AFK Arena Best Team Compositions for End Game


Hey, our AFK Arena players? Enjoying the end game? This game has a very tough competition to getting into level 25, and it needs so much effort. So while level 25 is like that, getting into the 30th chapter would be a really difficult task for most of the players, and it is something we feel like we cannot ever do. But for the end game of AFK Arena, you need to get into more than the 30th chapter.  


AFK Arena Best Team Compositions for End Game


So to make it easier for you to push those harder systems without having to test several composition types, you should need some best working team compositing within the end game. So here we bring you up the best-worked teams for the end game, which comes from chapter 30 or up. Team in here have not been organized according to their ranks, and these are the best usable teams that you can use as the best working one.


So let’s start with a download AFK Arena on PC, and we will recognize our best teams.


End Game Best Team Compositions 


In here, all of the players have to be noted that these all teams are based by the hero pools comes on larger pool within players and we are thoroughly advising you to intend on chapter 25 to 30 ranges. These teams will not be the only compositions that are viable, and we share these team compositions to prove the effectiveness of them hold in the game. So these are the recommended heroes that you can use as an effective team of AFK Arena.


Heroes like Wu King will not be included here as they are not building so much to the game, and many players are starting to invest those kinds of heroes first. But they will not be usable for some kind of phase. You need to remember that, Rowan. Talene and Ferael, like heroes, will come within every composition, and those are the heroes a player must need to include in their teams; otherwise, they will not get usable behaviour from any kind of team. So things will be a lot harder for you than normal/

So here we are, starting our best compositions of the team.


Standard Eironn 


AFK Arena Best Team Compositions for End Game


  • Example team – Rowan, Tasi, Safiya, Eironn – Stormsword, Lyca


  • Core - Eironn, Rowan – The Roamer, Tasi


  • Sub DPS - Saurus, Daimon, Oden – Bitterblight, Safiya


  • CC - Tidus – Shadowman, Athalia, Feral, Gorvo – The Indomitable, Nara – Heartcarver, Nemora


  • Utility - Lorsan – Wind Whisperer, Talene, Skriath – The Wise One, Lyca


Overview of the Team 


This team hasn’t been so much evolved within years, but they are utilizing the core included on Tasi, Eironn and the Rowan. This team uses those to have a heavy type of CC as an output to a whole team of enemies, this formation the team is allowing the players which are having a huge focus on the early game, and it is even given a chance for the players who have a much focus vision on the early game to excel their specialities.


The team rest is focusing more on the following up or make in enhance the provided CC within their budget options as at this time, a player’s pool will either be limited. This team is so straightforward so that any player who is making use of this team can utilize it perfectly. If you are a player who is very much concerned about continuous progress for the game and if you need good PVP and PVE content, do not hesitate to use this team combination.


If you are building this team, after you have done the first 4 amounts of wilderness, you have to move onto the grave born.


Requirements for the Team 


You need to aim at both Eironn and Rowan to gain 30 or plus chapters. Rowan has to be first in here. They have to be with a gear on by making Eironn as the core. Tasi in this team is capable of functioning 15 plus signature items, and Lyca is always in a need of gaining 20 plus signature items.


  • This team is the most adaptable in the game, and there is no match that they cannot ever beat.


  • This combination of the team can be defined as the well-defined team to AFK Arena.


  • In here, you will have to gear up this team to make it so much investable for both mage and agility heroes.


  • Some of the matchups will require the option of niche on this team.


Standard Daimon 


AFK Arena Best Team Compositions for End Game


  • Example team - Rowan, Brutus, Ferael, Nara, Daimon 


  • Core - Daimon with Stall


  • Tankiness – Talene, Thoran, _, Brutus, Grezhul, Hendrik


  • CC – Tasi, Eironn – Stormsword, Ferael, Nara, Oden – Bitterblight


  • Utility - Rowan – The Roamer, Silas, Lorsan, Lorsan, Lyca


Overview of the Team 


Graveborn meteoric is rising, and most teams are focusing well around with the Daimon as he is good as a carry, and he is an inevitable hero. This combination of heroes is mostly centred around the ones who are using many faction investments to the option of Graveboon. And those players are using stallier and the disruptive factions to make Daimon enable to carry.


There is no proper form carried by this team, and they are normally built with an equal to the end game team. They are combining with fewer tools and the gears towards the single fights. If you are a player who is targeting to play so hard on PVE focus, you better invest in this team for sure. And also, be sure to use this team when you are depending on random number generators or the random factors for maximum pushing potentials. After you have earned 4 grave borns or faction focuses, you should move towards the Wilders.


