Dragon Raja: Ultimate Tips and Strategies


Dragon Raja is an MMORPG game released in 2019, and after one year, the game is maintaining a rating of 4.2 out of five on Google Play Store and has over one million installs.


Dragon Raja: Ultimate Tips and Strategies


If you have played games like World of Kings and Novoland: The Castle in the Sky, you must know about Archosaur Games and what they present. Dragon Raja is also one of their game, which is available on android and iOS platforms.


Dragon Raja is a role-playing game that brings something different to the table. In the game, you deploy allies as chess pieces to checkmate your opponent on the battlefield (chessboard-like).


Today, we will be explaining a few tips and strategies of Dragon Raja, which you can use to dominate in the game. So, without further ado, let's get started.




Let's start with the characters. There are four classes in the game you can choose from, and in each of those classes, you can choose a Male, Female, or Lolita character.


If you have played and you are a big fan of the multiplayer open world online role-playing games, then you know how important it is to know every class in the game. The same goes for the Dragon Raja classes; before picking any class, you must have useful knowledge about classes and which one to pick. The best way to pick a class is according to your playstyle. However, given-below is the overview of the classes in Dragon Raja.


Blade Master: Blade Master is a melee type class that functions as a tank and damage dealer. It is best to choose this class as it has the most crowd control skills among all classes, and it's best for PvP.


Gunslinger: Gunslinger is a ranged DPS class, and if you want to focus on firepower, you should select this class. It has decent mobility, can set traps, and hide from enemies.


Assassin: Assassin is a pure DPS class with two set skills: Melee and Ranged skills. It has a single attack and AoE skills, which are useful for clearing PvE. If you are interested in PvE, Mobility, and Survivability, this is a suitable class for your playstyle.


Soul Dancer: Soul Dancer is known as a mage support class, and it is the fourth class of Dragon Raja. You can build this class to be mage support or DPS mage. If your playstyle suits damage, survivability, buffs, heals, and crowd control, this mage support/DPS class is the right choice.


Dragon Raja: Ultimate Tips and Strategies


Now, with this information, it will be much easier for you to choose a class. You can fully customize your character's look once you have chosen the class. So, take advantage of this feature and adjust your character's look according to your liking.


Follow the Story:


The next tip is to follow the Story Quest. You might not know this, but Dragon Raja is based on a famous fantasy novel, and because of that, it heavily focused on a story. At the very beginning, you will notice many animated storylines that you can watch or skip, but I would recommend you to watch it to have a better knowledge of the game.


Complete the Events:


You can access the event from Dragon Raja's main screen. In events: you will find Trial, Time-limited, Athletics, Challenge, and Career. In Time Limited, you will have daily tasks that expire and refreshes daily at server reset. In Challenges, you will find weekly tasks to complete within a week.


Both of these tasks give you rewards and experience. Each task you complete during the week counts towards your activity points, which give you rewards for each milestone. In my opinion, you should try to hit the 120 milestones as it gives you a chance to get rare equipment.


Level up Gears:


The next tip is related to leveling up gears. As you progress in the game, you will get equipment drops or purchase equipment packs from the store. I am skipping the part where I tell you which one is important as you might already know that the purple quality gears are the top gears and give the most boost in the game.


Dragon Raja: Ultimate Tips and Strategies


You can randomly obtain gears by opening an equipment pack. Each equipment slot has different dracs that you can unlock. However, consider yourself lucky if you get these dracs.


Lastly, you can enhance your gear to boost your stats. Gears are one of the many ways to increase your damage and other stats in the game. Enhancing gears will also help your progress faster in Dragon Raja. Even though getting Epic Gear is hard but keep in mind sooner or later, it will come.


Pro Tip:


You might know that you can transfer stats from one equipment to another in Dragon Raja, and it's quite a good feature.


Go to your Dragon Raja profile and look for the stats with the M logo beside it to know which stats are good for your class. You can go for that equipment or gear once you know what your class needs.


Dragon Raja: Ultimate Tips and Strategies


Each class has a different element. Blade Master is the Fire element, Gunslinger is the Air element, Assassin is the Earth element, and Soul Dancer is the Water element. Having the right element during a fight will boost your damage and is crucial for you.




With the deep overview, you can easily choose a class; however, if you have chosen a class already and want to change the class, don't worry. In the game, there is an option to change class. So, choose the class wisely in the first place, and if you don't like a class, simply change it whenever you want to from inside the game.


The above-given tips and strategies will help you understand the game better and progress faster than other players. If you want to become the best, I would suggest you follow the story quest and complete every event, task, and quests. Follow these Dragon Raja tips and strategies, especially the Pro-tip, to dominate the game as a free to play player.

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