AFK Arena Tier List April 2022 and Best Heroes


AFK Arena is our favourite time-based RPG game released for mobile devices, and it uses the gacha mechanics to make it progressive on user experience. Multiple characters are available on AFK Arena, and they own have their play styles to use in the game. Each of them has a unique way of facing the battles, and they have their very own weaknesses as well. There is a rank for each. So if you are a player who wants to know each rank and their respective skills, here is a July update of the AFK Arena tier list.






When you are looking at this tier list, you need to be aware that this is titled on a gacha styled as a game, and you are getting random heroes by summoning them within game rewards and objective missions. So by combining these heroes, building a specific team would be challenging and will take some time. You have to be aware of building a team with different compositions and making your heroes' lifespans to the game by combining all. So let's start our guide.


Rating Tiers 

There are five types of rating categories available with the game as follows.



S Tier 

These are the best choices and the best heroes at AFK Arena. Some of these picks are so powerful, and when you make them level up, they are finely working with several team compositions, so in the gameplay, these are the absolute selections that you need to play around the game.


A Tier 

These are the heroes we consider somewhat robust, and you better not overlook them if you take an opportunity to earn them. They don't have much difference from the S tier and what we make them varied is they have two or more flaws than the S tier heroes. But overall, these are also the best selections that you can earn in the game.


B Tier 

These heroes are the decent ones within overall units. But remember that heroes will not excel at every game mode in the game on this tier, and they are sometimes prevented from being the highest rank. These characters are the ones you need at the early phase and will be suitable for creating a unique style for yours.


C Tier 

These are the average type of heroes in AFK Arena. And players must try to avoid these units if they are not vital to their team compositions or not having a chance on some specific units for using them.



D Tier 

These are the worst heroes available with AFK Arena. Try to sacrifice these kinds of heroes as soon as possible when you start to move forward with your end game. There is no proper use for these characters, and there is no doubt that they will not be helpful for the highest-level battles.


These characters are again divided according to their factions and classes. Let's first look into the factions.


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There are seven factions on AFK Arena as follows.



These are the heroes serving as Dura, and they are mainly fighting with the Hypogeans, Gravebors, and Maulers. The main goal of this faction is the release their land called Esperia from evil. These light-bearers own a factional advantage over the maulers.



Maulers believe in their strength more than anything. There is only a belief in their usability. And the mighty and some stories say that mauler has served to the Hypoegeans as a military. This class has higher advantages over Wilders.



Wilders is serving nature, and they're protecting it by a swear. There are no visible allegiances between them with Lightbearers and the Dura. Still, there is a reveal that they are fighting with Hypogenas. The factional advantage of this faction goes over Graveborns.



These are the heroes who are serving for the death, and they can revive as undead. Graveborns are seeking immortality via dark arts, and they search for it also from the necromancy. It is not confirmed why these heroes serve the Hypogeans, and they are focusing on their problems and conflicts. Graveborns are enemies of the Hypogeans, and they have factional advantages over the Lightbearers.



Celestial heroes are directly serving under the Dura, and they are fighting against the Hypogeans and Dura. There is a specific role on these heroes, and they hold factional advantages over the Hypogeans.



Hypogenas are known to be the primary villains of the AFK Arena, and their goal for destroy any creation of Dura by spreading evilness along the Esperia. They have an advantage of faction over the Celestials.



These are the heroes who are coming to the world Esperia via a rift space. They are unique and well fused with the high-ranked heroes on a team. Dimensionals can obtain the same levels and ascensions just as the way they do for the highest heroes. Dimensional heroes are not doing additional damage to other factions or taking them extra damage.



There are five classes here.



Mages have been blessed with the Dura's sorcery, and they are utilizing the spells with different methods to perform damage and defeat their enemies.



Tank heroes are blessed with the Dura's fortitude, and the damage taken by their opponents will better equip them. Tank heroes are so bulky, and they are enriched with defensive skills. These heroes will excel within the frontline, where they are protecting their teammates by absorbing their damage.



The warrior class has been blessed with the Dura's might, and they have more enriched with a punch. Warrior is dealing the highest level of physical damage to their opponents while succeeding the sustainability.



