directly on the opposite position of the Gwyneth. The normal attacks on her are dealing with a 60% chance of becoming flaming arrows that are burning enemies for 40% of damage per second for over 5 seconds.


  • Lightning arrow – normal attacks of the Gwyneth have a 60% chance of becoming a lighting arrow that will damage several enemies with a 240% of the damage on chain lightning. These lightning arrows also can be combined with the flaming arrows and have burning effects on the ability of the flaming arrow to affect several enemies who are nearby Gwyneth.


  • Strength in numbers – accuracy of Gwyneth is increasing by 50, and crit rates are rising by 25% in here whenever there are no enemies for quick vicinity.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Rosaline is a supporter of intelligence-based, and she is a light-bearer. She is following the heroes who have the highest powers and assisting with her abates. Rosaline is so much good for a fight with guild bosses, and she is a good supporter for everyone. Her skills are


  • Motivation – fowling the allies continuously with high attack rates from beginning to end. While following this ally, she is reducing her damage received by 40%. This ability is restoring allies' energy fully, which is currently followed by the Rosaline for its maximum point. She is expending the highest amount of restored energy to her allies with the least 200 energy points, which has been expanded on every time she uses this ability.


  • Crazy crockery – taking out two of the teacups or the teapots and hurling them to enemies by inflicting them with 120% damage per item on the target. So those enemies will be temporarily stunned. Rosaline is prioritizing her attacks against the attacking enemies who are attacking her current followed ally.


  • Afternoon tea – Rosaline is healing her following ally by 150% worth with her attack rates


  • Spring cleaning – Rosaline will not be attacked whenever she uses the broom for sweeping her floor for over 4 seconds. It will deal with 80% of damage to the enemy who is closed to her followed ally, and if that ally is a backline hero, then those attacks are incorporating with knockback effects. They are pushing her enemies away.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Feral is a ranged DPS supporter for the faction of the graveborn, and he has the main strengths that are lying on to summoning powerful spirits to the battlefield. Those spirits can cause so many troubles to the enemies they are hitting. What is more potent with this hero would be his draining energy on his enemies and ensuring his allies use their own through the battle. Females can deal with significant damage, and it will last for an extended period in the battle. His skills are


  • Nether Blaze – firing demonic arrows to hit all enemies within the battlefield and make them suffer from 170% of damage. All the enemies who are hurting by these arrows will be hunted by a spirit of evil inflicting extra 25% damage.


  • Accursed arrow – firing cursed arrows to the enemies and dealing with 140% of their damage. These cursed arrows are causing an evil spirit to haunt them for over 10 seconds. Any of these spirits are attacking targets once every 3 seconds.


  • Terrorize – terrifying and stunning two heroes for over two seconds and summon an evil spirit which is hunting them for over 10 seconds


  • Corrupted spirit – summoning a spirit of evil through a dead hero and haunts the enemies for over a period of 10 seconds.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Lyca is a ranger hero of agility based, and she belongs to the wilders. She is a well-known hero for her haste buff, which boosts 70 of her enemy, casting this buff for her team at the battle beginning. So her team will render more advantages over the enemies. Lyca is also having some of the best sustained damaging skills, and there is a minor type of sustainability within the battlefield that helps Lyca be alive. Her skills are


  • Arrow of justice – Lyca is shooting a potent and lethal arrow dealing with 220% damage on her enemies and knocking them backwards.


  • Foe's fragility – this is a passive ability, and it is allowing this hero to be lower the defence of her targets by her attacks on 3% of the amount. This is a cumulative ability, and you can stack up it six times.


  • Awe – when the battle begins, Lyca is galloping to the battleground and inspire her allies by increasing their morals to increase their speed of attack.


  • Rapid arrows – she is firing three arrows rapidly to a single enemy.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Thoran is a tank hero who belongs to the grave born faction, and he is a strength-based one. All his skills are focusing on being damaged than making more output from his attacks. This hero is so durable than others, and there is an added resurrection skill on him restoring his life partially. He has some crowd-controlling abilities as well. His skills are


  • Retaliation – focusing on several moments before there is a weapon swinging at all the front enemies of him. It deals 140% of the damage on all of them, and there is 200% of damage gained by Thoran on his stage of focusing, which will deal back to his enemies as extra damage. When Thoran is on the focuses stage, he will be immune to the control abilities and receive low damage.


  • Domination – Thoran is cleaving at the enemies and dealing 120% of the damage on them. And also, he is causing those enemies to fall to the ground.


  • Wild wonder – Thoran is resurrecting himself after his death with health restored by 60%, and you can use this ability once in a battle.


  • Taint – when the battle starts, Thoran curses the enemies with low health for over 10 seconds, and they will be suffered from 70% of the total damage dealing with the Thoran.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Mortas is a supporter who is based on intelligence, and he comes within the Hypogean faction. He is excelling well in stealing his enemies' health and using them to strengthen and mending of his allies. His skills are


  • Empowerment – granting a target to the allies with a high attack rate on 25% of the amount of the own attack rates of the target and 25 points of the attack speed with effects in greed ability until its battle end


  • Greed – greed is a passive skill that allows Mortas to steal 4% of enemy health on his regular attacks and take 10% on those shield values. Each enemy will be affected by this skill once per every 1.5 seconds, and the amount Mortas should not exceed 220% of the amount on his attack rates.


  • Blood pact – Mortas is consuming 10% of his current health to heal many injured allies who have not been summoned over two times, which will be worth the health amount consumed.


  • Devilish deal – Mortas is allowing the enemies who have to regenerate their highest health amount recover by 15% of their maximum health, and whet e 15 seconds following, all those regenerated health of enemies are going to be transferred onto the Mortas.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Nara is a graveborn faction warrior hero based on strength, and she is stunning her enemies with the hook. Nara is dragging the enemies towards her and draining their energy who is going to attack her. Nara's skills are


  • Butchery – dealing with 110% of damage to the target enemies and damage-ignores the defence of the target and their invincibility effects. Of those target enemies' health is below 40% amount, then this damage ability will be multiplied by six times.


