Three Essential Tips to know about Lords Mobile


Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is a title developed by none other than IGG.COM.


Three Essential Tips to know about Lords Mobile


The game has over 100 Million Installs and a rating of 4.3 on the Google Play Store, and the satisfying part is that you only need android 4.0.3 to run this game on your mobile devices.


Lords Mobile allows you to build your own Kingdom and defend it against other players with four different troop types and six different troop formations. You can also create a team of five heroes (of your choosing) to fight enemies; what else is players can join alliances to become more power within Lords Mobile. Today, you will know how to grow your account in a few simple tips. These tips will help just about anybody.


Make two Accounts:


Start two accounts when you start playing Lords Mobile, and if you are already playing Lords Mobile and have one account, then make another one as soon as possible.


Yes, I know making two accounts does sound crazy but take it like this; your main account will have all the upgrades, and the other account will have only important upgrades, which will help you gather food, gold, etc. It will be like a resource account for you, and whenever you need more resources quickly, you can simply go to the resource account and help your main account from there.


However, handling/running two accounts can be difficult but only for those who don't set a reminder. You will have to set a time and reminder when you need to go to your resource account to do stuff. Slowly build up your resource account, and it will not only help you with resources; it will also help you with wars and attacks.


Three Essential Tips to know about Lords Mobile


Improve Hero Medals:


You need to improve hero medals on two particular heroes, one of being is Trickster. You might want to get Trickster because you want to increase the research speed as much as possible on your main account.


On your smurf/resource account, you ought to be going for whatever resource you are looking for if you are wondering which hero I should pick and how do I know? Well, look in the hero stats, and you will find that every hero has their unique stat bonus to certain resource types, and that's just producing on a better resource as it gets upgraded.


As you go through the hero chapters, you can then start grinding on one hero chapter to continuously upgrade. Now, when you are at Military Tree, you can increase your STA limit with Military Command too.


The main thing is you need to get those reductions on training speed, research speed, and construction speed. However, among these reductions, you might want to focus on Research speed and Construction Speed first. Your gear should reflect that as well, so if you are not gathering at the very beginning, you will lose valuable materials that you will need to upgrade gear.


I recommend you do that because you will need those materials to upgrade the gear. For example, for research, you will have to get Lunar Flutes, and for construction, you will need Sentinels Circlet, but both of these require materials, and the only way for players to grow faster in Lords Mobile is gathering.


Talking about gathering, if you are not sure what you need the most, then go to your workshop and take a look. You will have an idea of what you need first to grow faster.


Three Essential Tips to know about Lords Mobile


Trading Post:


The trading post is one of the buildings that get the least attention until the late game, which is wrong. You are missing a lot of stuff; for example, if you have two accounts, you cannot transfer resources without a trading post, and that's just one simple example.


You might not know that if you give someone resources and they have this gift option, they can gift you 24Hr speedups. So, having a trading post is as much important as playing the game. Stay with people who spend money in the game, and then you trade up with them. You ask for speedups, and you give them a certain amount of desired resources.


So, if you are trading up couple million resources for a one-day shield or any other speedups, then it's worth it. You can always negotiate before trading up to get the better part of the deal. If you are new, then focus on the trading post too and if you are already playing Lords Mobile and your trading post is at a low level, then upgrade it as soon as possible to get all those advantages.


How to avoid scams while trading up?


Now, that's the most important part/tip to know before trading up. Sadly, this is the risk you will have to take, and that's why I recommended trading up with the pay to play players. With pay to play players, your chances of getting scam reduced drastically.


Three Essential Tips to know about Lords Mobile


Think of it like you have made a resource/smurf account, and all that account does is gather and gather all and every type of resource, so what if you got scam once or twice, but if you cannot risk losing resources, then you should not trade up. However, you will need to upgrade your trading post to reduce the amount of tax you pay while helping your main account from the smurf/resource account.




These three tips are the most crucial among all the tips in Lords Mobile. These strategy games require time and attention, and they revolve around gathering and upgrading multiple stuff. However, upgrading stuff randomly can cause a problem for you, whereas upgrading stuff step by step will help you grow faster.


Resource/Farm/Smurf account is one of the essential parts of games like Lords Mobile, Rise of Kingdoms, etc. these farm accounts can help you from time to time, and it also double your resource gathering. Meaning if you are getting a million food on your main account with a smurf account, you will have 2 million food in the same amount of time. Always remember your farm account is for resource gathering only.

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