Requirements on the Team 


Daimon in here will need 20 plus signature items with a 3/9 amount of furniture. Rowan is always like on 30 or plus several signature items, and we recommend good gears for both of these heroes.


  • This team is so adaptable for anyone, and they are pushing massive types of deficits.


  • They will only hold a few weak matchups in the game.


Remember that this team is facing hard against the Ferael, and they rely massively on random factors.


Reku Mehira Charm 


AFK Arena Best Team Compositions for End Game


  • Example Team - Rowan – The Roamer, Brutus, Raku – The Rascal, Mehira, Daimon – The Forsaken Child


You can replace this team with Daimon, Rosaline, Brutus and Lyca. They are working greatly towards many cases in the game, and Rosaline has to follow up the Mehira.


Overview of the Team 


This team is more like a cycle campaigned team, and here Mehira will use Windbinder to start the battle with 300 of energy. The signature item of the Rowan is also being helpful here with the ultimate of Mehira while Daimon and Raku are finishing off the enemies. This team is so simple, but they are an effective composition that you need to have on the team. They will work best towards the end game with a maximum ability of the Raku.


Requirements on the Team 


Elite with Mehira is enough for her, and daimon and the Raku in here should have at least 30 plus towards the end game. Brutus will not be requiring any type of investment.


Alna Grezhul 


AFK Arena Best Team Compositions for End Game


  • Optimal Team – Alna, Grezhul, Daimon, Silas, Tasi


  • Multi Fights – Alna, Grezhul, Mortas, Ferael, Oden


  • Budget Team – Alna, Grezhul, Tasi, Rowan, Ferael


  • Core Team – Alna, Grezhul


  • Sub DPS - Daimon, Raku, Athalia, Ainz Ooal Gown, Theowyn


  • CC - Nakoruru, Zaphrael, Tasi, Respen, Pippa, Orthros, Oden, Nara, Nara,Mehira, Gorvo, Ezizh – Hellborn, Ferael, Khazard, Mezoth Guide


  • Utility – Numisu, Raine, Rowan, Silas, Talene, Thoran, Elijah & Lailah, Lyca, Mortas


Overview of the Team 


This is the newest type of team for the end game, and they have risen within Alna’s release and Grez’s ultimate power discovery that he holds 9/9. When you make Grezhul immune to the damage and make use of the Alna with 3/9 of furniture on slowing down enemies effectively, his team will always be riding off will always imitate the synergies that two of the heroes will have one for another.


The team rest is generally focusing on the damage output supporting which comes from Grezhul, or they are slowing and CC the enemies. There will be no type of bad matchups within PVE for this team, but massive backline bursts will force more resources to utilize within the team. There is a forcing put of Alna to be as a major priority to this team, and sometimes, this will not be applicable with many stages.


Requirements on the Team 


Alna in here prefers 30 plus or 3/9 amount of furniture, and sometimes some stages may let Alna get with only 3/ furniture. Grezhul is more like to take 20 plus and 9/9 furniture, and as the same, Alna’s 3/9 furniture will be accepted within some specific stages. We can say 30 plus as an overinvestment to Grezhul, and the rest of supports are varying according to the progress yours. But generally, each of the heroes will have their kind of standard to earn success.


  • This is a very powerful team to have a formation of single and multi-battle


  • You will never be falling off to the CH40 + with this team.


  • You will be allowed for utilization from a carry of less standard.


This team is also requiring the highest initial investment to reach success, and they are not so flexible.


Thoran Cheese 


AFK Arena Best Team Compositions for End Game


  • Optimal Team – Talene, Thoran, Lyca, Lorrsan


  • Multi Fights – Throan, Flora, Lorsan, Kelthur, Oden


  • Budget Team – Thirna, Rowan, Ferael


  • Core - Thoran


  • Displacement - Eironn – Stormsword, Athalia, Nara – Heartcarver, Oden – Bitterblight, Pippa – The Muddled Magician, Kelthur – Plaguegrip, Skriath – The Wise One


  • Energy support - Rowan – The Roamer, Ezizh – Hellborn, Lyca, Raine


  • Sub DPS - Flora – The Serene Promise, Kelthur – Plaguegrip, Talene, Lorsan – Wind Whisperer


Overview of the Team 


This team is utilizing the signature items of Thoran as its core purpose, and it will be done with the retaliation and the ultimate ability as well. you are doing this by manipulating all the positions of your enemies who are surrounding the Thoran and with having all of the enemies who are attacking him. So he will be able to counter those enemies with considerable damage.