  • Dismember – hitting the nearby enemies and leave them with a stun for few seconds. Then Nara is attacking them several times by having a 35% of damage per attack to those enemies.


  • Impale – when there are no target enemies within the vicinity of Nara, she is proceeding a grappling hook to impale the enemies, and she is dragging them towards her. Nara is prioritizing the attacks towards her enemies, who are standing opposite of her.


  • Terrify – this is a passive ability, and it is causing the attackers of Nara to lose 90 energy every time they are dealing damage to them all. Enemies will be suffered up to 4 times maximum with energy loss for over 10 seconds.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Albedo is a tank hero who is based on strength, and she belongs to the dimensional faction. She is teleporting to the most enemy area and dealing with the most severe AOE damage to her enemies. Her skills are


  • Ginnungagap – this skill is leaving Albedo to teleport to the moss enemy dense area and dealing 300% of AOE damage to those all closest enemies. The total damage of 45% on her enemies is converting to a shield, and it will last for over 8 seconds.


  • Blackguard – Albedo receives a shield equal to her attack rate by 220% after she has teleported into the backline allies who have the lowest health, and she will protect them for over 5 seconds. She is veering all the damages instead of that ally in here, and if that ally is the Ainz Ooal Gown, Albedo is prioritizing him over others.


  • Shield lord – Albedo is teleporting for a random ally near an enemy and deals with 220% damage to those enemies by stunning them for over 4 seconds. If this hero is Ainz Ooal Gown, Albedo is prioritizing him more than others.


  • Hermes Trismegistus – the crit resistance of Albedo will be increased by 35 points on the battle, and if she is dealing with a critical strike, the attack rate of the attacker will be reduced by 30% for over 5 seconds; you can stack this ability.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Arthur is a tank hero who deals with the dimensional faction, and he is a strength-based hero. He is attacking with the Excalibur sword, and it is boosting his attacks on him, forming a blade aura and creating some shockwaves. There is also a shield utilized by this hero who is reducing the damage he is faced with. His skills are


  • Smite – Arthur claims the Excalibur for the first time from the lake when he uses this skill. Once he got the Excalibur, the regular attacks of Arthur are so much strong, and the uses of this skill are dealing with a 380% AOE damage for the front enemies. 


  • Excalibur's fury – Arthur uses his sword to form a Blade Pura that deals with 200% of the damage on all enemies who are passing through it. He is creating two extra blade auras, targeting the side enemies of him, and those who are stuck by these blade auras will cost less than 40% damage from those attacks. 


  • King's blessing – Arthur trusts his sword on the ground and will create a minor shockwave dealing with 220% damage on the nearest enemies. He is continuously building a shield that will be equal to the attack rate value of 400%. If this hero wields that lake with the sword, there is an additional aura lasting for over 8 seconds. And it reduces all allies' damage by 35% of the amount. 


  • Shield of honor – attacking the strikes which the Arthur will face by which are affecting a 50% or minor damage




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Ezio is a warrior of agility based, and he belongs to the faction dimensional. He is marking enemies with some markers of execution threshold and is well known for executing his enemies in the battle. His skills are


  • Eagle vision – marking all the enemies with a marker of execution threshold. If his targets are falling 27% on their maximum health with the designated execution threshold, Ezio is executing them swiftly. Every time this ability has been used against the enemies marked with the execution threshold, they raised their maximum health of 8%. When it has been used against the other heroes, the total value of the execution threshold is not going to exceed the attack rates of Ezio by 1000%. When you use it against the NPC bosses, the damage dealing will be similar to the attack ratings of Azio by 500%


  • Final retribution – once per every 9 seconds, this skill will be activated, and it allows Ezio to avoid all kinds of damages he is receiving from attacks of single enemies. After these attacks have been avoided, this hero is prioritizing the counterattacks on those attacking enemies. When there is a nearby counterattack for Ezio, he initiates six stages of the attack on to them and with 95% damage on strike to the enemies. When counterattacks on the distant enemies, this hero uses the crossbow to inflict 300% of the damage on targets.


  • Smoke bomb – closest enemies are attacked with heavy clouds, which will cause 105 of accuracy loss on therm with 70 number of haste points. And also, there will be a 35% of increased chance of critical damage to these enemies for over 9 seconds.


  • Evasion – Ezio receives four dodge points per second within the battle until he reaches 120 points.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Mezoth is a hypogean tank hero, and he very well goofs on receiving damage by the enemies. He is so powerful in the game, and he will always be hungry for enemies' blood. Azoth is a better hero for the PVP and PVE game o AFK Arena, and his skills are


  • Devour – this is the ultimate skill of the Mezoth, and he becomes immune to the crown controlling abilities of enemies when he has higher health than 50%. Azoth is devouring the enemies and keep them on his stomach until their energy has wholly vanished.


  • Demonic Hunger – this is a passive skill, and Mazoth is gaining a shield by this skill; it will inflict damages to the front enemies to reduce their overall haste.


  • Abyssal butchery – multi striking the enemies within a battle


  • Carnivorous Lust – this one is also a passive skill, and it is increasing the maximum HP him.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Silas is a supporter who is based on intelligence, and he belongs to the graveborn faction. He is excelling in healing effects for his allies and boos their attacking rates. He will be greatly useful for increasing the health of his allies, and Silas has the following skills.


  • Injected Fury – jumping beside the weakest allies and injecting them with a vital substance, increasing their attack rate by 50%. And then after cause them to be immune for all the damages for over 8 seconds. Once the ability has been ended, the allies affected will deal with 70% of the negating damage while they were immune.


  • Stimulated rage – Silas can heal his weakest allies immediately from their 12% of maximum health. Once they healed, the allies can recover the attack rates of Silas as the health per a second for over 8 seconds.


