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Last Shelter: Survival

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Last Shelter: Survival Category: Strategy

Last Updated: 2020-10-10
Size: 231MB
Version: 1.250.158

Play Last Shelter: Survival on PC with LDPlayer

Humanity is in grave danger. The virus is out there and it won’t stop spreading. Many people have now become zombies and you need enough material and resources to survive in a world full of blood and flesh thirsty zombies. As a senior commander, it is your responsibility to gather all of your squad mates in a safe area. 


Play Last Shelter: Survival on PC and MAC with LDPlayer and do everything you need as commander of the survivors in this apocalyptic game full of strategy and challenging situations, from building shelters to tactical combat skills to avoid invasions and thrive in this new world which is now called reality. 


Are you up for a fantastic zombie RPG? You should, because Last Shelter: Survival on PC adds an even more spectacular twist to an already classic formula. Download Last Shelter: Survival on PC with LDPlayer and prove that humanity will prevail.




LDPlayer is a free Android emulator that makes use of virtualization technology and allows you to test the Android operating system on your computer. LDPlayer is one of the best and lightest Android emulators for Windows.


And like any other game, Last Shelter: Survival considers LDPlayer a great companion for PCs. It offers first-class mapping control that gives the player the freedom to create their style of play.


Here’s why you should use LDPlayer for Last Shelter: Survival on PC:


1. Keymapping: Improve your gaming plan with the control of mouse and keyboard.

2. Multi-instance: Create multiple instances to play several games on one computer.

3. Custom Macros: Use exclusive tools to create your scripts and help with your games.

4. Faster Performance: No lags running high-demand Android games on your powerful PC.

5. Higher Graphics: Play featured mobile games with higher graphics quality and a bigger screen.

6. Intuitive Design: Easy to get started with your lightweight LDPlayer.




Here are the lists of operating systems compatible with Last Shelter: Survival on PC:


  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 10
  • macOS Sierra
  • macOS High Sierra
  • Other mac versions




Q: Can I play Last Shelter: Survival on PC?

A: You can play Last Shelter Survival on your desktop, PC or MAC using LDPlayer. This is a free program you can download and use as an Android emulator for your PC/MAC. With LDPlayer, you can run multiple instances of the game in different windows.


Q: Is Last Shelter: Survival free?

A: You usually don’t have to pay anything in this game until at least level 12 or 16.


Q: Can you play the game Last Shelter: Survival offline?

A: No, you must always be online.


Q: How do I install Last Shelter: Survival on PC?

A: Follow these steps:


  1. Download LDPlayer installer on your desktop.
  2. Run the installer and complete the setup.
  3. Open LDPlayer and search Pixel Car Racer on the search bar.
  4. Install the game from LD Store (Or Google Play Store).
  5. Once the installation is completed, click the game icon to launch the game.
  6. Enjoy playing Last Shelter: Survival on your PC with LDPlayer.




  • World War

Fight enemies from around the world, lead your Empire to greatness, and fight to the last man standing.


  • Realistic Graphics

Everything from the units to the maps to the heroes looks very realistic and creates a complete post-apocalyptic experience.


  • Build Your Wasteland Empire

Free City Building, upgrading of facilities, R&D, training warriors &survivors, and recruiting powerful heroes just for the sake of another day to conquer the new world.


  • Hero System

Whether you enjoy attacking enemies from afar, defending at close range or developing your base or farming, there are tons of heroes who can help you with everything.


  • Strategic Gameplay

A set of units simply cannot conquer, Warriors, Shooters, and Vehicles, you have to know yourself and your enemy to walk in this World War Z wilderness.


  • Alliance Warfare

Whether it’s different servers or fighting for the title of the president at home, your alliance will always support you, as long as you find the right people, of course.


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