This team can be identified as the strongest single non-mehira energized team that cycling towards the purposes of the campaign. But they are requiring the highest knowledge of the game on its interactions coming with heroes to make it ensure a great clearance. No matter what happens, this team will never fail off with anything, and there you will see no kind of downside for investing this team into the Thoran. It may be beside on your personal preferences and some of the random factors to the retries.


Some of the problematic heroes like Kelthur and Tasi as the enemies will be handled by using the Ferael or the Flora by triggering into their immunity skills.


Requirements on the Team 


This team will require a signature item for the Thoran, and also it will require him to be within a minimum ascension of Mythic. But usually, Thoran is a minimum ascended hero who has 30 plus signature items that are allowing him to have twice ultimate with immunity for the death. 3/9 furniture of this hero and the 9/9 of effects are more effective onto this strategy.


  • This team is working as a theoretical level of infinite to deficit.


  • They will require only an investment to Thoran.


  • This team is allowing hugely for the RNG success.


  • These team members are not requiring any core heroes like Lyca, Rowan or the Talene.


Note that this team is so much weak for PVP and will be reliant on random factors extremely. This team is weak against the Oden and Ezizh.


Lucretia Cheese 


AFK Arena Best Team Compositions for End Game


  • Optimal team – Brutus, Lucretia, Safiya, Eironn, SKirath


  • Multi Fights – Lucretia, Alna, Lorsan, Lyca, Skreg


  • Budget Team – any of two from Brutus, Lorsan or Lucretia


  • Core – Lucretia – The Betrayed


  • Enablers – Alna – The Frozen Mother, Brutus, Mezoth Guide – The Abysmal Butcher, Hendrik, Skreg, Anoki – The Blood Guard, Skriath – The Wise One, Eironn – Stormsword


  • Energy support – Rowan – The Roamer, Lyca, Ezizh – Hellborn, Raine


  • Sub DPS – Talene, Lorsan – Wind Whisperer, Ferael, Eironn – Stormsword, Athalia


  • Cc - Nara – Heartcarver, Zaphrael – The Righteous, Safiya – Daughter of the Desert, Pippa – The Muddled Magician, Oden – Bitterblight


Overview of the Team 


This can be identified as the strongest composition available in the game, and we are highly suggesting the players strategize Lucretia in hereafter twins on an effective low investment for the 5th formation. For barricading the triggers, it will be so much impactful the power manipulation because it helps Lucretia for that triggering.


The main purpose of this team is to utilize the signature of Lucretia by killing her teammates while offering some small benefits by doing so. This is not like Thorne cheese. In this team, there are no placements of enemy manipulation in need, and instead of that, there is more knowledge of hero matchups.


Lucretia is a hero who has been rising through the stargazing priorities with a rapid speed. She is making more efficient usage for the 5th team on f2p, and she is effective for the spenders alike who are in a need of the 5th team’s based compos factions outside of the team. We do not identify this team as a static team, and it is not also, frankly. Any hero would be subbed in here for success, depending on the knowledge of the game mechanics.


Requirements of the Team 


This team is requiring a minimum of 20 plus signature items for Lucretia, and ideally, it would be 30 plus and 9/9 number of furniture to the game. The rest of this roster will be depending on the investment and the ascension.


  • This team is requiring a heavy investment only to the Lucretia.


  • The team will be capable of clearing with a help of few additional heroes.


  • Lucretia Cheese has the highest RNG success within it.


Note that this team is taking so many slots on stargazing, and they are weak against the high burst damages that happened multiple. Lucretia cheese is taking resources away from other teams of cheese.