  • Double Dosage – Silas is spraying a potent gas to the battlefield, and it will be last for over 12 seconds. Any ally standing on this gas cloud is recovering their health, equal to 30% attack rates of the Silas per second. If enemies are standing in this gas, they will be damaged by 60% for every second.


  • Healing haze – creating a gas cloud that can move around the battlefield. Any ally who is being with the radius of this cloud is recovering health by 20% they lost per second. This cloud is disappearing after its total value of healing becomes 500% of the attack rates of Silas.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Orthros is a tank hero who is based on strength in the celestial faction. He is stopping the time to set up the time traps and increase his health when passing. His skills are


  • Time suspension – stopping the time for over 3 seconds and case everyone and everything to be frozen. Then Orthros is attacking the weakest enemies on the battleground with lightning speed which will inflict 60% of damage per attack for the enemy.


  • Time trap – when the battle begins, Orthros is setting up a tome trap that can target two enemies individually who are closed to him. This time trap is exploding after the battle started and passed 20 seconds, and once the trap has been triggered, it is causing 32% of AOE damage to the nearest enemies. When there is an enemy died who has been affected, this time trap is triggered.


  • Inertia deals 200% of damage to single enemies and prevents them from recovering their energy for over 9 seconds.


  • Celestial vigor – the maximum health will be increased for a second by 25% until it reaches 150%. Orthros' ratio of the current health will not be affected by this newly increased maximum value.


Wu Kong 


AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


This is a warrior hero who has been based on strength, and he belongs to the celestial faction. Wu kong can perform attacks by using his rod to decrease the haste points of enemies. It also evading the control effects by a summoned singularly cloud clone. His skills are


  • Cloud clones – disappearing from the battleground after he has summoned three clones on his own, and once these clones are faded, the original hero would be returned. These clones can use the Bludgeon ability of the Wu Kong and with the normal attacks. Clones possess 90% of the amount on actual hero stats, and they are receiving 220% damage dealing from the attacks by enemies.


  • Bludgeon – using the rod for bludgeon on WU Kong's enemies and dealing area damage equals 180% on them. This ability is dealing with extra damage of 8% on his enemy's constant values of health. Wu Kong travels towards them upon his cloud and attacks the range when there are no nearest enemies.


  • Falling Fury – throwing the rod of him into the air s it falls upon the densely concentrated enemy area on the battle. It will lead up to 270% of area damage, and enemies with successfully stacked lost 100 hast points over 8 seconds.


  • Foresight – predicting the enemies when they use the control effects and disappearing from the battleground to prevent those attacks and summoning a cloud clone to his potion. This clone shares the same attributes as the hero and will be summoned every 11 seconds in the game.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Flora is an intelligence-based hero who is m=belonged to the celestial faction, and she is a mage. She is raining the dust down upon her enemies to make them AOE damages and sacrificing her health to send Flora's birds into swoop in their battlefields. She is continuously rejuvenating her health. Her skills are


  • Sea of flowers – targeting the most heavily packed enemy group and unleashing a sea of flowers that will be last for over 12 seconds and deal with 200% of damage to those enemies. Enemies casing for this attack will last 40% health, and you can become active only one flower per a once.  


  • Airborne – Flora is flying high to the air when the battle begins and remains there until her teammates perish. In this phase, she cannot be targeted by enemies or even by her allies. Flora is constantly releasing magic dust to her enemies to make them 110% of AIE damage in this phase.


  • Swoop – Flora sacrifices her own health up to 25% to send the little bird to swoop around the battleground. Each enemy crossed this path of the bird deals with 55% of health sacrificed by the Flora. You can't use this ability when Flora has a below 60% of health.


  • Rejuvenation – recovering the maximum health per second in the battle and when every time a non-summoned hero with enemies recovers 10% of maximum health, Flora is recovering 3.5% of her health by that character's health.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Zolrath is a warrior who is based on agility, and he is a faction of Hypogean. He is sending his future form to the battle with him, and there is a Déjà vu ability on him to use within the battle on specific game modes. These allow Zolrath to turn back on the battle started. And for the phase where his allies are closed for the death. His skills are


  • Time rift – expending 200 of the energy into the time rift of open. Once Zolrath is within that time rift, he is losing 120 energy points continuously per second while recovering his own health maximum into 7.5%. When the energy of this hero is exhausted, fully recovered, or used again, Zolrath is reappearing from that time rift. And he is attacking the weakest enemies for over 320% damage. This ability can be used when an ability of an enemy controls the Zolrath.


  • Doppelganger – with his future self is dealing 50% of the damage on several times for enemies and finally attacked two enemies will deal 180% of the damage on each attack path. When using this ability, those two Zolrath's cannot be controlled, and they both are reviving the damage.


  • Annihilation – this skill is becoming more potent with his normal attacks after spending 18 seconds to deal 150% of damage twice per attack.


  • Déjà vu – when this hero is closed to death with his allies, he turns back into the time and turns battle revert and makes it back to start. Goliath is maintaining this effect right after the battle has been reverted, and you can sue this once per battle and will be enjoyed in specific game modes.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Safiya is a mauler faction hero, and she is a damage dealer of intelligence-based. She is known to be a fire mage casting the orbs, dealing with the most significant damage to the enemies. And also, she is buffing her allies by lowering the attack rates of the enemies within her enhancement circle. Her skills are


  • Falling sun – focusing in the energy for a giant strongest orb dealing with AOE damage to the enemies. Depending on the focus, this orb will deal with 100% damage up to 420% area, increasing her radius. When you press the portrait of Safiya to imitate this focus stage on the ability, it will release once more orb.


  • Scattered bolt – firing magical projectiles to enemies dealing with 170% of damage and stunning them for a while. After the first enemy has been impacted, this projectile is splitting into two small ones, and these weak projectiles are targeting the nearest enemies.


  • Static field - provides an electric aura to the most straight ally, and it will last for over 10 seconds. This aura is causing 70% damage per second on every enemy within the radius.


