League of Legends: Wild Rift Seraphine Build Guide, Skills Counters, and More!

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Seraphine is one of the Versatile Champions who has recently gained popularity as a result of her incredible enchanting voice. She can also switch between mid-laner and support lane, meaning you can use as a Mid Laner to deal massive damage to your opponent, or you can choose to be Support and help ADC. Seraphine's Ability Power is one of her major skill sets and is a big part of her builds. However, depending on the player's goals on Seraphine. Here's a peek at a detailed overview that may come in handy while using this character.


We'll be talking about everything you need to know about this character. The efficiency with which you can use this character and why Seraphine is one of the most effective champions in the game as of now.


Seraphine Overview:


Seraphine's long-awaited champion, the Starry-Eyed Songstress, has her abilities unveiled in addition to further backstory. Her skills and play style are all about coordination and squad synergy.


Seraphine Title


Seraphine is a squishy character who can provide a lot of impacts, support, and uphold while surrounded by teammates. It is recommended to a total amateur if you play a couple of games with her first to familiarize yourself with her arsenal.


Seraphine is a Zaunite Mage from Piltover, and Riot is actually reworking her lore. She has the power to sense the souls of those around her and use the knowledge to compose symphonies to aid her allies and destroy her foes.


Seraphine can primarily do magic damage and is one of the handiest champions. We rank this champion as moderately difficult to play based on her playstyle. When it comes to playing this Mage in Dragon Lane, we recommend it as an S-Tier choice.


Seraphine Tier:


Placing a character in a tier list has always proven to be a tricky job, but when it comes to Seraphine and her magical abilities that come within, one can easily place her on the B Tier list. Her ability to play multiple roles as a mid-laner and support her to maximum potential enables one to easily place her at the very top of the list.


Her flex pick skill is exceptional, with several regions preferring her as a mid-pick, mage marksman pick, or support. She definitely is one of the very best in the game, being deservedly in B Tier.


Seraphine Class:


Seraphine Class


If we specifically talk about Seraphine class, then it's Mage. A lot of Mid Laner has Mage class because of their ability to deal magic damage. Class does play a role in selecting a champion for a specific lane, but in the end, it depends on you. If you go with a Mage class like Veiger and more, then you have two things: Massive Damage and Squishy Health.


Seraphine Stats:


Stats are one of the most important aspects of the game if you are a Wild Rift player. Seraphine's versatility is one of the abilities that makes her so vital. Her ultimate has a long-range talent shot that can be extended any further if it reaches a target. As a result, her CC ability has always been handy for squad wipeouts. Landing one of them will lead to quick team wipes and follow-up.


Well, the ability of Seraphine to play multi roles as utility mid-laner and support really needs a lot of focus for anyone to use her to maximum potential. Though Seraphine has solid damage numbers but being a utility mid-laner, she is outclassed by her fellow champions in this particular role.


There is no attack that renders her OP and no glitches. Instead, she is now mostly seen as a support character.


Overview of Seraphine's stats are:


  • Damage: High ★★★
  • Toughness: Low ★
  • Utility: High ★★★
  • Difficulty: Low ★


You can also download LOL: Wild Rift on PC to practice Seraphine.




Since Seraphine is considered a support character, she definitely will be having a relatively high HP.


Overview of Seraphine's health is (Level 1-15):


  • Level 1: 530
  • Level 15: 2,000
  • Per Level: 105




Overview of Seraphine’s Mana is (Level 1-15):

  • Level 1: 435
  • Level 15: 1121
  • Per Level:49


Attack Damage:


Overview of Seraphine's Attack Damage is (Level 1-15):


  • Level 1: 52
  • Level 15:103
  • Per Level:3.64


Ability Power:


Ability power is how well your spells can get overtime.


  • Level 1: 14
  • Level 2: 14
  • Per level: 0




Armor is basic defense from attacks. In other words, the more armor you have, the less HP you lose per simple attack strike.


  • Level 1: 30
  • Level 15: 96
  • Per level: 4.71


Magic Resistance:


Only melee champions gain magic resistance per stage, and it always starts at 30. However, there are a few melee champions whose magic resistance does not improve when they level up. Seraphine surely isn't one of them. Her magic resistance increases when she levels up.


Here are Seraphine’s magic resistance stats:


  • Level 1: 30
  • Level 15: 42
  • Per level: 0.86


Attack Speed:


Seraphine is one of the champions surely will have a great attack speed relatively. Her attack speed really comes in handy while she's being used as a utility mid-laner at times.


Overview of Seraphine attack speed is (Level 1-15):


  • Level 1: 0.75
  • Level 15: 0.75
  • Per Level: 0


HP Regen:


  • Level 1: 8
  • Level 15: 16
  • Per Level: 0.57


Mana Regen:


Seraphine being a support character, will surely have a pretty high mana regen. Seraphine has a relatively higher mana regen compared to other characters in-game.