Izold Cheese 


AFK Arena Best Team Compositions for End Game


  • Optimal Team – Rowan, Hendrik, Izold, Silas, Ferael


  • Multi Fights – Izold, Hendrik, Silas, Ferael, Nara


  • Budget Team – Brutus, Izold, Lyca, Rowan, Tasi


  • Core – Izold – The Forgotten Champion


  • CC – Fawkes, Ferael, Nakoruru – Nature’s Guardian, Nara – Heartcarver, Nemora, Tasi, Athalia, Zaphrael – The Righteous, Oden – Bitterblight


  • Enablers - Alna – The Frozen Mother, Thoran, Skreg, Silas – The New Graveborn Healer, Pippa – The Muddled Magician, Mezoth Guide – The Abysmal Butcher, Hendrik, Gorvo – The Indomitable, Grezhul


  • Energy support - Mortas – The Insidious, Rowan – The Roamer, Ezizh – Hellborn, Lyca, Raine


Overview of the Team 


Most of the players do not call this team a cheese composition, but yet it is. This is a PVE team that has been soared within the usage lists after releasing the furniture, and there is no doubt that this team is at the top 5 carries on the game. Izold has two main goals as to kill and ulti the enemies, which are included with a summons. These two tasks are allowing Izold to stacked the damage mitigations and making some eventual damage outputs to the enemies.


The team Izold fits into is all revolving around enabling Izol to achieve his primary goals. This hero is not stacking up the passive stacks with the immunity of Alna except on his skills. But this immunity is still allowing Izold to perform initial attacks and give him a hero like Silas or Ferael on time to ramping up the damage mitigations. And also the snowball healing has been offered because if Izold doesn’t have a longer immune, it helps to reduce the abilities of enemies to kill Izold.


Requirements on the Team 


Izold is requiring 30 plus signature items for him that comes with 3/9 effects of furniture. 9/9 is also can be identified as an additional buff of solid on him. All the investments in other heroes will be based on the progression points you earn.


  • This team is so much flexible on to the replacements.


  • Have the highest composition versatility


  • The team is requiring only a little no type of stargazed heroes.


This team is requiring so many investments to the Izold and will be struggled against toe high and anti-heals of bursts.


Facing hard on finding these heroes and their separate skills? Why not trying AFK Arena Tier List?


Gwyneth Composition 


AFK Arena Best Team Compositions for End Game


  • Optimal Team – Arthur, Alna, Ferael, Cecilia, Rosaline,


  • Multi Fights – Arthur, Estrilda, Numisu, Cecilia, Rosaline


  • Budget Team – Brutus, Estrilda, Lorsan, Cecilia, Rosaline


  • Core – Cecilia, Arthur


  • Buffer- Zolrath – The Voidbinder, Lorsan – Wind Whisperer, Rosaline, Numisu, Mortas – The Insidious, Lyca, Raine


  • Protection- Alna – The Frozen Mother, Hendrik, Brutus, Rowan – The Roamer, Cecilia


  • Sub DPS – Ferael, Cecilia, JOKER – Leader of a Few Words, Kren – The Fanatical


  • Cc – Estrilda, Zaphrael – The Righteous, Ukyo – Wandering Swordsman, Khazard – The Frozen Terror, Tidus – Shadowman, Kren – The Fanatical


Overview of the Team 


This team is so simple, and it is utilizing the innate power of the team that is coming from the Gwyneth inside as a format of PVE.


This process is generally done by high levels of investments done to Gwyneth, and there are so many heroes are aimed around her to give her support. Sometimes you may need to utilize this composition as a stationery backline, so Gwyneth is getting the ability to hit three enemies at one time. She uses the lightning arrows and flames to do so, and there will be more pushback on 4 enemies.


This team can be identified as the optimal kind of team which has been based by the light-bearer team, and they are often quieting the random factors with some clear based on arrow random factors. But as a player, you need to remember that this team is falling apart when there is the chapter 35 entrance.


Gwyneth is fall off as an effective carry who is entering into chapter 35. But it does not say that you should not build here as there are more LB weak on that phase. Still, you can build her. Players can still get a decent benefit on this team for using it along with the PVE and PVP.


Requirements on the Team 


Gwyneth will need at least 20 plus, and if it is 25, that would be an ideal number for her. Arthur on this team can be identified as a near staple, and he is enjoying 3 plus signature items with him on the game as a requirement. There are no other things required on this team, but still, if there are Rosaline stars, it would be an advantage.


  • This team is so much burst, and they are punishing the backline stationery.


  • The team is requiring more low levels of investments.


  • This team will never take away the core it sees on the other teams.


There are some of the lack features in this team as they are weak against the displacement and mobile enemy heroes. You will not fit often with the highest power heroes in here because of the narrowed win condition on this team. When you entering into chapter 35, this team will be fallen off.