  • Spectral disruption – when the battle begins, Safiya is casting an enchantment of circled to the ground, and it will last for over 25 seconds. All the allies standing on this circle are increasing their attack range by 16%. All the enemies who are standing on this will reduce their attack by 40%. This will reduce their haste as well.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Alna is a warrior hero of agility based, and she belongs to the celestial faction. All the hero's skills are connected with the winter, freezing, and the ice on her enemies. She is slowing down the enemies and reducing their statistics, and Alna is self-healing with buffing her frontline allies. Her skills are


  • Winter war cry – when this sill is passive, all the characters within the battle are reducing their haste by 40 points. And when it is active, Alna is calling a blizzard upon her all the enemies, which deals 340% damage on them. This will include multiple haste reduction by two times for 12 seconds and nullifying those haste buffs received within this time. The effect that comes from this ability is not being affected by any other type of ability.


  • Freezing pierce – thrusting Alna's spear into the targeted enemies and dealing damage 10% on their maximum health. This damage dealing will not include the own attack rate of Alna by 521%


  • Winter's Call – calling the frigid win to encircling her own self and disrupting her all enemies. In here, she will be immune to the damage and control abilities for over 7 seconds, and the enemies close to her will reduce their dodge by 280 points.


  • Frozen Fury – using the spear t swipe the nearest enemies and dealing with 200% of damage onto them and reducing their 20 points of hastes for over 5 seconds. Each time Alna uses this ability, it will increase the dealing number of attacks up to 3 attacks maximum, and the effect of the haste reduction can be stacked up o several times.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


The skreg is a tank hero from the mauler function, and he is a strength-based hero. He is so good at soaking his targeted range attacks, and Skreg keeps the melee heroes near to him busy and forcing his own way to the enemy's backline. His skills are


  • Beast of Burden – iron jaw steed of this hero would not be backwards knocked. When this skill is being used, Skreg runs this iron jaw, which operates 80 of energy per second until all energy is exhausted. While he is riding this, he will be immune to the control abilities. Skreg's attack rates are increasing by 30%. Regular attacks of this hero will also deal with damage twice and knocking back to the enemies.


  • Brute force – the iron jaw on hers assists the Skreg for an attack on his enemies by smashing them to the air by dealing a bit of damage. If the enemy can be knocked successfully knock in the air, Skreg is again initiating three-stage attacks, dealing with 140% of attack one arch enemy.


  • Ironskin – when enemies get closer to Skreg, they are dealing with minor damage. Damage reduction will be maxed when enemies are coming to the striking range of the Skreg and received damage can be reduced by 40%


  • Stampede – every 8 seconds, an iron jaw appears and charges towards the nearest enemy to the allies on the side of the battlefield. It is knocking them back and stunning them on the path dealing damage of 150% damage to all.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Nakoruru is a warrior based n agility, and she belongs to the dimensional faction. She is knocking the single enemies to the ground and remove their defence to deal more significant damage on them. Her skills are


  • Running chest jab – knocking down the single enemies to the ground and remove all effects of the defensive shields, and stabbing the enemy by dealing with 460% of the damage on the target.


  • Kamui rimuse – attacking any enemy within the range three times. Each of these attacks deals with 190% of the damage on those targets and interrupting their ongoing actions.


  • Shichikapu AMU – swopping down the Mamahaha and attacking the backline enemies when they are getting ready to sue abilities. It will deal with 220% damage, and they will be stunned for over 2 seconds. You can activate this skill one time every 6 seconds.


  • Kamui Mutsube – Mamahaha carried Nakoruru is going towards the weak enemies, and once she is closed enough, she will pronounce that target by dealing damage of 280% to them. You can use this ability two times in a battle, and once the hero's health falls into the 70% below for the first time and again to 40%, Nakoruru cannot be attacked and recovering her attack rate by 400% health.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Khazard is a mage hero of the hypogean faction, and he is an intelligence-based hero. He is specialized in the control and the effects of debuffing. And his appearance and abilities are entirely based on the ice-themed. Khazard is using a frost serpent along by his side. His skills are


  • Frozen mist – when exploding dealing with initial damage of 130% for all the enemies in the battleground. And he case that battlefield to be enveloped within a frozen mist for over 14 seconds. While it happens, enemies are getting 4% damage every second, and enemies with less health than 30% are frozen until they recover the health or until mist disappears.


  • Glacial shards – firing three of the glacial shards for several directions, and each will deal with 150% of the damage on enemies who have been struck. These enemies will be lost 50 haste points for over 4 seconds, and those who are struck with several ice shards are dealing with 50% or minor damage by the subsequent shards after the second time of the glacial shard.


  • Frozen beam – firing an icy beam to enemies, dealing with 220% of damage and causing them to be frozen for over 3 seconds.


  • Frost serpent – attacking the enemies with the ice bath and dealing 160% of damage to those enemies that cause to be frozen for over two seconds.


A Tier 




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Numisu is a supporter of the mauler faction, and he is known to be a witch doctor summoning the totems to heal his allies within the battle. He is healing to his allies  and doing a distraction to enemies through a taunt. This hero is also buffing one member on his team with haste and increasing the attack speed, and he is excellent to pair with any hero who is dealing with the strongest auto attacks. His skills are


  • Resonating Blast – creating explosive shockwaves to deal with 150% of the damage on all the hit enemies. If this hits on the totems, they become activated and dealing with the initial values of the damage again.


  • Rejuvenating totem – setting down a rejuvenating totem which is healing the nearest allies for 80% on their attack rates, and then this totem remained and slowly healing the allies for time.


  • Offensive totem – setting down offensive totem behind the enemies and dealing with 120% of the surrounding enemies' damage. This offensive totem has the highest amount of health with armour, and you can use it for drawing attacks away from the allies.


  • Fanaticism – increasing the allies with their highest-rated attack haste by 20 for over 10 seconds.