Overview of Seraphine's Mana Regen is (Level 1 – 15):


  • Level 1: 12
  • Level 15: 28
  • Per level: 1.14


Movement Speed:


Seraphine has one of the least movement speed amongst the other champions. Her being support has surely diminished her moving speed.


Her moving speed is (Level 1- 15):


  • Level 1: 453
  • Level 15: 453
  • Per level: 0


You can also compare her stats with LOL: Wild Rift Blitzcrank, as he is also a Support champion.


Seraphine Summoner Spells:


Seraphine Summoner Spells


As of now, you all pretty much know Seraphine and what she is good for. So, it's time to talk about her Summoner Spells. Choosing the right spells according to your lane is of the utmost importance and plays an important role while you go for big plays. Let’s take a look at what Summoner Spells you can choose for her:




As a Mid Laner, Seraphine needs to have Ignite. Ignite allows her to deal extra damage to the enemy, and it's pretty useful in the early game. Ignite also deals damage over time, so you have a good chance of getting a kill when you use it on a champion with low HP.




No matter which role you are playing in LOL: Wild Rift, you must need Flash. Flash is the only constant and important summoner spell, which you can't replace. If you replace Flash, then there is a high chance that you will not be able to chase your enemies or back off from a fight.




Barrier is great into all in bot lanes. Since Seraphine is immobile, she will usually be the kill target, and Barrier gives that extra HP to make sure you survive the likes of a Nautilus hook.




Exhaust is really a scenario-based spell, and not a lot of players use it. However, if you are having trouble facing champions like Yasuo in Mid Lane, then you can choose Exhaust.


Seraphine Rune Guide and Builds:


Everyone can see your build in the game, including your enemies, but Rune is one of those things which no one can see. Runes are your secret power behind every powerful attack you are going to make, so select wisely and give it a proper read, understand it first and then go for it. There are multiple Rune Builds for Seraphine, and we will try to give you a good idea according to lane preference. Below you will find details about Seraphine Rune and their specifications.


Seraphine Support Rune Build 1:


  • Electrocute – Gives your attacks even more damage. It’s the go-to rune when you want to whomp fools.
  • Brutal – Even more damage. This one also gives you extra penetration as well, letting your damage get through.
  • Spirit Walker – With this, you’ll get a little boost to your HP and some added slow resistance.
  • Sweet Tooth – This grants you a boost to your gold and the HP you gain by eating Honeyfruits.


Seraphine Support Rune Build 2:


  • Summon Aery – attacks and abilities send Aery to the target, and it will deal bonus damage or shield allies near it.
  • Weakness – Enemies you crowd-controlled will receive bonus damage from you and your allies.
  • Loyalty – Grants additional dual resistance to you and an ally near you.
  • Pack Hunter – Increases your movement speed when near an ally. Unique takedowns grant additional gold to you and a unique ally as well.


Seraphine Support Rune Build 3:


You can go for this Rune Build as a support to further increase your Manaflow:


  • Summon Aery
  • Weakness
  • Loyalty
  • Manaflow Band


Seraphine Mid Lane Rune Build 1:


Seraphine Mid Lane rune build is somewhat similar to Support Rune Build 1 & 2, except; you will be using:


  • Electrocute
  • Weakness
  • Spirit Walker
  • Manaflow Band – Manaflow Band provides you extra mana when you hit enemy champions. The rune synergies pretty well with Muramana's passive.


Seraphine Item Build


Seraphine Item Guide and Builds:


Item Build is what makes your champion powerful or tanky and, in Seraphine's case, the best Support and Mid Lane champion. Below are some of the Seraphine Builds you can use while playing LOL: Wild Rift on PC :


Seraphine Item Build 1 – BURST POPSTAR:


Seraphine's standard build in the mid lane focuses on increasing her cooldown reduction and then her damage output.


  • Luden’s Echo – Grants additional burst damage thanks to the Discordic Echo passive, which adds bonus magic damage to your spells.
  • Awakened Soulstealer – This is the best cooldown reduction item, and its unique passive, Soul Charge, reduces your ultimate's cooldown for each unique passive, and it can exceed the cooldown reduction cap through this.
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity – This puts your cooldown reduction to its maximum amount of 40%. Upgrade with the Locket Enchant or Shadows enchant if you want to have the effects it can give in combination with your skills. Otherwise, upgrade with the Stasis Enchant to counter burst damage champions or the Quicksilver Enchant to counter crowd controls.
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap – Provides the highest possible amount of AP an item can give. Your damage will skyrocket after obtaining this item.
  • Rylai’s Crystal Scepter – Grants HP and AP and a slowing effect to all your damaging abilities, which synergizes well with Beat Drop.
  • Void Staff – Punish those who stack magic resist against you with this item that provides the highest amount of magic penetration.


Seraphine Item Build 2 – BACKUP SINGER:


This is the item build for support Seraphine, which boosts her defensive utilities.


