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There's so so so many functions, gorgeous designs, and extremely fun combat systems. However, it is also extremely time intensive, and I can't imagine anyone with an occupation, social life, and hobbies playing this. The translations are really off, and it starts becoming overwhelming with just how much there is to do and get and farm, etc. It's a truly complicated game. Beautiful, but I definitely don't wanna spend my time just playing this all day.


I love the game. The graphics are awesome and the lighting elements are also very pleasant. But one thing stutters me and that's the screen, there are so many features on it that I can't really see the graphics. History cannot be fully enjoyed. A change would be great <333 And a question I still have is there any possibility that you can delete a character to create a new one on the same server? That would be all As I said I can recommend any that game.


The game's graphics and customization system are the only good things about it. The maps are designed in a way where you have no actual way of figuring out where to go by yourself. Instead of fixing this by fixing the maps, they just have a button that basically lets the game play itself for you. Any game with a button like that is automatically inferior. Combat isn't engaging and is just button spamming. Story is contrived as all hell and hard to follow. Don't waste your time with this "game".

Dragon Raja on PC is bound to captivate every gamer that loves excitement. It would be a pity to not be able to play this game on a PC. Not to worry, with an emulator like the LDPlayer, you won't miss out on the fun. Dragon Raja on PC gives the gamer an opportunity to experience gaming at its best. The thrill of playing with a keyboard and mouse, larger screen for the maximum visual effects, longer battery life, plus the freedom to upgrade a significant number of features is totally irresistible. This is what the LDPlayer was designed to do.

Best Android Emulator for Dragon Raja
Dragon Raja, like every other game, finds the LDPlayer a good PC companion. LDPlayer offers the best keyboard mapping control experience an Android emulator can give. With the top class mapping control of the LDPlayer, every Dragon Raja player is blessed with the freedom to create their own style. The LDPlayer keyboard mapping icon is located at the sidebar and once clicked, the mapping settings open up in a different window ready for the gamer to exploit according to their advantage and preferences.

All you need to do before choosing the LDPlayer as your choice emulator for Dragon Raja is to test the game on at least three other Android emulators. Apart from the installation speed and ease, Dragon Raja installs perfectly and optimally on the LDPlayer. No feature or content is compromised when the LDPlayer is used, and the game can be further enhanced to amplify its performance. With the help of the PC graphics driver, the graphics quality of Dragon Raja can be further enhanced. All that needs to be done is to ensure that the PC's graphic driver is updated as regularly as possible.

The LDPlayer makes it possible for gamers to log in multiple accounts on the Dragon Raja game. With this feature, new instances can be created and each of these instances can be saved on the computer. The LDPlayer has also been designed to adequately address the issue of emulator lags. With a short tutorial, the LDPlayer had intervened to teach each gamer how to avoid any lags in emulators. A seamless and breathtaking Dragon Raja game is guaranteed with the LDPlayer.  

Recommended PC Requirements for Dragon Raja

CPU: Intel i5 7500 and better
RAM: 8GB and above
Disk Space: Over 100GB
Graphics Driver: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti

7 Benefits of Downloading Dragon Raja on PC

Higher FPS using LDPlayer Android emulator enables you to immerse yourself in the world of Dragon Raja
Better control with keyboard and mouse helps you put up a better fight against your opponent
Play a number of accounts with multiple instances
Higher performance as compared to a mobile device
Great graphics and top-notch animation makes the mysterious oriental martial arts in the game far more enjoyable
Greater experience through larger memory
Stable internet connection to help you design your dream house and save your settings

FAQs about Dragon Raja for PC

Q: How do I increase Dragon Raja graphics quality?
A: To increase the graphics quality of Dragon Raja on PC, you first need to click on the '+' sign on the right side of the screen. Once this is done, you will see the general settings open up to reveal its four parts which will include the graphics option. Click on the graphics option to reveal an array of further options to exploit. Asides the option to turn on the high frame rate, you will find displayed the five graphics quality levels plus a customized quality level feature.

Q: Why is Dragon Raja not working on my LDPlayer emulator?
A: To solve this issue, all you need to do is to copy the diagnostic information from the emulator and send it through Facebook to the LDPlayer official page and you will be sure to receive help.

Dragon Raja Top Features

1. Increase Level
You can empower your character in Dragon Raja by growing through the campaign. As you surmount obstacles, you gain points or ratings and become more invincible and resistant to attack.

2. Mount Upgrade
In Dragon Raja, whether through hoverboards, windgliders, or horses, mounts will always be required to navigate through the city. Mounts can always be upgraded as you progress. Mount upgrades give you an advantage and superior ability to bounce around.

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How to Download and Install Dragon Raja on PC

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