Ainz Ooal Gown 


AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Ainz is a mage hero of intelligence-based, and he belongs to the dimensional faction. He is dealing damage to the enemies after he has cast his abilities on the game. 


His skills are


  • Fallen – starting to chant, which will last for over 5 seconds after 460% of damage dealing with all the enemies. If the chant is interrupted, Ainz is recovering the energy points up to 500


  • Magic caster – regular attacks of Ainz deal with 240% damage on enemies with Call more excellent thunder, 210% damage on gravity maelstrom, and 180% damage with true dark.


  • The goal of all life is death – when the battle begins, Ainz is receiving a shield which will be equal to 40% on his maximum health, and it will last for over 6 seconds. While this shield still exists, AInz will be immune to the control abilities of the enemies with 70 energy points and 4% on attack rates, with an 8% of defence rates increasing per second.


  • Steady preparations – when the battle begins, Ainz receives a shield similar to his maximum health, and it will last for over a few seconds. While it still exists, Ainz is immune to all the control abilities and chants continuously by gaining energy points and a permanent attack rate with a defence rate attribute.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


This is a strength-based hero of warriors, and she belongs to the dimensional faction. She uses Johanna to deal with damage in her enemies, and she is landing out the crits. Her skills are


  • Stationery drifter – summoning Johanna and riding it with spinning around by high speed on generating a nuclear tornado. This tornado is sucking the enemies on its centre and deal with 60% of AOE damage seven times, and within a final attack, it will be 200%. Queen will not be attacked while this effect is occurring.


  • Freidyne – summoning Johanna to deal with 250% of AOE damage on all front enemies and granting nuclear effects for over 5 seconds. If enemies suffered from two of the critical strikes, they are stunning for above to seconds, and those enemies can be stunned several times while this nuclear effect is there.  


  • Attack and Defend – crit rate is increasing here by 6%, and defence rate will be increased up to 20% every 10 seconds. You can stack this ability.


  • Ms Pots apocalyptic raider - dealing with four hitting combos, each with 160% damage on the enemies and final hit will summon Johanna, which is knocking the nearest enemies backwards and causing them to be stunned for over three seconds.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Pippa is wilder of intelligence-based, and she has the skills on random effecting with some chances to fail. Her primary role is to damage continuously with control elements. Her skills are


  • Pippa's imitation – imitating the base effects randomly on Nemora, Tasi, or Arden's ultimate abilities, and these are not required to cast continuously.


  • Pippa's pandemonium – continuously firing magic orbs for every 0.15 seconds, and each will deal with 90% of the damage on the targets after four magic orbs. Every orb is increasing the spell failure chance by 8%, and if Pippa failed to fire orbs, she becomes stunned temporarily, and her ability will be ceased.


  • Transmogrification – dealing 270% of the damage on enemies with a high attack rate and transforming them to Acorn to be incapable of attacking for over 5 seconds.


  • Astral shift – teleporting into the nearest enemy within the range and will become stunned for over three seconds.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Lorcan is a mage of intelligence-based, and his action is wildered. He marks the enemies with an inner sight and increases the damage ultimate's which are dealing against these enemies. He is also linking the enemies into one, and when one enemy received damage, the other one will also get the same as a result of it. His skills are


  • Tempest – summoning tempest among a concentrated area on the enemies that are growing larger with time. He is dealing with the AOE damage several times to the surrounded enemies, and once reaching the maximum size, this tempest is exploding. So it deals with 200% of damage to the nearest enemies.


  • Inner sight – attacking the enemies for over 200% damage and marking them with the inner sight symbol, persisting at the end of the battle. This symbol is raising the ultimate abilities of all allies by 200% against those marked enemies for over 5 seconds.


  • Gale force - links the far and close enemies together, and when one receives damage, another one also gets the same.


  • Wind ward – casting a shield upon two of the unexpected allies, which are lasting for over 7 seconds and reducing the damage equal to 250% of the own attack rates of the Lorcan.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Gorvo is a rank hero of strength-based, and he belongs to the wilders faction. He uses shields to bolster his allies and possesses many crowns controlling skills to invade those enemy heroes. Gorvo is stunning his enemies with the use of a forceful blow on his hammer. His skills are


  • Battle cry – roaring angrily and dealing damage to all the enemies up to 130%. This roar taunts the enemies within the radius to target him with regular attacks for over 5 seconds. He can deflect the damage by 60% he received back on his enemies while the ability is still active.


  • Divebomb – assailing the enemies by leaping to the air and diving bombs to inflict 160% of AOE damage who are closed to Gorvo. This will also stun the enemies for over 2 seconds, and Gorvo will not be targeted while he is using this ability.


  • Shell shock - Charging the war hammer for every 8 seconds and causing those to follow attack to become strike critically, dealing with AOE damage to all the nearest enemies, so those will be stunned for over 2 seconds.


  • Hellspawn - Casting a shield for himself, which will be equal to his maximum health of 40%, and it will last for over 6 seconds.




Gemora is a supporter of intelligence-based, and she belongs to the wilders faction. She is healing her team and regenerating the cast upon allies who have the lowest health. There is a charm debuff holding by this hero to turn her enemies against into their own allies. Her skills are


  • Wild wonders – calling upon natural forces to heal the teammates with maximum health


  • Beguile – using the charm to entrance enemies and dealing with 90% of the damage on them to cause them to turn against their same allies


  • Mother nature – increasing the healing efficiency of hers and teammates by 15%


  • Lifeforce – healing weakest on the team with 3% on her health.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Hendrik is a tank hero based on strength, and he belongs to the light-bearers. He can knock on his enemies with his shield and protect the team by taking the fatal damage. Hendrik is also defending himself and heal himself once he becomes low. His skills are


  • Crippling blow – smashing the ground with the shield and dealing 140% of damage to the surrounded enemies and leaving them stunned over one second. Every 10% of losing health of Hendrik is extending his stun ability by 0.2 seconds, and it can be extended up to 4 seconds by total.