  • Harmonic Echo – Adds an additional healing effect to your W, Surround Sound.
  • Ardent Censer – Buffs your allies by providing an attack speed bonus and bonus magic damage on their attacks whenever you cast W, Surround Sound.
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity
  • Rylai’s Crystal Scepter
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap
  • Void Staff


Seraphine Item Build 3:


This build is similar to Seraphine’s Backup Singer Item Build except:


  • Protector’s View–Raise your Guard when next to an allied champion. If you or your ally take damage from a champion, monster, or turret, both of you receive a 125 (+ 20% bonus health) (+ 15% AP) shield and 20% bonus movement speed for 1.5 seconds (30 seconds cooldown).


+350 Max Health

+40 Armor

+10 Ability Haste


  • Athene’s Unholy Grail – Stores 35% of pre mitigation damage dealt with champions as Blood, capped at 110-250. Healing or shielding an ally consumes all Blood to heal them for an equal value.


+55 Ability Power

+40 Magic Resistance

+10 Ability Haste


  • Redeeming Enchant – (Active): Reveal a position, and after 2.5 seconds, a beam of light heals allies by 25-375, while enemies take 10% of their max health as true damage. Minions and monsters take 250 damage instead. (60s cooldown).


The redemption heal effect is reduced by 50% if the target has been affected by another Redemption in the last 20 seconds.


Best Item Build Vs. AD Assassin Champions:


You can build the following items against AD Assassins as a Support:


  • Protector’s Vow
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity
  • Harmonic Echo
  • Ardent Censer
  • Athene’s Unholy Grail
  • Randuin’s Omen –Armored: Reduces damage from Critical Strikes by 15%.

Cold Steel: Reduce the Attack Speed of enemies by 15% for 1.5 seconds when struck by an attack.

+400 Max Health

+55 Armor


  • Locket Enchant – (Active): Shield yourself and all nearby allied champions from 70-420 damage (45+ Level) for 2.5 seconds. (60s cooldown).

The locket shield effect is reduced by 50% if the target has been affected by another Locket in the last 20 seconds.


Seraphine Item Build


Best Item Build Vs. AP Champions:


The following is the Seraphine build against AP Champions:


  • Athene's Unholy Grail
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity
  • Protector's Vow
  • Harmonic Echo
  • Ardent Censer
  • Lich Bane– Spellblade: Using an ability causes the next attack used within 10 seconds to deal bonus magic damage equal to 75% base +50% (1.5s Cooldown)

Bane: +5% Move Speed.

  • Locket Enchant


Best Item Build Vs. Tank Champions:


  • Harmonic Echo
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity
  • Ardent Censer
  • Liandry's Torment – Madness: Being in combat with enemy champions generates one stack every second for the next 4 seconds. Deal 2% increased damage for each stack, up to a maximum of 10%.

Torment: Ability damage deals 1% of an enemy's max health as bonus magic damage over 3 seconds. This damage doubles if they are slowed or immobilized.

  • Protector's Vow
  • Athene's Unholy Grail
  • Redeeming Enchant


Best Item Build as a Mid Laner:


  • Luden's Echo
  • Gluttonous Greaves
  • Morellonomicon
  • Infinity Orb
  • Rabadon's Deathcap
  • Void Staff
  • Stasis Enchant


Best Item Build VS AD / AP Assassin Champions:


  • Archangel's Staff
  • Gluttonous Greaves
  • Morellonomicon
  • Infinity Orb
  • Rabadon's Deathcap
  • Void Staff
  • Stasis Enchant


Best Item Build VS Tank Champions:


  • Archangel's Staff
  • Gluttonous Greaves
  • Liandry's Torment
  • Infinity Orb
  • Rabadon's Deathcap
  • Void Staff
  • Stasis Enchant


The above given are some of the best builds you can use a Mid Laner on Seraphine. Keep in mind, item preference changes with every new patch, and we will try to keep it updated. You can also check out our guide on LOL: Wild Rift – How to farm efficiently as a Mid Laner.


Seraphine Skill Introduction:


Seraphine Skills


Skills knowledge is quite important before choosing a player for your next match. Skills are what defines combos and how you will be able to tackle your opponent. Imagine playing a champion, and you don't know how it works or how his/her skills make an impact in the game. This is why we have brought your Skill Introduction and Analysis.


Stage Presence – Passive Ability:


Echo: Every third basic ability cast will echo, casting it again.

Harmony: Casting an ability grants a Note to nearby allies for 5 seconds.

For each Note.

Seraphine's next attack gains 0.3 Attack Range and deals an additional (4+ 4% of AP).


High Note –First Active Ability:


Deals 62 Magic Damage (55+ 50% of AP) in the target area, increased by 0% - 50% with the enemies' missing health.

Reaches maximum damage when the target is below 25% Health.

