How to be the Strongest Character in Black Desert Mobile?


How to be the Strongest Character in Black Desert Mobile


Black Desert Mobile is one of the most popular MMORPGs globally and is published by PEARL ABYSS. It lets you play as five unique classes, each with its own unique dynamic skills. Moreover, Black Desert Mobile features stunning visuals alongside an extremely intricate and complex character customization system.


However, the game has a huge skill curve, and it can sometimes be quite daunting and hard to understand what particular aspects of your character you should focus on to improve your Gear Score / CP and have a stronger presence on the server.


Learn Inventory Management:


Inventory Management is always one of the biggest issues in Black Desert Mobile. If you do not manage your inventory properly, there is a high chance that you might be losing items and discarding valuables that can be sold at Auction or will be of use later on as you progress into the game. If this mismanagement keeps happening constantly, you will end up losing out on valuable time, which is of the essence when trying to develop the strongest character you can have.


To counteract this, we recommend that you utilize your alternate account/alt, your storage camps, and horses as well. Usually, you should keep most of your left-over accessories and items you do not wish to discard on one alt and all your crystals on another alternate account.


How to be the Strongest Character in Black Desert Mobile


Putting up items in your alternate accounts helps free up valuable space in your camp for items that are higher in quantity or are heavier than most. Paying attention to the weight of your items is extremely important. The storage found in your Camp does not have a Weight Limit, while characters do. So, exploiting this to your benefit will help you be much more managed in the long run.


Use Your Stones Wisely:


Many players make the mistake of using Stones in the Force Enhancement feature found in Epic Seven as it feels like a quick and easy way to get your Gear Score up and become strong. However, the odds of you succeeding in getting good equipment out of the trade is almost negligible.


Your Stones should only be strictly used for your Awakening your Gear. This is generally the only place you want to use your stones. Never use the force enhancement option as well. Save them till your gear is +40, and then you can use them to make Pristines, which will help you level your gear up a lot quicker.


Always take a look at the Pearl Shop:


How to be the Strongest Character in Black Desert Mobile


The Pearl Shop in Epic Seven now drops World Boss Scrolls, Boss Stamps, Black Stones, and even Resources for your Camp. Some of these items cost silver, while some cost Black Pearls. The World Boss Scrolls cost 15 million silver or 50 Black Pearls, depending on what comes up.


Either way, these are all great deals. You can also refresh the shop ten times per day using Black Pearls. If you are a free-to-play player, we do not recommend refreshing the shop but definitely buy the Scrolls and the Boss Stamps.


Please do not buy any Black Stones as you can get most of them from various events that happen throughout the game. World Boss Stamps cannot be farmed, so we strongly recommend that you never miss out on buying them.


Complete Boss Rushes:


Boss Rushes are pretty much the heart of Black Desert Mobile. Not only are they probably the only PvE areas in the game that are somewhat challenging, but they also offer massive rewards in 4 different areas that make them quite worthwhile.


Boss Rushes offer Black Stones for Weapons and Armor, Silver for equipment and Gear after every 4 Levels. You can expect to complete all of the bosses at about 6000 CP. Some bosses are generally harder as you get closer to the end of Boss Rushes.


Complete all your Events:


The best recommendation we can give regarding the events is to do them all as quickly as possible. You should focus on your five arena matches every day as they offer silver and crystals, all of which help grow your town.


As far as events, Black Desert Online does an excellent job of providing us with helpful events for all types of players. So, you should maximize being in these events and take advantage of all the rewards that come up during these events.


Maximize Your Camp:


In Epic Seven, your Camp must almost always produce Dark Energy whenever you log out or log in to the game. You only have the option of producing Condensed Dark Energy at stacks of 10, so you should always have that going.


How to be the Strongest Character in Black Desert Mobile


Moreover, it would help if you always were producing Breath of Creations and Light in your Dye Workshop to maximize your efficiency and reduce the cost of items you need to buy from the market. You tend always to need these two particular items.


Suppose you maximize your camp, merchant tree, node, and all of your Workshops. In that case, you should be producing enough resources to trade-in for a lot of currency while also negating the cost of materials when upgrading your equipment. Since the Camp can work passively when you are away, you should always vary in production timers.




Black Desert Mobile is one of the best MMORPGs currently available in the Mobile Market. It offers a plethora of content and is one of the only RPGs currently available on Mobile with PvE and PvP content with no emphasis on a particular type.


As the game is meant for a more hardcore audience, some of the quests, missions, and mobs might seem extremely difficult if you do not take the correct approach. However, if you wish to become the strongest character in the game and have a high CP, you have to exhibit a lot of patience and determination, as some of the harder bosses can be quite pesky to deal with.

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