  • Shield Bash – using the shield to knock back the enemies dealing with 130% of damage to them and stunning them for over 1.5 seconds.


  • Sacrificial shield – if one backline teammate is getting fatal damage, Hendrik is jumping in front of them and taking the damages of his teammates for over 10 seconds. When he is protecting his teammates, Hendrik will not be mined controlled.


  • Stand fast – when Hendrik falls into the health by 40%, he is placing the shield onto the ground and assuming the defensive stances while healing himself. In this phase, nay of the damage Hendrik receives will be reduced to 30%, and ability will last up for 10 seconds until his maximum health of 10%vis being restored.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Oden is a mage of intelligence-based, and his faction is Graveborn. He is specialized in the summoning portal and summoning lightning on them for dealing with AOE damage. Oden is also trapping down the strongest enemies within battles and launching them to the weakest enemies. He is recovering energy points, and when his eyes are opened, he is getting more bonuses. His skills are


  • Soul burn – draining the energy from enemies with the highest energy amount and dealing a damaged base by 160%. There is an extra amount of 1% damage on the enemy deal for every 1% of energy and enemies.


  • Void lightning – oden opens a portal into the void and causing the lightning of voids to blast. So it strikes the closest enemies, standing opposite for Odin to deal with 180% of AOE damage.


  • Eviction – opening a portal to the void which stocking the enemies with a high percentage of health, and those targeted enemies are thrown out from the portal and resulting in 180% of AOE damage for the affected ones.


  • Eye of evil – when oden is receiving a 100/200 or 300, one of his eyes will open until the three of them are opened. Then the damaging effect of the eviction ability is included with a stunning effect, and it will affect enemies for over three seconds. After opening the second eye, the void lightning ability is also targeting enemies away from him. The third eye opened with regular attacks to cause his enemies to lose extra 60 energy points.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Tidus is a ranger of agility based on the mauler faction, and he is slicing the enemies. He is causing these enemies to bleed and lose their health over 8 seconds. Tidus is also howling to drive away his enemies and raising his own speed and attack rates. His skills are


  • Twisted fate – spiralling into a whirlwind engulfing the battleground and dealing damage of 160% to all the enemies he is passing—finally attacked into the weakest enemies by 180% of damage.  


  • Frenzied strikes are slicing them in front of enemies with a five-stage attack and dealing damage of 60% per attack to the target.


  • Battle howl – letting a ferocious howl terrifying the enemies and feeling the vicinity for over 5 seconds. After the howl, Tidus increased his movement speed by 35% and attack rate by 20% for around 10 seconds.


  • Savagery – attacking the enemies who have the lowest health than 50% until they are slain. The attack rate of Tidus is increased up to 35% while he uses this skill.  




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Cecilia is a ranger from the agility based who belongs to the light bearer faction, and she is appearing behind the enemies on the battle started. Those are mirroring her position of formation and ambushing them; she can cast a divine circle in the enemies to reduce their attack rates. Her skills are


  • Judgment day – summoning a divine bladed that goes down to the head of her enemies, which will deal with 280% of damage and increasing the number of symbols on the head by one. When you use this ability against the enemies marked with more symbols (most likely 3), enemies will be stunned for a time. And if you use this against enemies who have been marked with five symbols. They will deal with 200% of the damage on them.


  • Blade of purification – initiating 3 stage attacks against the enemies, and each will deal with 70% of the damage. Each time Cecilia uses this skill, it increases the symbol of sins on the enemies by one. And the damage is increased by 10% on every extra symbol that the enemy has been marked.  


  • Atonement - appearing behind the enemies and unleashing three of the stages of attacks dealing 80% of damage. 


  • Devil trap - creating a divine circle that encompassing the enemies, and those enemies will be reduced with their attacks by 60%


B Tier 




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


This is the strength-based hero of a warrior and belongs to the light bearer faction. She is buffing her allies with attack rates, reducing the enemy attacks, and possessing the crown controlling abilities that will interrupt her enemy actions. Her skills are


  • Joust – using the lance to send an enemy flying and following them up with a landing flurry to have consecutive strikes on to them


  • Royal charge – charging the enemy ranks and dealing with 150% of damage to the enemies in her path. Estrilda is becoming immune to those control abilities while she is being charged.


  • Inspire – increasing the morale of allies with the weaving flag and temporarily increasing the nearest allies rates of attack


  • Ridicule – swiping the enemy with the lance and knocking them backwards by 200% of damage, she is proceeding to ridicule these enemies by distracting them. Then her team will receive minor damage.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Brutus is a tank hero based on strength, and he belongs to the mauler faction. He is dealing g with significant damage over the area, and he is lowering the defence of his enemies. There is a high value on sustain on him, and he has the invulnerability skills when he is closed to death. His skills are


  • Whirlwind – hacking the enemies twice before the spin and dealing damage over them. Brutus will not affect with mind-controlling abilities while he is spinning.


  • Roar – letting a terrifying roar cause enemies vulnerable and any of the physical damage they get will be increased by 25%


  • Brutal defence – damage output of this hero is raised depending on the health he falls, and the attack rate of this hero will be rise to 90%


  • The last gasp – when Brutus is dealing with the fatal blow, he is raining one health point and will be immune to all the subsequent damage for over 4 seconds.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


This is a light bearer and mage based on intelligence, and she has the highest amount of damage output in the game. She is raising the attack rates of other heroes or to herself. This one is the easiest light bearer that anyone can get, and her skills are


  • Divine light – suing the divine power on attacking a vast area of enemies for over four times. Each successful shot is dealing with 110% of magic damage.


  • Divine retribution – firing orbs on divine energy to enemies, and when the first enemy reach this orb, it explodes and surrounding all the enemies to suffer from 16.% of damage.


  • Brilliance – crit rating is going to increase by 12% of the amount.


