AFK Arena - Best Teams to Progress on June 2021


AFK Arena is one of the best classic RPG games anticipated by most game lovers throughout the world. The world of Esperisa is magical. It will be exciting, and you will have many adventurous experiences there. You will encounter several heroes and several unique factions. Moreover, you can earn worthy rewards easily. 


AFK Arena - Best Teams to Progress on June 2021


In-game, you can create team compositions. Players who have used the team compositions have different preferences and ideas about their successes and failures. It may change from one to another. But, generally, there are few basics that you have to keep in mind while creating team compositions. 


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Team Building


Building the team is the most important thing you should do in the AFK Arena game, and it may go under several journeys. More than 90 unique legendary heroes have been ascended in this game, and they all have amazing combos of skills and talents. There are many factors to be considered out, and it will always be a lot harder to build the team as it should be taken as a complex job.


AFK Arena - Best Teams to Progress on June 2021


To help this whole creation, you need to have the best strategies for the early, mid, and top players to find the end games of the game, and sometimes the best teams created lists. 


So these are the best teams that you can create within the game for the AFK Arena meta. We have divided them according to the different categories of the game like PVE, PVP, Guild Hunt, Twisted Realm, Abyssal Expedition, early, late, and the end game. 


Best Team for the PVE and Campaign


The best teams for the PVE and Campaign Labyrinth, Peaks of Time, King's Tower, Voyage of Wonders are aligned. 


Team 01


  • Top Frontline is dedicated to the Talene
  • Bottom Frontline is for the Rowan
  • Bottom Backline is for the Ezizh
  • The middle backline is for the Mehira
  • Top Backline for the Elijah and Lailah


This is the most potent end and late game team for this version of the game, and they are using the god camps strategy widely. This team is so powerful that Rowan, Elijah, and Lailah have the best recharging skills in the game. So it makes Ezizh be cycling quickly on his skills, and by using his ultimate skills, he is powerfully destroying the enemies. 


AFK Arena - Best Teams to Progress on June 2021


Usually, this is the team that has the highest health regeneration points on the game. This energy regeneration for the team is coming through the boosting powers of Elijah and Lailah, and Rowan. If you want to progress so far into the campaign, we recommend you use this team to be the best for late and end. 


Team 02


  • Eirron for Top Frontline
  • Zolrath for Bottom Frontline
  • Lorsan for Bottom backline
  • Lyca for Middle backline
  • Gwyneth for op backline


This is a bursting team to the game. They are super powerful to be used at the end and late-game PVE and campaigns. The whole team is depending on the enemy stalling, and they are sustaining the battle through enemies. This team is aiming towards the quick bursts for their opposite teams. 


So, as a result of their looking-bursting aims, you will see many bursting heroes in this team like Lorsan and Eironn. Team 02 is always completing each other through their acting abilities, and Gwyneth, Eironn, and Lyca can push the pooling of their enemies close together. As a result, all the heroes on this team will deal with more damage as they are possessed with high AOE skills. 


The composition of this team is using on the Zapharel as well by replacing Gwyneth onto him.


Team 03


  • Elijah and Lailah as the Top Frontline
  • Rowan as the Bottom Frontline
  • Saurus as the Bottom backline
  • Tasi as the Middle backline
  • Lyca as the Top backline


This number three team is revolving around the Saurus and stacked up with him. That is the main reason for having three support heroes on this team, and they are helping a player sustain, boost, and get stacks for the Saurus to deal with severe damage. 


Lyca in this team is also dealing with significant damage as it can bring out the valuable buffs with reduced defense to the game. Bu the main point and the revolving point on this game is the Saurus. 


Best PVP Team


Team 01


  • Elijah and Laila as the Top Frontline
  • Albedo is the Bottom Frontline
  • Ainz Ooal Gown as the Bottom backline
  • Rowan as the Middle backline
  • Ezizh as the Top backline


This team combines robust god comps for the PVE. the main difference between this team and others is their destructive powers. They have the damage from AInz Oaal Gown rather than having healing and crowd controlling abilities as other teams. With Ainz Oaal Gown and Albedo, this team becomes the most potent team that deals with the damage as they are the best damage dealer for the game. 