Rangers are blessed with the celerity of Dura, and they attack their enemies from a distance. Rangers are nimble and known to be the perfect assassins for the game. More like they are the best damage dealers to the game.



Support heroes are blessed with the Dura's sustenance. They are nurturing their tea members and providing them with a perfect health boost with some stat buffs. These heroes are excelling within the backline, and they are well protected on there to have continuous out buffs and their allies.


So here are each tier's ranks.


AFK Arena Tier List S 

  • Ainz Ooal Gown as a mage
  • Merlin as a mage
  • Khazard as a mage
  • Eluard as a mage
  • Zaphrael as a supporter
  • Athalia as a ranger
  • Ferael as a ranger
  • Eironn as a ranger
  • Lucretia as a ranger
  • Ezio as a ranger
  • Lyca as a ranger
  • Ezizh as a supporter
  • Elijah and Lailah as a supporter
  • Silas as a supporter
  • Rowan as a supporter
  • Tasi as a supporter
  • Talene as a supporter
  • Daimon as a tank
  • Albedo as a tank
  • Titus as a tank
  • Alna as a warrior
  • Izold as a warrior
  • Saurus as a warrior


AFK Arena Tier List A 

  • Flora as a mage
  • Morael as a mage
  • Lorsan as a mage
  • Leofric as a supporter
  • Safiya as a mage
  • Pippa as a mage
  • Skriath as a mage
  • Joker as a ranger
  • Gwyneth as a ranger
  • Mehira as a mage
  • Thoran as a tank
  • Kren as a ranger
  • Nakoruru as a ranger
  • Desira as a supporter
  • Prince of Persia as a ranger
  • Nemora as a supporter
  • Mortas as a supporter
  • Arthur as a tank
  • Arthur as a tank
  • Orthros as a tank
  • Mezoth as a tank
  • Grezhul as a tanl
  • Kaz as a ranger
  • Nara as a warripr
  • Skreg as a tank
  • Wu Kong as a warrior
  • Queen as a warrior


AFK Arena Tier List B 

  • Isabella as a mage
  • Belinda as a mage
  • Oden as a mage
  • Solise as a mage
  • Shemira as a mage
  • Drez as a ranger
  • Cecilia as a ranger
  • Fawkes as a ranger
  • Respen as a ranger
  • Kelthur as a ranger
  • Thowyn as a ranger
  • Numisus as a supporter
  • Tidus as a ranger
  • Brutus as a tank
  • Peggy as a supporter
  • Hendrik as a tank
  • Estrilda as a warrior
  • Zolrath as a warrior
  • Warek as a warrior


AFK Arena Tier List C 

  • Anoki as a tank
  • Satrana as a mage
  • Raine as a supporter
  • Vurk as a ranger
  • Raku as a ranger
  • Gorvo as a tank
  • Torne as a tank
  • Lucius as a tank
  • Baden as a warrior
  • Ukyo as a warrior
  • Khasos as a warrior


AFK Arena Tier List D 

  • Oscar as a tank
  • Ira as a tank
  • Silvina as an assassin
  • Hogan as a tank


  • Thane as a ranger
  • Angelo
  • Niru as a tank
  • Mirael


  • Ulmus as a tank
  • Seirus as a warrior
  • Rigby as a warrior


Best Heroes in AFK Arena 

We have divided our best heroes according to their classes as follows.


Best Supporters 

  • Tasi


Tasi would be one of the best supporters available on AFK Arena as she has solid damage and healing abilities on the game. There is a 25% bonus damage held by here, which is based on her target's damage while sleeping. The banishment ability of Tasi is sending the highest rate of attack towards the banished states for over four seconds. This power is so much string, especially when it seems few killing targets within the board. The highest level abilities of Tasi are bonking buff and providing her with some powerful defence as an intelligent support character.


  • Rowan


Rowan is super easy to use. When it is level 41 in the game, Rowan is unlocking market stalls by using three health potions, and those are automatically used for restoring 30% of health on the hero after it falls under 50%. He has some passive skills for the team as defensive and healing to go to the offence with Dazzle and Avian assault. You can use his way better within PVE and PVP.