  • Blessing – blessing the allies with high attack rates and raise the attack rate and crit rates by 15%




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


This is a ranger of agility based on the graveborn faction. Her skills are


  • Spectral divergence – splitting herself for different spectres and the flies with all directions, and she will not be attacked or affected by the ally's abilities here. Each of the spectres in here is passing through the enemy by inflicting 150% damage to them.


  • Haunting spectre – entering into a spectral form to enshroud her enemies and preventing them from recovering their health. While this happens, Theowyn deals 130% of damage per second with up to 8 seconds over the duration.


  • Spectral curse – entering into special form and cursing the enemies she passes to deal damage of 130% in them. If an enemy has been already cursed, the curse is getting removed, and Theowyn then deals with damage of 15% equal to enemies' maximum health.


C Tier 




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


This is a melee DPS hero who belongs to the graveborn faction, and he is called a snowball hero. He was named like this because he can survive for so long to summon many phantoms, and he is so strong as a hero who can overwhelm his enemies. His skills are


  • Phantom assassin – summoning a phantom shadow which is possessing 85% of own health and the attack rate. It will suffer 180% damage when it gets attacked by using all the abilities of Baden except the ultimate.


  • Phantom strike – summoning a phantom behind the back of the enemy, which will last for over 6 seconds, and it will proceed to attack them by dealing 180% of the damage on them.


  • Spectral onslaught – unleashing three of the stage attacks on the surrounding enemies.


  • Spectral surge – increasing the attack rate by 3% for each phantom on the battleground and mitigating 20% of damage for each phantom.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Isabella is a mage of graveborn who is based on intelligence, and she is hitting her enemies with some single targeting spells. She is poking the enemies with low health to dispatch them quickly, and the damage increases when she deals more with the crowd control effects. Her skills are


  • Decimation – suing the magic tome for casting a spell on a random enemy and inflicting 140% of damage upon them


  • Void barrage – using an incantation on targeting weak enemies for over 160% of the damage


  • Soul power –Isabella is leaching the life from teammates with the highest HP in a specific period where she is converting it into 50% of energy. While this happens, although teammates are losing their health, their damage will be reduced on for 250


  • Surge – increasing the movement speed by 15% at a specific time.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


This is a strength-based hero from the light-bearer faction, and he is utilizing the fire breath. Rigby is drinking himself to the stage where he ignores the damage received and raising his haste. And then he is regaining his health after a drink. Rigby's skills are


  • Barrel bomb – hurling the barrel towards the enemies will deal with 150% of damage as an impact. Then Rigby is throwing his pipe to the barrel's leaked parts and making it explode to have a 260% of AOE damage to nearest enemies.


  • Fire breathtaking a large swig in his drinks and spitting it back to the nearest enemies by making them 80% of damage and make their accuracy low into 80 points for over 6 seconds.


  • Drunken frenzy – Rigby will drink a drunken frenzy, reduce the damage he is receiving by 14% of the amount, and increase the haste with 25 points.


  • Well-rested – after the drunken frenzy effect, Rigby is recovering 5% on his maximum health for over 12 seconds.




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


This is an agility-based mauler faction hero, and she is dealing with continuous damage. She will attack the enemies by spear penetrating those units for a knockdown, damage, and mark this enemy. She is marking them to reduce their recovery of energy and accuracy. Antandra's skills are


  • Fury strike – unleashing multi staged attacks on enemies and final blow will kick them backwards to deal with 220% of damage. This ability is raising the health of this hero by 100% for over 7 seconds.


  • Mark of the wild – attacking enemies for deal with 200% damage and imprinting them a mark for over 6 seconds. When they have been marked, this hero converts that 30% of damage received by the enemies into health.  


  • Piercing assault – throwing spears at a fat enemy during the first 8 seconds in the battle and dealing 220% of them all. Then this hero is appearing target enemies front and assaults them continuously.


  • Knockdown – using the spears to swiping the enemies with quick vicinity and knock them over, giving 200% of the damage. Antandra is recovering her 25% of maximum health on each enemy knocked down.


D Tier 




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Seirus is a warrior hero id a strength base, and he belongs to the wilders. He is taking the durable tanky role to the game and rendering the weak attacks on him much more vulnerable. Seirus is offering crow controlling effects, and his skills are


  • Abhorrent torrent – sending many large waves onto enemies dealing with 70% of damage per each. Each of these waves is knocking the enemies backwards and make them stunning.


  • Debug – calling up the ocean power with a summon of large water columns, interrupting the two enemies within the feet. This water column deals with 120% of AOE damage to the nearest enemies and becomes so powerful and extensive when they become closer to Seirus.


  • Ocean's blessing – using the ocean bless to strengthen Seirus own weapons. After that, 3 of his normal attack will have a high area range effect with increased damage to deal with 180% of the damage on regular attacks.


  • Free flow – dealing with damage less than 7% on maximum health of the Seirus to make it 50% reducing




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Thane is a ranger of agility based, and he belongs to the light bearer faction. He is exceptional at dealing with significant damage to enemies, and his skills focus more on the crit rates. So those are allowing him to deal more with damage on the critical strikes. His skills are


  • Eviscerate – attacking the enemies randomly seven times and dealing them with 80% damage per an attack


  • Lunge – bounding towards the enemy with surprise attacks and dealing with 120% of its damage. Crit rates of Thane are also increased by 20% on 5 seconds of duration.


  • Execution – this skill is activated right after four critical strikes, and Thane in here targets single enemies with some multi-stage attack with 80% damage on the final attack. This last attack is dealing with extra damage equals to the maximum HP of the target by 15%


  • Focus – raising the own crit rates by 15% of the amount




AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Oscar is a ranger who is based on agility, and he belongs to the light bearer faction. He is excelling in the knife combats and targeting and throwing knives towards his enemies. In addition to this, Oscar is removing many of the debuffs applied to him. His skills are


  • Aura of haste – throwing four knives to the ground and forming magical auras dealing with 270% of AE damage to the nearest enemies. This aura is existing for over 11 seconds, increasing the hero's haste by 100 points.