Albedo will sustain the team for the Ainz as she has a prioritized shield for the Ainz whenever he is on the ground. So Albedo Is a shining star to the whole team composition. When you have this team for your PVP, you can deal with a massive damage output that comes with sustain and crowd controlling. 


Team 02


  • Top Frontline for Arthur
  • Talene as the Bottom Frontline
  • Ainz Oaal Gow as the Bottom Backline
  • Mortas as the Middle backline
  • Albedo as the Top backline


This team revolves around the Ainz, which most of the PVP teams that engage in late and end the game on the AFK arena. This team's primary strategy is to keep Mortas alive to utilize his buff. So basically damage output of the Ainz will boost gradually. 


The rest of the match you are dealing with in this game is to keep Ains alive. So you need to support your whole team on him to healing. Shields and for the damage negations. 


Team 03


  • Alna as Top Frontline
  • Ferael as Bottom Frontline
  • Lucretia as Bottom backline
  • Silas as Middle backline
  • Athalia as Top backline


This team can be identified as the most balanced PVP team to all end and late game. The main point of this game is the Athalia, who is taking down the backline hero enemies. While Athalia does this, other team members support the team, including the healing Support of Silas and the haste boosting of Alna. 


Damage over time skill of the Lucretia can slowly take down the enemies, and Ferael will control the enemies with crowd controlling. This composition is a well-balanced team for the PVP without having dimensional heroes, so any player can build this team either they don't have Albedo or the Ainz Oaal Gown. 


Best Teams on Guild Hunt


Team 01


  • Belinda is a Top frontline
  • Saurus as a Bottom frontline
  • Elijah and Lailah as the Bottom backline
  • Rosaline as the Middle backline
  • Lorsan as the Top backline


AFK Arena - Best Teams to Progress on June 2021

This team can be identified as the strongest guild hunting team in the game. Its prominent bone revolves around Belinda, Saurus, and Rosaline, who are wiping out most of the damages by gaining Support from Rosaline, Elijah, and Lailah. 


Lorsan, in this game, is also dealing with a high amount of damage, but he will not be so much powerful as Saurus, Belinda, or Rosaline. So to make the best out of this team, a player must have the furniture of Belinda that can boost up the damage with Divine Light skill by 30% of the amount.


Team 02


  • Top Frontline for Saurus
  • Rosaline as Bottom Frontline
  • Elijah and Lailah as Bottom backline
  • Mortas as Middle backline
  • Raine as top backline


This is also another powerful team that you can use in the guild hunt, and they will be only second to team 01. This combination shows very similarities to team one, and Saurus becomes the primary damage source in this team, same as team one. Rosaline and Elijah, and Laila will give the needed Support for Saurus. 


Although this shows the similarities on team one, the damage dealers on this team will differ as the damage dealers in this team are replaced by the Raine and Mortas. However, they are both included with great buffs, and they will boost the damage output of Rosaline and Saurus. 


Best Teams on Twisted Realm


Team 01


  • Saurus as the Top Frontline
  • Grezhul as the Bottom Frontline
  • Mehira as the Bottom backline
  • Daimon as the Middle backline
  • Elijah and Lailah as the Top backline


AFK Arena - Best Teams to Progress on June 2021

This team for the twisted realm will be so helpful to deal with the bosses in twisted Realm. The Unhinged, Burning Brute and the Ice Shemeria can be easily defeated with this combination of teams.


The primary damage source on this team is again Saurus, and he will get the Support of Mehira and Elijah, and Lailah. The best utilities, controlling and tankiness will be provided by Daimon and Grezhul. 


Team 02


  • Saurus as the Frontline Top
  • Cecilia as the Bottom Frontline
  • Elijah and Lailah as the Bottom backline
  • Warek as the Middle backline
  • Ezizh as the Top backline


This composition of the game is slightly growing from its popularity these days. The core points of this team are again revolving around Saurus, and he does it with Cecilia this time. To do the deal, Saurus and Cecila are getting Support from Elijah and Lailah. We can name this team as one of the special teams due to the coming of Warek. Warek is not a hero used often, and he will be used for some bosses only. 