  • Cooldown: 11 / 9 / 7 / 5
  • Cost: 60 / 65 / 70 / 75
  • Base Damage: 55 / 70 / 85 / 100


Surround Sound – Second Active Ability:


Shields all nearby ally champions for 66 damage (60+ 40% of AP) for 2.5 seconds and grant them 20% Movement Speed for 2.5 seconds.

If Seraphine is already shielded, nearby allies are healed for 5.13% of their missing health (5+ 0.13% of AP), increased by 50% for each ally.

  • Cooldown: 23 / 20 / 17 / 14
  • Cost: 40 / 60 / 80 / 100
  • Shield: 60 / 80 / 100 / 120


Beat Drop – Third Active Ability:


Deals 67 Magic Damage (60+ 50% of AP) to enemies and slows them by 99% for 1 second.

If the enemy is already slowed, they are rooted instead. If they are rooted, they are sunned.

  • Cooldown: 12 / 11 / 10 / 9
  • Cost: 60 / 70 / 80 / 90
  • Base Damage: 60 / 90 / 120 / 150


Encore – Ultimate Ability:


Deals 160 Magic Damage (150+ 70% of AP) to enemies and charms and slows them by 40% for 1 second. Spell extends when it touches an ally or enemy champion.


Seraphine Abilities Analysis:


Stage Presence (Passive): Seraphine passive consists of two parts. The first and most important is that every 3rd ability cast is double-cast (echoed). You can keep track of this by the bars under her nameplate. Every time it gets to the pink bar, then her next cast is echoed.


Seraphine Skills Analysis


The second part is when she casts an ability, she gets notes. If she casts spells near allies, she gets an extra note per ally. These notes increase her range and next auto-attack damage.


High Note:


High Note is just a basic projectile that lands and does damage to enemies caught in the explosion. This spell is also an executive and does more damage based on how low the enemy is. This spell has a huge blast radius, and combo's with Arcane Comet can be good for face checking brushes.


Surround Sound:


Surround Sound is an AoE shield and speed boost for your team. If you are already shielded, then Surround Sound will cast an AoE heal for your team. This heal is increased by how low your teammates are and how many teammates are around you. The main combo for this is to echo cast W for an AoE shield, heal and speed boost.


Beat Drop:


Beat Drop is slow that Seraphine shoots. If the target is already slowed, then Beat Drop roots, and if the target is already rooted, then it stuns. This is your bread-and-butter spell, and you should try and echo cast it when possible. On a non-slowed target, this will slow then root on an echo, and on a slowed target, an echo cast will root then stun.


A note is that you can buffer this spell. That means you can cast Beat Drop then flash after to make it harder to dodge.




Seraphines ultimate Encore basically shots a massive charm away from her. Every time it hits an ally or enemy, its range is extended. This means you can position yourself behind your allies to snipe enemies with your ult in a team fight scenario.


Two notes for Encore. One is that it has a buffer so you can start the Encore cast then flash after to make it harder to dodge. The second Note is that the charm counts as slow. This means you can ult then echo cast Beat Drop to root and stun all enemies hit!


Best Seraphine Combos:


You could say that Seraphine has quite a few combos. The reasoning behind that is that it's not always easy to land her full combo since the area can be quite difficult to pinpoint all the time.

Also, since she has good synergy with other allies that slow or immobilizes enemy champions, you need to know when to cast her Skill 3 and whether you need it empowered. 


Seraphine Combo 1:


High Note –> Beat Drop –> Surround Sound

This combo is the best for supports or in team fights, but it's also the longest one. The shield cooldown is the longest out of all three skills, so you should always use it only when necessary and not to proc the passive. Also, never use the shield as a random skill for charging the double-cast-it's almost never worth it.


Seraphine Combo 2:


High Note–> Beat Drop–> High Note

The cooldown of Skill 1 is fairly low, so you can use it twice in fairly quick succession for the double cast.


Seraphine Combo 3:


Surround Sound–> High Note –> Beat Drop

This is one of the very few times when you can start your combo with Skill 2 because if you're aiming for double-cast Skill 3, you aim to root or stun the enemies. Therefore, chances are you won't need a shield right away to mitigate damage, and you'll have it right back in about 8-10 seconds.


Seraphine Combo 3:


Beat Drop –> High Note –> Beat Drop

This is not a super-duper combo per se, but rather a skill cast that will be useful in most situations. The first Skill 3 cast will slow the enemies down, while the second one will root them for a second. While they're rooted, you can then quickly use Skill 1 to poke them in the lane.


Seraphine Combo 4:


High Note –> Surround Sound –> Beat Drop –> Encore

If you start it at 0 stacks, this combo will double-cast skill 3 and root them in place. You can then use your ultimate (Skill 4) to charm the enemies. This combo is extremely useful in team fights.