Skreg Invade 


AFK Arena Best Team Compositions for End Game


  • Optimal Team – Kren, Skreg, Satrana, Tidus, Numisu


  • Multi Fights – Skreg, Kren, Satrana, Athalia, Tasi


  • Budget Team – Skreg, Tidus, Gorvo, Numisu, Saurus


  • Core – Skreg


  • Damage – Antandra – The Desert Fury (New Hero), Zolrath – The Voidbinder, Tidus – Shadowmane, Thane, Saurus – The Risen Warrior, Satrana – Flame Weaver, Athalia, Lucretia – The Betrayed, Flora – The Serene Promise, Drez – The Quicksand Recluse, Kren – The Fanatical


  • Cc – Cecilia, Gorvo – The Indomitable, Orthros – The Seer of Origins, Tasi, Seirus, Zaphrael – The Righteous, Kren – The Fanatical


  • Enabler - Alna – The Frozen Mother, Anoki – The Blood Guard, Numisu, Skriath – The Wise One, Talene


Overview of the Team 


The main goal on this team is for utilizing the high powers of Skreg’s effects of furniture while you are continuously using the high synergy heroes for punishing into the backline of lowest survivability. In here, the smart targeting heroes we see like Satrana and the Tidus will be so much effective in this team. Hendrik, Tasi like enemies and other self-sustaining of enemies and the tank compositions on this team will lead the team to struggle more than normal.


We can say that this team is so much excellent because it is utilizing the lack of other cores, but still, there is a heavy phase for the developments along with the adding like bolstering the power of the Kren. This team sometimes will not be as effective for some chases as others and it will continue until the game added with more synergetic heroes. But there is always teamwork to consider as worthy to have some investments among players.


Requirements on this Team 


There is an urgent requirement for the Skreg furniture in here besides there is a need of a 20 plus with 3/9 investment on Tidus. The rest is going to be varied based on their progression points.


  • Burst the enemies and punishing the backline stationery


  • This team is requiring an investment of low level.


  • This composition is not taking away the core from other teams.


Remember that this team is so much weak against the displacement and mobile enemy heroes. Sometimes you cannot be fit this team with other highest-powered heroes because of the narrowed winning conditions.


Classic Disrupt 


  • Optimal Team – Mezoth, Orthros, Ferael, Zaphrael, Tasi


  • Multi Fights – Mezoth, Wu Kong, Ferael, Nara, Oden


  • Budget Team – Thoran, Wu Kong, Ferael, Nara, Tasi


  • Core- Ferael


  • Cc - Gorvo – The Indomitable, Khazard – The Frozen Terror, Mezoth Guide – The Abysmal Butcher, Nakoruru – Nature’s Guardian, Nara – Heartcarver, Oden – Bitterblight, Orthros – The Seer of Origins, Tasi


  • Sub DPS – Thoran, Wu Kong – The Monkey King, Flora – The Serene Promise, Zaphrael – The Righteous, Zolrath – The Voidbinder, Daimon – The Forsaken Child


  • Enablers - Alna – The Frozen Mother, Rowan – The Roamer, Talene, Silas – The New Graveborn Healer


Overview of the Team 


This team is the most consistent team we see on AFK Arena to be used at the end game, and it is so flexible on any type of end game composition. Usually, this team is utilizing the abilities of CC on tanks like Orthros or Mezoth along with the backlines, which are involving the Nara, Ferale and much more high crowded controlling heroes within the game.


You can’t use this team for every stage because most of the time, it takes the core from others. But it will be simple and efficient for a building around. This team struggles against the compositions where they are ignoring the CC like Tasi or Skreg. Within this team, you don’t have a meta formation. It happens because this composition is always heavily stage based as usual, but the concept is going to have remained as a 5th team on many. Any CC form in this team will take a chance on the team.


Requirements on the Team 


Ferael is mostly like to take 20 plus signature items, and the others in the team will be varied. Their needs are depending on their stats, but some of the highest priority heroes in here, which we use to begin, will prefer more high investments.


  • This team is so much flexible.


  • You can identify this composition as the strongest one to use on the PVP


There are some odd points in here still available as this steam is weak against any of the evasive threats like Flora, Talene, Mezoth, Flora or any kind of CC immune heroes. And also, you can’t expect this team to be consistent as it is low on consistent on the extremely high deficits.