Warek is the Bonebreaker to this team, and it can reduce the defense ratings of the enemies by stunning them. When there is a reduction of defense, it can gradually increase the damage your heroes are dealing with enemies, and it becomes a major damage buff to the team.


Ezizh is becoming greatly useful within this team due to his silence. It is more benefitted when dealing with a powerful boss. 


Best Teams on Abyssal Expedition


  • Eironn as the Top Frontline
  • Cecilia as the Bottom Frontline
  • Elijah and Lailah as the Bottom backline
  • Rowan as the Middle backline
  • Lyca as the Top backline


AFK Arena - Best Teams to Progress on June 2021

The core point on this team is Cecilia and Eironn. They are the ones who are bringing down the most significant damage while Rowan and Elijah, and Lailah are spamming the regeneration of energy. 


Lyca can deal with considerable damage to the enemies on this team, but it is somewhat less with her utilities like buffing and defense lowering. Nevertheless, this can be identified as a solid team to the game against bosses. 


Team 02


  • Saurus as the Top Frontline
  • Eironn as the Bottom backline
  • Warek as the Bottom backline
  • Elijah and Lailah as the Middle backline
  • Cecilia as the Top backline


This is another strongest team that you can use in the Abyssal expedition, and there is warek, who uses the indirect damage buff to the team's success. Warek can greatly reduce the enemy defense in the game. 


Here, we have Saurus, Cecilia, and Eironn so that we can score into more damage. Of course, Elijah and Lailah will always be a great selection due to boosting energy regeneration and supporting skills. 


Factors to be considered on Team Building?


You need to consider several key points when building a team to the game as they are highly affecting the team performance. The teams that are performing well in the campaign would not be successful for the Guild Hunt. So there must be several teams, and you need to optimize them to match the gameplay on each stage. 


Here are the main things you need to consider in creating a team for each game stage. 


Hero powers


The individual powers that each hero holds would be important when you decide on a hero to establish with your team. However, the skills and the capabilities of heroes will not be determined by their damage output. Instead, it will be measured on their performances.


Take Rowan as an example. He is the best hero for the game, but he doesn't have an excellent damage output. But Rowan's supportive abilities make him so powerful, and he becomes an S-tier hero due to his usefulness. So Rowan is overall a good hero who is increasing the beating levels of your team as an S-tier hero. 


Additional heroes who can be uses as best as follows.  


  • Talene
  • Daimon
  • Ainz Ooal Gown
  • Eironn
  • Talene 
  • Elijah and Lailah


When there is a need to fill specific roles and positions for teams, you must always go for the top-tier heroes to build up a great team. 


Advantages of the Factions


There are seven factions on the AFK arena as follows.


  • Wilders
  • Lightbearers
  • Graveborns
  • Maulers
  • Hypogeans
  • Celestials
  • Dimensionals


Two buffs make advantages on factions on the game. The first one is based on which factions fight each other, and the second one relies on the team composition fractions. 


Most factions on the game will deal with 25% additional damage while taking some extra damage on a third faction. Some particular sections can deal with 25% damage from the same, and others will only take any from any of the factions. 


This is a showcase that shows how factions are affecting through a faction advantage system.


  • Lightbeares deal with 25% additional damage on Maulers and will take 25% additional damage on Graveborns.


  • Maulers deal with 25% additional damage on Wilders and will take 25% additional damage on Lightbeares.


  • Wilders deals with 25% additional damage on Gravesborns and will take 25% additional damage on Maulers.


  • Graveborns deal with 25% additional damage on Lightbearers and will take 25% additional damage on Wilders.


  • Celestials are dealing with 25% additional damage on Hypogeans and will take 25% additional damage on the same Hypogeans


  • Hypogeans deal with 25% additional damage on Celestials and will take 25% additional damage on Celestials.


  • All the dimensions will not be affected by factions, and they are not dealing with additional damages to any factions. And also, they will not take damage from any factions. 


The damage buffs which a hero gets on this will be a deciding factor to the battle. So you need to keep in mind that the faction composition is something you need to care about more as the enemies when creating a team. 


The second thin on the faction advantages Is the team buff. When the number of heroes within the same faction meets the criteria, every hero will be provided with a buff. These are the different compositions that you have to unlock on each buff. 