Seraphine Combo 5:


Flash –> Encore –>Beat Drop –> High Note

If you're looking for a flashy skill combo that features the element of surprise, you can maximize it by using Flash (in front of the enemies), then quickly stun them by using Skill 3, and lastly, use Skill 1 for additional damage. If you want to, you can even auto-attack an enemy to proc the passive notes for extra damage.


Seraphine Skill Progression:


Seraphine Skill Progression


Skill progression plays a vital role when it comes to dominating your lane, and in Seraphine, it comes handy being support too. Upgrading the right skill at the right level is quite important and makes a huge unseen difference. So, let's take a look at Seraphine Skill Progression.


Seraphine Mid Lane Skill Progression:


  • High Note – First Active Ability: 1 – 4 – 6 – 11
  • Surround Sound – Second Active Ability: 3 -8 – 10 – 14
  • Beat Drop – Third Active Ability: 2 – 7 – 12 – 15
  • Encore – Ultimate Ability: 5 – 9 – 13


High Note is maxed first as it is Seraphine’s main source of damage. Beat Drop is maxed second to scale its damage and cooldown. Lastly, Surround Sound is maxed last. Although, if you feel that your team is often dying, it might be better to prioritize Surround Sound for the additional sustain. Get the point in your ultimate whenever possible. Keep your focus on leveling up your Hight Note until it's maxed, and then focus on your Beat Drop and Surround Sound. Your 5 – 9 – 13 should always go to your ultimate skills.


Seraphine Support Skill Progression:


  • High Note – First Active Ability: 1 – 8 – 11 – 12
  • Surround Sound – Second Active Ability: 2– 4 – 6 – 7
  • Beat Drop – Third Active Ability: 3 – 10 – 14 – 15
  • Encore – Ultimate Ability: 5 – 9 – 13


Keep leveling up Surround Sound until its max and then focus on High Note and Beat Drop. While doing that, do not forget to add points to your ultimate skills.


Seraphine Pros and Cons:


Seraphine is a versatile champion in LOL: Wild Rift and can play two lanes, as we have mentioned before. So, let's take a look at her pros and cons to having a better idea of ​​where she shines the most:


Seraphine Support Pros:


  • + Great Peel/Engage
  • + Decent base damage
  • + Good CC
  • + Lane bully
  • + Extremely high range
  • + Provides team utility as a mage.


Seraphine is getting a lot of heat on release for not being good support. But many players disagree with this fact because she has a great range that allows you to stay safe and allows great team utility. Try to stay out of a vision to snipe Encore roots on people. It is easy to dodge when the enemy sees it coming! She has great team utility with the shield speed boost on Surround Sound. On top of this, she is a lane bully who can poke out the enemy.


Seraphine Support Cons:


  • – Squishy
  • – Slow-moving easy to dodge spells
  • – Really low base move speed
  • – Early mana issues
  • – Immobile
  • – No real hard cc unless ally has a slow


The biggest weakness of Seraphine is she is kind of clunky. Meaning she has low base move speed with no dashes to dodge spells, and her abilities are super slow-moving and can be dodged by great players. In the early game, players have found that Biscuit Delivery has been mandatory to help with her mana issues before Manaflow Band is stacked. Finally, unless you have an echo Beat Drop, she has no CC till 6 and relies on allies to slow enemies first.


Seraphine Mid Lane Pros:


  • Seraphine is a simple champion that is fairly easy to learn but can provide lots of utility and damage for her team.
  • She has extremely long-range, and all her abilities are AoE abilities that are fairly easy to hit.
  • She provides both offensive utility from her slow, root, stun, and charm. And she also has defensive utility in the form of shielding, healing, and increasing movement speed.
  • Free music!


Seraphine Mid Lane Cons:


  • Seraphine excels in long-range fights, so when enemies get close, she becomes really vulnerable because she has low HP and no mobility abilities.
  • She requires good positioning, and if her teammates do not know how to position themselves in team fights, she suffers as well.


Seraphine Early Game:


At the very start of the game, immediately upgrade your Beat Drop, cast it, and wait until the cooldown to cast it again. Unless you are leashing your jungler, you will have time to cast your Beat Drop twice, so your next one is empowered, and you will arrive lane with your next skill being empowered.


During the laning phase, don't be afraid to poke. However, also respect your ADC and spectate what they are doing: do they want your lane to push towards your tower, do they want to slow push, or do they want to fast push? It depends on the elo you're in, but in any case, try to poke using Seraphine's High Note and Beat Drop while avoiding hitting the minions and stealing your ADC's gold. You are a support who needs fewer items than your ADC, and to make up for having less gold in the early game; you have high base stats. Seraphine is an arguably overpowered pick into a large majority of the matchups because she is a mage built for mid-lane, trying hard to be a support. She can do fine with little items but also does too well without them.


