AFK Arena | What is the Signature Item Tier List?

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AFK Arena the battle to be happened within fighters to save the world, and it continuously has beautiful artistic features and factions. The characters of this game are dueling with each other with never-ending battles, and they turn up to be the best teams. The tier list of this game is continuously growing with different upgrades and the improvements within them to face the most challenging phases in the game.


AFK Arena | What is the Signature Item Tier List?


When we talk about the tier list, there is another new one as signature item tiers. So what is this means explicitly, and what they do to the game? This guide is for the signature item tier list, and let's find out what this means explicitly in AFK Arena. So join the battle with AFK Arena on PC, and let's start the guide.


What Is the Signature Item Tier List?


This is another category of items available in the game, and heroes coming with this are granted with most robust yet unique bonuses. They were also providing the upgrading for your characters when they were unlocked. The items on this list are available for the heroes who are reaching the Ascended status and those who are at least in the Mythic rarity.


The bonuses and the stats gaining through this are heavily impacting the heroes, so that signature items are massively influencing the game's balance for the later stages you face.


Priority List of 30+




The first and the leading upgrading choice with these items should be the Rowan. Rowan is the strongest hero, and he will own the most critical signature items. If you cannot take the Rowan onto the Mythic, you need to skip on the carry hero.


Main Carry


The main carrying is depending on the hero you choose with the primary current carry. Those choices can be made through Eiron, Daimon, or Ainz. Daimon will only require 20+ scores for a stage fight, and if you choose to be him as your primary carry, it will make sense to upgrade 30+ to his additional skills and the stats.


If your main carry is the Ainz, it is worth upgrading Albedo into 30+.




Sauruswil requires the “Twisted Realm Leaderboards”. This is a powerful Signature item and will be very useful for the game's very aspects. If you can take a mercenary plus on 30 for 


Saurus is eligible for skip upgrading.


Cheese Heroes


Lucretia, Izold, and the Thoran are all the best choices on PVE as they have helpful cheese strats. But make sure to pick one from these three, and the easiest would be the Thoran. Players can skip this part if they do not intend to use the cheese power.


Any Ascended Celepogeans or the Talene h3


If you are lucky to get Any Ascended Celepogeans or the Talene, they are worthy of the 30+ upgrading.


Gwyneth or Arthur


If a player is running comp Gwyneth, it is extremely good with 30+ Arthur. It is advised to use only the lap tokens on Arthur's signature items. Gwyneth only requires to be at 25+. But if you have her in the 30+ state, it will be helpful with Rosaline by following her.




Ferael is a very helpful hero, and he will only be enough with the 20+. But if you want him with 30+, that is also not being a waste on him.




Grezhul is the boss's king, and he will be necessary to the Twisted Realm and the highest levels of AE. Grezhul will need 9/ furniture with him, and mostly this would be an end game choice to the game.


Tier List for the Signature Items


These are the tie heroes for the signature items, and all ratings will be based on the signature item skills' power. So remember, these are not the values from the actual hero from themselves.


S+ Heroes


  • Rowan from 30+ maximum level
  • Daimon from 30+ maximum level
  • Talene from 30+ maximum level
  • Saurus from 30+ maximum level
  • Alna from 30+ maximum level
  • Arthur from 30+ maximum level
  • Lyca from 20+ maximum level
  • Eironn from 30+ maximum level
  • Gwyneth from 25+ maximum level
  • AinzOoal Gown from 30+ maximum level
  • Albedo from 30+ maximum level
  • Ferael from 20+ maximum level
  • Izold from 30+ maximum level
  • Silias from 30+ maximum level
  • Thoran from 30+ maximum level
  • Lucretia from 30+ maximum level
  • Numisu from 15+ maximum level
  • Khazard from 30+ maximum level
  • Pippa from 20+ maximum level


A+ Heroes


  • Vurk from 30+ maximum level
  • Satrana from 30+ maximum level
  • Fawkes from 30+ maximum level
  • Solise from 30+ maximum level
  • Rigby from 30+ maximum level
  • Seirus from 10+ maximum level
  • Antandra from 30+ maximum level
  • Tidus from 30+ maximum level


B+ Heroes


  • Brutus from 20+ maximum level
  • Anoki from 20+ maximum level
  • Ezio from 25+ maximum level
  • Isabella from 10+ maximum level
  • Mortas from 20+ maximum level
  • Gorvo from 20+ maximum level
  • Oscar rom 30+ maximum level
  • Wu Kong from 20+ maximum level
  • Athalia from 30+ maximum level
  • Lucisu from 5+ maximum level
  • Zapharael from 1+ maximum level
  • Drez from 20+ maximum level
  • Hendrik from 10+ maximum level
  • Nakoruru from 30+ maximum level
  • Mezoth from 20+ maximum level
  • Flora from 20+ maximum level
  • Orthros from 30+ maximum level
  • Grezhul from 30+ maximum level
  • Zolrath from 30+ maximum level
  • Kaz from 30+ maximum level
  • Ulmus from 1+ maximum level
  • Mehira from 30+ maximum level
  • Cecilia from 25+ maximum level
  • Theowyn from 30+ maximum level
  • Warek from 1+ maximum level
  • Estrilda from 30+ maximum level
  • Khasos from 30+ maximum level
  • Tasi from 25+ maximum level
  • Torne from 30+ maximum level
  • Nara from 30+ maximum level
  • Thane from 30+ maximum level
  • Oden from 1+ maximum level
  • Skreg from 30+ maximum level
  • Elijah &lailah from 20+ maximum level


C+ Heroes


  • Rosaline from 20+ maximum level
  • Skriath from 30+ maximum level
  • Ezizh from 10+ maximum level
  • Kelthur from 30+ maximum level
  • Safiya from 10+ maximum level
  • Ukyo from 30+ maximum level
  • Lorsan from 20+ maximum level
  • Nemora from 15+ maximum level
  • Beliinda from 30+ maximum level
  • Shemira from 20+ maximum level
  • Raine from 10+ maximum level
  • Baden from 1+ maximum level


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AFK Arena is revolving around the changes, and that is how it makes so much interest towards the players. So this signature item guide is for the players searching for ways to adjust their heroes with the best items, and it is now your chance to give it a try.

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