  • Three heroes within the same faction will give 10% attack with 10% HP.


  • Three heroes from the same faction and two heroes with another faction on the team will have 15% attack and 15% HP.


  • Four heroes from the same faction will give you a 15% attack with 20% HP.


  • Five heroes from the same faction will give 25% attack with 25% HP.


  • Celestial heroes are considered Graveborn, Mauler, Lightbearer, or Wilder.


  • Hypogean heroes are not affected by the listed compositions, and they will give buffs. These buffs are depending on the team Hypogeans.


Balance of Roles


You need to concern about the roles of your heroes when building a team. Therefore, Tanks and Supporters are the overall classes that players are given, and the actual classes are divided as follows. 


  • Warriors
  • Tanks
  • Supporters
  • Rangers
  • Mage


Rangers and the Mages are the attackers in warriors on the game, and tanks and Support are the support heroes. You need to balance your team within these overall roles. Consider support heroes as they have so many utilities and but if there are only them, they cannot take the damage output within the game. So a team must be balanced. 


Most of the AFK Arena layers tend to take one support hero to their backline middle and one tanker to the Frontline on any position. And also, they take attackers for the remaining places. So that can be considered as a rich team combination. 


Hero Synergizing


Synergy means that your team's heroes complement each other to have a strong output or a powerful combo. The most successful synergies you can use in the game can be identified as follows.


  • Eironn uses active skill in pulling enemies for the Safiya's barrier to reduce the haste and attack of enemies. It can increase the attack rate of the heroes as well. 
  • Hendrik can push frontline enemies to Gwyneth's backline and hit them through Gwyneth's backline arrow attack.
  • Ezizh is silencing enemies on their active skills by taking help from energy regenerating heroes like Rowan and Elija, and Lailah. 


Team Building on Mid and Early Game


The most helpful strategy for team building in the early game is to focus on carrying heroes. The hero you are focusing on will bring your whole team and deal with all the damage on battles throughout the mid and early game. We don't say that other heroes are not important. But most of the time, these heroes have to be focused more on boosting, supporting, or helping the core heroes. 


It is absolutely fine to have one or two heroes who do not do much to the game in the early and mid-game. Players are given a more accessible and progressing time to carry one hero to be focused mainly. You can choose the following heroes in the mid and early games as the best heroes. 


  • Shemira
  • Savera
  • Brutus
  • Saurus
  • Athalia
  • Daimon


Focusing on a carry hero doesn't mean that you don't need to level up other heroes. You have to do it. But remember that the one you choose as a carry hero has to be enriched with more resources. If your carry hero has self-healing skills, it will be a lot helpful for time progressing on the early and mid-game. 


Late and End Game Team Building


Players should not be a focus on single carry heroes in this phase. This is because enemies on these stages are becoming so strong, so you need to be more optimized and robust according to them for the progress. 


To build a strong team, it has to be a team of top-tier heroes, and they have to complement one another with team synergy. So make sure to build your team this way. 


Find top-tier heroes that are synergizing well with the team and the ones who will act as the cores for the team strategies. You should find heroes on the top tier or the heroes who close to the top to add to the team depending on needs. This is a challenging phase and will need some experiments to try with different setups.  


The resonating crystals can be beneficial for trying different heroes on the team without spending time searching for many resources. These are the best here synergies you will see in the game.


  • Eirron and Lorsan with Burst Comp
  • Rowan, Ezizh, Elijah, and Lailah with God comps
  • AInz or Saurus comp for the setup


When a player finds a powerful team composition that works well for them, they will understand that it is effective as the meat is evolving.  


In the end game of AFK Arena, lots of players are similar to the composition teams, and they use the same heroes. So they might have to search many counters on popular setups. So you need other players to find the team's weaknesses on yours and focus more on optimizing. So be ready for a new meta and a team composition as always you can. 


To earn the best heroes with the easiest rerolling, check the Reroll guide AFK Arena. 




The game AFK Arena is an exciting and adventurous game for gamers. The team composition is essential to win the battle successfully. You can create teams as the Endgame PvE team, Endgame PvE alternative teams, and other teams. The members of each team possess unique skills. Their skills can make powerful when they collaborate with the matching and correct substitutes.

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