  • Elijah & Lailah


Suppose you are searching for solid energy and frontlines to be used. In that case, these two are the best OP. These two spirits use restorative abilities to return the health and energy to several target allies. Elijah & Lailah are so hard to kill, and they both have temporary defensive abilities to make it harder. These abilities are so challenging to take down as CCing Lailah is causing the other spirits to break them down and gives them a shield. As an overall character, Elijah and Lailah are so helpful for PVP and PVE with several physical combinations of styles with more energy.


Best Rangers 

  • Lucretia


Lucretia will bet the ultimate choice as an Assassin, and her death wish is to isolate the enemies with high attack power. She can lower down the real damage of enemies by 30%, and there are abilities of solid melee on her hellfire and skull abilities. Lucretia works great for any type of position and brings down the most severe damage and utilities for the game.


  • Lyca


Lyca is a powerful single-target hero, and she is an AOE ranger. There is a lot of damage from her rapid arrows and the star shots while making herself so powerful. She makes her allies too powerful by using her fawn haste buff of hers. When you level up more on Lyca, she gets more improved damage modified and will be a great late-game hero to use as a powerhouse.


  • Ezio


Ezio is an ultimate assassin, and he has good working assassination and stealth skills. There is an eagle vision on him to mark each enemy on the battlefield. Every time Ezio hits those enemies with the abilities, he gets an 8% increase of 275 numbers executing range. This means that Ezio is a true mad killing spirit when linked with Ainz or Zaphrael. The defensive skills of Ezio allow him to avoid every attack for over 9 seconds, and this hero would be the best fit for any type of structured team as he can earn a tip spot within the game.


Best Mages 

  • Ainz Oaal Gown


This is a skeleton mage who is channelling significant AOE damage through the battlefields. If Ainz got kicked by enemies, he would be getting more energy. Magic caster will be an excellent primary modifier that deals significant damage to the targets, whether single or multiple. The craziest ability of Ainz is coming from level 41, and it is stunning all the enemies for over four seconds by dealing with 90% of maximum health for every 24 seconds in that period. Overall, this ability is so good, and that is the main reason for taking Ainz as a mage character for any team. He will not need any protection or peel, and he is reliable.


  • Raphael


Raphael is a character that wants to be Zeus, who is slinging lightning at his opponents. There is a combination of Lightning Arc, Purge, and the Thunderstorm, and those all make him a reliable AOE hero in the game.


Best Tankers 

  • Albedo


Albedo is teleporting straights towards the battleground, and she is dealing more AOE damage to his enemies. She is a perfect tank, and if she needs protection on ally from the CC, she will use a teleporting method to the backline and gain a shield through the Black Guard. There is another top AOE ability of her as Shield Lord, and she uses this to jump on the random area surrounded by the enemies.


  • Daimon


Daimon is also another best standard tank to the game. The soul's feast is taking damage from all the allies, and he can't die from the taken ally damage. There is a powerful health stealing ability on him as Blood Shield, and it is proceeding with the ability of soul feat on him. He is stunning the targets for some considerable period, and Daimon is the greatest PVE hero who can manage easily.


Best Warriors 

  • Alna


Alna is lowering the haste of everyone with her allies, but her skill winter war cry is dealing significant damage to the enemies. She supports the team with that winter's Call by lowering the chance of dodge on her enemies' hit on the effects. Alna is a super frontline hero to the game who has some solid disruptions, turning her into a great tank character. You can also use Alna for the PVP contents.


  • Wukong


Wukong is an earth monkey god, and he is taking the core of the game via many game designs. There are clones doing damage, resulting in Wukong disappearing effectively for the offensive defence.


  • Bludgeon


Bludgeon is the greatest hard hitter who has some abilities on single targeting with added AOE skills.


  • Falling Fury


Falling Fury is a champion of haste debuff, and it makes this hero enormous physical damage on AOE. You can use this hero to control your battlefield.



How to get these heroes? Are the rerolls time-wasting? Refer to this Reroll Guide of AFK Arena. 



Here is the end of AFK Arena updated tier list for July. You need to go through every detail of each enemy to find it suitable for your gameplay and make it so much more effective for your game. Get into the best heroes and battle with a proper ready by referring to this tier list.

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