If your skills are down, don't hesitate to use your auto attacks to poke the enemy champions. When the enemy ADC is leaning in for CS, about to last hit a minion, respond by attacking them but not leaning too close you draw minion aggro after the attack. This is a good tactic to proc your Summon Aery easily. The enemy ADC will have to pick between the last hitting for the gold or taking harass, and eventually, you will wear them down that they are too scared to walk up for CS. This is a guaranteed way to easily win and carry your lane if you do this effectively.


Remember toward the brushes leading into the river around the two-minute mark if the enemy jungler starts at the opposite side. If they start near your side, it is unlikely they will gank you since the optimal jungling route is for you to clear the camps on one side and go onto the other. Therefore, if the start on your side, ward the brush at three minutes. If you are unsure of where the jungler starts, ward the brush at two minutes or even earlier if you have a feeling they are going to gank you soon. The deeper the ward, the better, but don't die for a single yellow ward.


Early game, you should not roam too much on Seraphine for the following three reasons:


  • First, she has really low base move speed, so it's not very efficient, and you might not be able to get back to your lane in time for your ADC.
  • The second reason is she is very immobile and squishy, so if you happen to run into the enemy jungle, you are probably dead.
  • The third reason is her Beat Drop; it is super easy to dodge from side angles, making it hard to actually get kills off of ganks in the first place.


In general, Seraphine is the queen on team fights, and you should just stick to your ADC and let your ADC farm bottom lane while you poke and wait till mid-game when the real action starts.


Seraphine Mid game:


Seraphine Mid Game


Once the mid-game hits, you want to stay near mid at all times so you can rotate to teammates that need help. Since her Beat Drop is such a long-range spell, you want to sit out of vision somewhere safe and try to snipe people. Shooting skills shots from the fog of war will make it harder to dodge.


In the mid-game, remember to buy the red ward. Two people on one team should be the jungler, and the other, either the support or mid-lane, should have a red ward after the early game. Have the initiative to get the red ward yourself if nobody on your team has it because it is the only item that can negate vision from the enemy team and help you secure objectives or plan out ambushes with your team.


Use your ultimate sparingly. Your ultimate can singlehandedly win fights or even win games. At this point, the laning phase should almost be or already be over. Look to roam to other lanes, help push or help get picks, and focus on clearing major objectives such as drake, baron, and ask your jungler if you can have the blue buff if you are having mana problems.


Your role in team fights is to shield your team and protect your ADC, to initiate team fights, to CC, and provide damage. If your ADC is undeniably behind, ditch them and accompany someone else in your more fed team or has more expertise than your ADC. Make sure you always have your empowered passive up, and when walking back from recalling, use your skills along the way. Use your shield for the speed buff when walking back—every second matter.


Keep your eye on the map, and don't group too much in one lane or area. If no fights are happening and the game is at a stalemate, ask yourself: how can I maximize my income, and how can I put myself in the lead? This might be clearing jungle camps, pinging to go to an empty lane, preparing to secure an objective, et cetera. However, as a support, you can't go willy nilly on your own. If your team decides to ARAM and go mid for no reason and share experience and gold together, instead of going literally top or bottom where there's nobody, and there's a large minion wave that is free gold, don't go on your own. Your absence in a team fight may or may not lose the game; unless your team is being really silly, then, by all means, do your own thing, go bot and get that cash, gurl.


Seraphine Late Game:


At this point, everyone is on equal footing, where everyone has nearly the same amount of gold, and everyone is on the same level. The game feels like a fluctuating stalemate, where the lead is going to nobody. How can you win and finally put this game to rest?


Check: Itemization, is it optimal, or can I sell and build something else that is better for their team comp? Check: Do you have a vision around the objectives? Check: do you know where the enemy is and where they are concentrated? If the enemy is all mid and nobody is bot or top, encourage your team for only three to defend mid and split push bot or top. Three or even two powerful wave clearers are usually enough to fend off the minion wave. In the late game, you should be making sure your minion waves are all pushed out and making sure you pick the right fights.


At this point, the late game is up to your own wits. If the enemy team is fed, stall and get gold. Don't mindlessly start fights you can't win for no reason or fight in the enemy jungle. Keep track of death timers: is their ADC or their damage dealer dead? Is their jungler dead, and can we start baron or drake? Is their jungler on the other side of the map visibly pushing the lane?


For Seraphine specifically, her saving grace is her ultimate in the late game. To start or finish fights from a safe distance. Stick near your ADC and poke the enemy down. At this point, Seraphine is arguably at her weakest or her strongest - it's more of a coinflip dependent on the enemy champions you're fighting.


In general, try to avoid being alone because you suck by yourself on Seraphine. Your sole purpose is to buff your teammates and use them to hit ultimate's. As a Seraphine in the late or early game, you should not leave your ADC alone because it is your job to sacrifice yourself when the time comes to save your ADC or divert enemy damage to yourself.