  • Fine cuts – targeting the two weak enemies and throwing knives at them by dealing 180% amount damage to the theme.


  • Slice and Dice – Oscar appears next to the knife stuck with the ground and picking it up to proceed the slices up for the nearest enemies on 200% of damage.


  • Unfazed – scrubbing the glasses into clean and removing the significant debuff effects which are affecting this hero. And this is continuously increasing the crit rate of the hero with 25 points, and his dodge rate will be risen by 95 points which will remain until Oscar is falling victim to any of the control abilities of enemies.


Best Heroes in AFK Arena 


We have divided our best heroes according to their classes as follows.


Best Supporters 


  • Tasi


Tasi would be one of the best supporters available on AFK Arena as she has solid damage and healing abilities on the game. There is a 25% bonus damage held by here, which is based on her target's damage while sleeping. The banishment ability of Tasi is sending the highest rate of attack towards the banished states for over four seconds. This power is so much string, especially when it seems few killing targets within the board. The highest level abilities of Tasi are bonking buff and providing her with some powerful defence as an intelligent support character.


AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes

  • Rowan


Rowan is super easy to use. When it is level 41 in the game, Rowan is unlocking market stalls by using three health potions, and those are automatically used for restoring 30% of health on the hero after it falls under 50%. He has some passive skills for the team as defensive and healing to go to the offence with Dazzle and Avian assault. You can use his way better within PVE and PVP.


AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


  • Elijah & Lailah


Suppose you are searching for solid energy and frontlines to be used. In that case, these two are the best OP. These two spirits use restorative abilities to return the health and energy to several target allies. Elijah & Lailah are so hard to kill, and they both have temporary defensive abilities to make it harder. These abilities are so challenging to take down as CCing Lailah is causing the other spirits to break them down and gives them a shield. As an overall character, Elijah and Lailah are so helpful for PVP and PVE with several physical combinations of styles with more energy.


AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Best Rangers 


  • Lucretia


Lucretia will bet the ultimate choice as an Assassin, and the death wish her is isolating the enemies with high attack power. She can low down the real damage of enemies by 30%, and there are abilities of solid melee on her hellfire and skull abilities. Lucretia works great for any type of position and bringing down the most severe damage and utilities for the game.


AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


  • Lyca


Lyca is a powerful single-target hero, and she is an AOE ranger. There is a lot of damage from her rapid arrows and the star shots while making herself so powerful. She makes her allies too powerful by using the fawn haste buff of hers. When you level up more on Lyca, she gets more improved damage modified and will be a great late-game hero to use as a powerhouse.


AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


  • Ezio


Ezio is an ultimate assassin, and he has good working assassination and stealth skills. There is an eagle vision on him to mark each enemy within the battlefield. Every time Ezio hits those enemies with the abilities, he gets an 8% increase of 275 numbers executing range. This means that Ezio is a true mad killing spirit when linked with Ainz or Zaphrael. The defensive skills of Ezio are allowing him to avoid every attack for over 9 seconds, and this hero would be the best fit for any type of structured team as he can earn a tip spot within the game.


AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Best Mages 


  • Ainz Oaal Gown


This is a skeleton mage who is channelling significant AOE damage through the battlefields. If Ainz got kicked with enemies, he is getting more energy. Magic caster will be an excellent primary modifier that deals significant damage to the targets, whether single or multiple. The craziest ability of Ainz is coming from level 41, and it is stunning all the enemies for over four seconds by dealing with 90% of maximum health for every 24 seconds on that period. Overall, this ability is so good, and that is the main reason for taking Ainz as a mage character for any team. He will no need any protection or peel, and he is reliable.


AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


  • Raphael


Raphael is a character that wants to be Zeus, who is slinging lightning on his opponents. There is a combination of Lightning Arc, Purge, and the Thunderstorm, and those all make him a reliable AOE hero to the game.


Best Tankers 


  • Albedo


Albedo is teleporting straights towards the battleground, and she is dealing more AOE damage to his enemies. She is a perfect tank, and if she needs protection on ally from the CC, she will use a teleporting method to the backline and gain a shield through the Black Guard. There is another top AOE ability of her as Shield Lord, and she uses this to jump on the random area surrounded by the enemies.


AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


  • Daimon


Daimon is also another best standard tank to the game. The soul's feast is taking damage from all the allies, and he can't die from the taken ally damage. There is a powerful health stealing ability on him as Blood Shield, and it is proceeding with the ability of soul feat on him. He is stunning the targets for some considerable period, and Daimon is the greatest PVE hero who can manage easily.


AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


Best Warriors 


  • Alna


Alna is lowering the haste of everyone with her allies, but her skill winter war cry is dealing significant damage to the enemies. She supports the team with that winter's Call by lowering the chance of dodge on her enemies' hit on the effects. Alna is a super frontline hero to the game who has some solid disruptions, turning her into a great tank character. You can also use Alna for the PVP contents.


AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


  • Wukong


Wukong is an earth monkey god, and he is taking the core of the game via many game designs. There are clones doing damages, resulting in Wukong disappearing effectively for the offensive defence.


AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes


  • Bludgeon


Bludgeon is the greatest hard hitter who has some abilities on single targeting with added AOE skills.


  • Falling Fury


Falling Fury is a champion of haste debuff, and it makes this hero enormous physical damage on AOE. You can use this hero to control your battlefield.


How to get these heroes? Are the rerolls time-wasting? Refer to this Reroll Guide of AFK Arena.


AFK Arena Updated Tier List July 2021 and Best Heroes



Here is the end of AFK Arena updated tier list of July. You need to go through every detail on each enemy to find it suitable for your gameplay and make it so much effective for your game. Get into the best heroes and battle with a proper ready by referring to this tier list.

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