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Last Updated: 2021-12-16
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Flower Realm is a new type of casual tower defence game that will give you the sacred mission of saving the Flower Realm continent, where you can not only play elaborate tower defence levels, but also train your hero elves and lead various images of elves to guard the mysterious Flower Realm continent! The game's graphics are a combination of 2D and 3D, and the Q-Moong magic style brings players an exquisite and delicate visual experience. The game mainly revolves around unlocking heroes, collecting gold and diamonds, training new heroes, star-raising heroes and clearing maps, etc. The exquisite graphics, cool skills and simple operation allow players to experience the fun of tower defense games.
Game Features
1. Save the Flower Realm
Each area of the Flower Realm has a unique map, and each map has a unique design of the level. Each level will have its own unique way of getting through the game. Find the best spot and summon the best heroes to achieve the perfect level.
2. Hero lineup strategy
Each hero has a unique positioning and skill moves, through the heroes between the moves to trigger a more powerful damage effect. The effects of different moves are different, making each battle a new surprise.
3. Innovative gameplay and changing battles
Challenge the levels, explore the land of flowers, and upgrade your elves with the strongest equipment to meet the coming monsters and give your life to save the land of flowers!
4. Summon a variety of rich achievement eggs
A variety of mysterious ones are waiting for you to summon, come and form your powerful team!

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