Energy Cycle 


  • Optimal Team – Talene, Rowan, Elijah & Lailah, Mehira, Ezizh


  • Multi Fights – Talene, Rowan, Elijah & Lailah, Mehira, Ezizh


  • Budget Team – Saurus, Rowan, Elijah & Lailah, Tasi, Ezizh


  • Core - Elijah & Lailah – Celestial Twins, Rowan – The Roamer, Ezizh – Hellborn


  • Cc – Tasi, Alna – The Frozen Mother, Ezizh – Hellborn, Fawkes, Ferael, Khazard – The Frozen Terror, Mehira, Mezoth Guide – The Abysmal Butcher, Oden – Bitterblight


  • Sub DPS - Lucretia – The Betrayed, Mortas – The Insidious, Rosaline, Wu Kong – The Monkey King, Ezio (Assassin’s Creed), Albedo – The Pure-White Devil, Daimon – The Forsaken Child


  • Enhanced sustain – Talene, Silas – The New Graveborn Healer, Saurus – The Risen Warrior


Overview of the Team 


This team is a classic staple PVE team and will be used wisely on the end game campaigns and to the King’s tower. We use this through the highest sustain take by the Talene, which have been mixed with Ezizh, Twins and Rowans core energy cycles. This is the team where most of the players seem like an ideal formation to the game as it has the highest flexibility and a formation impact on it.


Sometimes, this team is struggling against the heroes who are building directly on countering the ultimate. These ultimate are belonging to heroes like Oden and Flora, and also there are some struggles to face in CC immune heroes like Skreg. We can’t identify this core as a God Comp as those policies are usually going to be split down into the cycle core of energy. It happens as it is so uncommon on running the full formation that is looking towards the building.


We can identify Rowan, Ezizh and Twins as the real core points of this formation.


Requirements on the Team 


Rowan in here will need 30 plus signature items, and each Cele or hypo will need a minimum of 20. All the other hero investments are be varied depending on their progression points.


  • This team has the highest versatility.


  • All of the primary heroes on this composition are so strong.


  • This team is so much effective on PVP


Note that this team is requiring a moderate ascension on their stargazed heroes. There will be a lot of investments takes in here time-wise.


Ainz Composition 


AFK Arena Best Team Compositions for End Game


  • Optimal Team – Arthur, Albedo, Ainiz, Rowan, Zaphrael


  • Multi Fights – Arthur, Albedo, Ainz, Nara, Ezio,


  • Budget Team – Brutus, Rowan, Ferael, Tasi, Ainz


  • Core – Ainz Ooal Gown – Magic Caster


  • Utility – Hendrik, Brutus, Athalia, Alna – The Frozen Mother, Zaphrael – The Righteous, Ukyo – Wandering Swordsman, Thoran, Tasi, Nara – Heartcarver, Mezoth Guide – The Abysmal Butcher, Ferael


  • Enablers- Ezio (Assassin’s Creed), JOKER – Leader of a Few Words, QUEEN – Courageous Tactician, Nakoruru – Nature’s Guardian, Numisu, Silas – The New Graveborn Healer, Talene, -, Albedo – The Pure-White Devil, Arthur


  • Energy support - Mortas – The Insidious, Rowan – The Roamer, Ezizh – Hellborn, Lyca, Raine


Overview of the Team 


This team is currently the strongest team that can push on the single stages of the entire game. It can beat out to the God comes, and they are beating even to the chest composition variants. These skills are gained by this team due to the Albedi and Ainz immense power, and you can use this composition for both PVP and PVE. This is the team which have been overtaken the Fyn teams as the 5th number of team campaign on the end game.


In here, the game plan will be so much simple with Ainz until he is beginning to ultimate on his skills. And when his The Goal of Life is Death skill activated, he is making enemies half health and make them stunning as his followed ultimate are rich with less health on burn through.


The users of Non-Albedo is still can use the Ainz as their carry, but you can’t see a speed play in him without his damaging buff, and he is more focused on the heavy CC on the teams. This would be the best and single staged core team as Ainz, Albedo and Arthur.


Requirements on the Team 


Albedo and the Ainz will require 30 plus signature items in here, and Ainz will need to invest his furniture by 9/9, which will be heavily prioritized.


  • This team is forever scaling.


  • They are so powerful on PVP


  • This team has the highest flexibility level.


  • You can see this as a most powerful team of single-stage


  • This team is one of the options on anti-flora.


This team is requiring the highest levels of investments on Ainz, and they are heavily vulnerable to the highest levels of bursts.