Seraphine Matchups (Synergies, Counter Champions, Strong & Weak Against):


Every champion has synergies, matchups, and counters while being strong against some champions and weak against some. Seraphine isn’t any different; therefore, she is also weak against some champions and strong against some, which we will be discussing below:


Seraphine Synergies:


Seraphine’s Marksman Partner allows them to gain the most benefit partnering with Seraphine. Some of the best Seraphine’s Marksman Partners are as follows:


LOL: Wild Rift Vayne


Vayne – Vayne has a high damage burst, so Seraphine’s Beat Drop benefits her fast attack speed.


Ezreal – Ezreal has very high damage output and insanely fast attack speed, so Seraphine’s Beat Drop gives more time for him to do damage.


Jinx – Jinx is also the best choice to use with Seraphine because of her abilities and massive damage. Seraphine's abilities enhance Jinx's overall damage and attack speed and not to forget the healing it provides, which obviously saves the life of an ADC.


Draven –Draven has huge damage with his Spinning Axe ability. Seraphine’s Beat Drop gives him more time to lane his skill on enemies.


Kai'Sa – Kai'Sa has fast Icathian Rain, and Killer Instinct makes her catch up when Seraphine Encore Charming enemies.


Varus – Seraphine Encore Charming enemies make him easy on the lane. His Piercing arrow and Hail of Arrows are also two of those reasons which make Seraphine the best partner for him.


Ashe – Ashe's Frost Shot constantly slows down enemies, so your Beat Drop will always root and stun your enemies. They are also perfect lane partners as they are both long-range champions who can damage enemies and farm safely from a distance.


Jhin – Using Jhin abilities Curtain Call or auto-attack when enemies get hit by Seraphine’s Beat Drop.


Miss Fortune – Forget Lux, Seraphine is the best partner to Miss Fortune right now. Both are able to pry an enemy easily thanks to their long-range and easy-to-activate skill set.  Seraphine's ultimate is a powerful tool that keeps enemies from escaping the storm of bullets when combined with Miss Fortune's ultimate.


Seraphine and Miss Fortune


Tristana –Seraphine’s Beat Drop givesTristana's Rapid Fire more time, which allows her to deal more damage in less amount time.


Malphite – Malphite isn't an ADC, but when Seraphine and Malphite are in your team, then all you need to do is sit back and watch them make big plays like it's nothing. There is nothing this champion lacks.


Lux – Even though Lux plays mid-lane and support, but she is so great with Seraphine. A combination you can try in ADC lane. Both of these champions have the ability to slow down enemy movement and stun them for a specific amount of time. Not to forget their long-range ultras, which will make sure that you get all the kills you deserve or make an effort for.


Seraphine Strong Against:


Janna – Seraphine stomps any enchanter. Seraphine outranges Janna'sZephyr. And while Janna has Eye Of The Storm to negate any stun, its cooldown is high. Therefore you can usually land another combo before her shield is up. Janna'sHowling Gale skill is also very underpowered... Put simply, Seraphine's kit is far superior to Janna's, giving her a leg up in the matchup.


Sona – All you need to do against Sona is poke. Sona does scale better than you into the late game because of her insane spam ability and tankiness with an optimal build. Shut her down early to mid-game before she reaches her monster power spike.


LOL: Wild Rift Sona


Soraka – Imagine you're Soraka, and you have to write twice as many of these descriptions because you are writing a guide for support or bot lane champion, meaning you have twice as many champions to write about. That's how it feels to play Soraka into Seraphine. Lean in for a Starcall? Poke back with your empowered Beat Drop and your whole damn kit. Soraka is low from healing her ADC too much because her ADC doesn't know how to properly kite and stay out of your poking range? Flash empowered Beat Drop her, and you get an easy kill. In all honesty, pretty easy matchup if you just stay out of her damn Q because it heals her up.


Jinx – Playing into a Jinx during the laning phase is easy, just poke her down and force her to recall a lot, so is it more difficult for her to reach her power spike. Even late game, before she gets guardian Angel, she is very squishy, so you can poke and wear her down from afar before a team fight, and she's already about to drop dead before she even gets to participate.


Varus – Very pokey champion that somewhat outranges all of your skills. However, his skills are easy to dodge. Even with a good Varus who consistently lands his Piercing Arrow, he is very mana intensive. Why play Varus if you can play Ezreal? He also isn't that good mid to late game, and for a kit that heavily focuses on the early game, it still isn't even good.


LOL: Wild Rift Varus


Annie – A good support Annie will play it safe and use her Molten Shield. When you land a root with your empowered Beat Drop, Annie can easily negate the engagement if she has her Incinerate stun up. It is also difficult to walk up even behind the minion wave to poke since Incinerate is an equal range toHigh Note and Beat Drop. A good Annie support can also out damage you easily in the later stages of the game, although you provide more utility with Encore. It is more of a patient matchup for optimal engages.