Burst Composition 


  • Optimal Team – Eironn, Lorsan, Zolrath, Cecilia, Lyca


  • Multi Fights – Eironn, Lorsan, Zolrath, Cecilia, Lyca


  • Budget Team – Eironn, Saurus, Zolrath, Lyca, Lorsan


  • Core – Lyca, Eironn – Stormsword


  • Sub DPS – Cecilia, JOKER – Leader of a Few Words, Kaz, Lorsan – Wind Whisperer, Lucretia – The Betrayed, Raine, Safiya – Daughter of the Desert, Saurus – The Risen Warrior, Zolrath – The Voidbinder


  • CC – Zaphrael – The Righteous, Athalia, Tidus – Shadowmane, Tasi, Orthros – The Seer of Origins, Nakoruru – Nature’s Guardian, Estrilda


  • Tank - Mezoth Guide – The Abysmal Butcher, Brutus, Alna – The Frozen Mother


Overview of the Team 


Burst can be identified as a fast-paced team that is orientating around the wining before it passes 20 seconds. This team formation uses the heroes who have the strongest early damage in the game, and they have to be with CC on chaining the highest damage. These heroes are powerfully controlling the points where enemies are rarely using their skills before their death. This process is mainly done by the use of Lyca and Eironn pairing, and it is bringing out the most amplified haste, which are repositioning the control and tools.


In here, we don’t see Skirath because he is increasing a new team in here instead of burst. When it is the 5 pull compositions, this team may be falling out from the benefits, but it is still useful for PVE meta.


Requirements on the Team 


Eironn in here will need a 30 plus and 3/9 furniture effects on him, and Lyca will require 20 plus and 3/9 effects. But she is also going well with 9/9. all the other heroes in here will have different levels and investments depending on their progression in the game.


  • This team is so much effective within PVP


  • You can easily build this team with a low cost of initial investment.


There are some odd points in here as this team is falling out from the meta, and they are struggling so much into tanky options like Skreg. They face guard in disrupting targets like Kelthur or Tasi.


Five Pull 


AFK Arena Best Team Compositions for End Game


  • Optimal Team – Lyca, Skriath, Safiya, Eironn, Tidus


  • Multi Fights – Gorvo, Tidus, Skriath, Eironn, Safiya


  • Budget Team – Brutus, Rowan, Skriath, Eironn, Lyca


  • Core - Eironn – Stormsword, Skriath – The Wise One


  • Sub DPS- Saurus – The Risen Warrior, Thoran, Drez – The Quicksand Recluse, Flora – The Serene Promise, Cecilia, JOKER – Leader of a Few Words, Lucretia – The Betrayed, Oden – Bitterblight, Satrana – Flame Weaver, Zolrath – The Voidbinder, Khasos, Safiya – Daughter of the Desert


  • CC – Zaphrael – The Righteous, Nemora, Gorvo – The Indomitable, Orthros – The Seer of Origins, Pippa – The Muddled Magician, Tasi, Tidus – Shadowmane, QUEEN – Courageous Tactician


  • Utility - Theowyn – The Wailing Widow, Rowan – The Roamer, Brutus, Wu Kong – The Monkey King, Alna – The Frozen Mother, Anoki – The Blood Guard, Lorsan – Wind Whisperer, Lyca, Mezoth Guide – The Abysmal Butcher


Overview of the Team 


This is the current rising Eironn team, and they are based around utilizing the 3/9 effects on Skirath with Eironn from the back middle to make a pull on all those 5 enemies together. This group is allowing the heroes of high AOE controls and damages to excel in the situations where they occur rarely. This sometimes leaving Eirron to die or make him close to death, but there is protection like Barricade where often occur to negate that part of the effect.


As this team is heavily rising in the meta, you can use it with other carriers like Lucretia and Thoran. So there is high flexibility on teams due to many unique types of winning conditions, and they can be switched among several winning conditions.


Requirements on the Team 


Eirronn in here will need 3 plus and 3/9 effects in furniture. Skriath will not ask anything other than 3/9 furniture, and you can bring him up to 30 plus or leaving him to 0. If you use an exceptional carry for this composition of the team, Eironn would be best as a less investment.


  • This team is so much flexible, and they have a good utility.


  • You will never see this team falling off.


As a disadvantage, you will see that this composition is leaving its heroes expose into heavy bursts, and they are weak against the natural repositioned heroes like Flora and Tasi.