Alistar – A good Alistar will know how to be patient and run you down. However, an isolated Alistar is useless. As long as you don't fall into Alistar's level two and three skill unlock death trap and avoid going too far in where he can run you down and chain CC you, you should be fine. It is unlikely you will find ways to kill Alistar during the laning phase, but if you can somehow find opportunities where Alistar is too far from his ADC or is isolated, you can get free damage and poke and eventually wear him down.


Blitzcrank –Blitzcrank and MF combo? Godly. You can't hide behind the minions because of her Double Up, but you can't use them as a shield for Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab. She with pretty much any other support? Just be wary of her Double Up, wear her down, and win lane. A good Miss Fortune into a Seraphine is a stalemate matchup, though; hence, it is medium instead of an easy matchup. Early to midgame, Miss Fortune steps on you like a fly because of her high base damage. If you outrange and poke her, you will be fine.


Seraphine Weak Against:


Nami – Nami is the best counter pick against Seraphine as she has the abilities and skill it takes to shut down Seraphine. That is why it is highly recommended that you don't pick Seraphine against Nami or if you have picked and try to avoid fights with Nami. Nami itself doesn't deal much damage, but the ADC with Nami can easily do so. Therefore, you are left with two options either go in if your ADC is also good and have a synergy with you like Miss Fortune or Ashe, or you can stay back and farm whatever the enemy gives you. In Nami's case, Overextending can cause a lot of trouble for your ADC and bottom lane. Not to mention the pressure you will be under during team fights.


LOL: Wild Rift Nami


ZED – Seraphine simply doesn't have the kit to kill Zed because of his mobility, and she also doesn't have the capability to survive his combos. Buy Stasis Enchant ASAP against this champion, or avoid picking Seraphine.


Vayne – Vayne is one of those champions which you definitely want in your team because of her massive damage and high attack speed. Vayne is a perfect match with Seraphine. However, she is also the worst enemy of Seraphine. She can counter Seraphine without even landing a single combo, and the reason is Seraphine's squishy health.


Leona – Leona also tackles you, Seraphine, quite easily because of her stun ability and the ability to sustain a high amount of damage. Meaning you will be dead before your ADC can kill Leona. So, it is better if you rely on your long-range skills and avoid any direct contact with Leona in both early and late games.


Pantheon – Pantheon has exactly the same reason as Leona, and it would be a whole lot better if you can pick any other champion or a champion that goes pretty well with Seraphine. In the mid or late game, you can also swap lanes with your Mid as you have the abilities and skills to be a Mid Laner. However, you can't swap lanes if you are being killed a lot. So, stay away from the pantheon and try to deal with damage from a safe space and avoid getting killed.


Master Yi – He's only here because my jungler just does not know how to steal his camps and fight him in the early game when he's weak.


LOL: Wild Rift Master Yi


Jhin – You can stomp Jhin early to mid-game and poke him easily, but if you get caught out even once from his captive Audience and Deadly Flourish allowing him to get a pick, or if the enemy Jhin just plays safe and farms, he will stomp once he gets his power spikes.


Ashe – Difficult matchup. Her auto-attack outranges all of Seraphine's abilities, and when Ashe is used effectively, she can poke you consistently from a safe distance and wear your HP down. Her Volley also prevents any hard engages since she can just slow and kite you away. There is also no defense against a perfectly aimed Enchanted Crystal Arrow. You would have to build Ionian Quicksilver to negate her ultimate stun, but when she builds crit, her autos will also slow you anyway.


Seraphine Overview of Matchups and Counters:


LOL: Wild Rift Braum


The following is a list that will allow you an in-depth look into Seraphine counters:


  • Janna – Easy
  • Sona – Easy
  • Soraka – Easy
  • Jinx – Easy
  • Kai'sa – Easy
  • Nami – Easy
  • Varus – Easy
  • Ziggs – Easy
  • Graves – Easy
  • Vayne – Easy
  • Annie – Medium
  • Alistar – Medium
  • Blitzcrank – Medium
  • Braum – Medium
  • Miss Fortune – Medium
  • Jhin – Medium
  • Yasuo – Medium
  • Ashe – Hard
  • Master Yi – Hard
  • Ezreal – Skill
  • Lux – Skill


You can enable 120 FPS for LOL: Wild Rift to practice champions like Seraphine, ZED, Evelynn, and more.


Seraphine Skins Overview:


The following are some of the Seraphine Skins and how you can obtain them:


K/DA All Out Seraphine Skin:


KDA All Out Seraphine Skin


IDOL Seraphine Skin:


IDOL Seraphine Skin


Final Thoughts:


Seraphine is one of the best versatile champions in LOL: Wild Rift. Her damage and skills seem somewhat similar to Sona, but that's not the case. She has the power to be the Mid Laner and even dominate her lane against the above-mentioned champions.


We hope that if you are reading this, then you have learned a lot about Seraphine and how you can benefit from her skills in solo and team fights. You can also check out LOL: Wild Rift Evelynn Comprehensive guide as she is also a versatile champion in LOL: Wild Rift.

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