Daimon Composition 


AFK Arena Best Team Compositions for End Game


  • Optimal Team – Alna, Daimon, Ferael, Rowan, Tasi


  • Multi Fights – Mezoth, Brutus, Nara, Ferael. Daimon


  • Budget Team – Brutus, Rowan, Nemora, Nara, Daimon


  • Core – Daimon – The Forsaken Child


  • Tankiness – Thoran, Mezoth Guide – The Abysmal Butcher, Hendrik, Wu Kong – The Monkey King, Alna – The Frozen Mother -, Brutus


  • Cc – Zaphrael – The Righteous, Tasi, Orthros – The Seer of Origins, Eironn – Stormsword, Ezizh – Hellborn, Ferael, Gorvo – The Indomitable, Khazard – The Frozen Terror, Mehira, Nakoruru – Nature’s Guardian, Nemora


  • Utility – Talene, Elijah & Lailah – Celestial Twins, Zolrath – The Voidbinder, Ezio (Assassin’s Creed), Lorsan – Wind Whisperer, Oden – Bitterblight, Silas – The New Graveborn Healer


  • Energy support – Lyca, Rowan – The Roamer, Raine


Overview of the Team 


This Daimon has defined the end game with a PVE meta around himself, and he uses his highest enemy bases scales to push the power points. there is no difference in the end game of Daimon’s use, and if you attempt to enable him, he stacks the blood shields until he is stealing enough of the enemy stats to the snowball for a victory.


Daimon is commonly used in the fewer amounts of Graveborn supporting as they are going well with other carries. But he is using all types of supports as well. Daimon is super strong against the enemies of tanky like Mezoth and Skreg.


Teams of the Daimon are hard or easy to work with few, and it is based on the support you are giving on to him. He is so effective within his to rile for solo carrying. In addition to these all, heroes who are like Ferael, Athalia, Khazard and Silas are returning less total health on enemies. So you need to look at them for longer fights. Try to avoid the Nemora enemy.


Requirements of the Team 


Daimon will need 20 plus and 3/9 furn as his minimum, but some players are underestimating this power as 30, which will give him more uptime on shield and stackability for more total shields contentiously.


  • This team has the highest versatility.


  • There are no bad matchups in here.


  • There will be one of the few options of anti-flora.


Remember that this team is requiring more investments in Daimon, and there are some cases we need the highest levels of random factors.


Khazard Wilders 


AFK Arena Best Team Compositions for End Game


  • Optimal Team – Saurus, Grovo, Khazard, Tasi, Pippa


  • Multi Fights – Gorvo, Talene, Nemora, Mehira, Khazard


  • Budget Team – Saurus, Rowan, Lyca, Tasi, Khazard


  • Core – Khazard – The Frozen Terror, Mehira or Tasi


  • Sub DPS – Wu Kong – The Monkey King, Solise – The Floral Wonder, Zolrath – The Voidbinder, Eironn – Stormsword, Ferael, Flora – The Serene Promise, JOKER – Leader of a Few Words, Kaz, Lyca, Oden – Bitterblight, Saurus – The Risen Warrior


  • CC- Pippa – The Muddled Magician, Athalia, Gorvo – The Indomitable, Nakoruru – Nature’s Guardian, Nara – Heartcarver, Nemora, Orthros – The Seer of Origins


  • Utility – Elijah & Lailah – Celestial Twins, Alna – The Frozen Mother, Ezizh – Hellborn, Mezoth Guide – The Abysmal Butcher, Rowan – The Roamer, Silas – The New Graveborn Healer, Talene


Overview of the Team 


This team has been originated from the Chinese server, and they are rising for the use of western players due to the highest amounts of the CC and lacking core heroes from usual play. This team has been built around the signature of Khazard and utilizing it around them, and with the base, the kit came with the highest impact on the CC heroes. If any team is not having the ability to dive for Khazard, that would be a win for us.


Here, the F2P stargazing is based around a budget version in Spender gazing which is encompassing the PVE and PVP. If you are a player who is focusing more on PVE, it is recommended you gaze at Khazard as early in the second or third than the other priority lists. This is because he is building a team around himself easily. There is no hard on attaining this team just because it is centring on the hypo or Cele. This team is so powerful.


Requirements on the Team 


Khazard in here will need 30 plus with 3/9, and Tasi will need 25 plus with 2/9 furniture. Mehira in here will have functioned at 30 plus.


  • This is working so well on the depicts


  • This team is using more options of nice to save their powerful heroes.


Remember that this team will be split sometimes with other formations, and it is still undefined in the meta.


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AFK Arena Best Team Compositions for End Game




So this is the end of your recommended end game teams, and we are hoping that you will take a good idea of how to make your team. Use the best one according to your needs in the game and make the game so much power to earn a quick success within your end game.

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