League of Legends Wild Rift Jungle Evelynn Build Guide, Evelynn Combos and Counters!

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League of Legends Wild Rift is one of the most renowned mobile games, which has been released in multiple regions and will soon be available globally. In regard to that, we have brought you the ultimate guide of Evelynn, the Queen of Jungle. She is pretty amazing when it comes to counter and combos.

Wild Rift Evelynn Overview


Today in this article, we will talk about everything there is to know about Jungle Evelynn Wild Rift and how you can become best using her. Keep in mind, Evelynn is not Zac or Master Yi, meaning she asks for dedication and practice. The more you put your time to get better with her, the faster you will be able to achieve it.




Overview and Tier List/Class:

Evelynn is one of the versatile Jungle champions who are unpredictable and have the ability to change the results of the game in just one team fight. However, the Evelynn player must know her inside out to perform amazingly in solo and team fights.


Keep in mind; Jungle Evelynn is one of the S Tier champions in League of Legends Wild Rift. S Tier champions might be difficult to master or might take more time than A Tier champions like ZED, but they are worth your time. They can also help you during Rank matches, especially when playing competitor matches in Esport or other high-level matches.


If you look at League of Legends PC Evelynn, you will find her win rate is about 49.5%, with a Pick Rate of 5.2% and a Ban Rate of 11.3%. All of this shows how important Evelynn is by having a Ban Rate of 11.3%, meaning most of the time, Junglers don’t even want to go against Evelynn.



You want to know which champion you should practice first or which should be your go-to champion in most cases; then stats is where you should start. Stats explains more about a champion even before you start playing them. Their difficulty and utility, among other stuff, are part of their Stats.

League of legends wild rift overview

If we talk about Jungle Evelynn Damage, Toughness, Utility, and Difficulty, you will notice that she is clearly an S Tier champion with Assassin Class. If we score her Damage, Toughness, Utility, and Difficulty out of ten, she clearly stands at seven, and if used properly and timely, you can make great plays. However, it also increases your chances of messing up, which you can only tackle by practicing more and more. To practice Evelynn, you can download Wild Rift for free on PC.


Evelynn HP:

Evelynn's HP stats are given below, but it is not 100% correct. HP stats and Damage stats mostly depend on Evelynn builds, which we will discuss in detail later in the article. Evelynn HP stats are as follows:

HP at Level 1: 572

HP at Level 15: 2188

Per Level Gains: 107.73 approximately

HP gain increases as your Evelynn levels up; for example, from level 1 to level 2, she will gain lower HP, but as she moves from level 6 to level 7, she will gain more and more HP and a total of 2188 Hp at Level 15.


Evelynn Mana:

The most important thing you need to look for is mana while making plays. Evelynn abilities rely on mana consumptions, so before jumping right into the fights or gank a lane, make sure you have Blue Buff.


Blue Buff regenerates your mana over time, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you have Red Buff too, which increases your damage. Combine with these two buffs; you can pretty much solo any champion early game and put pressure on the enemy team.


Evelynn Attack Damage and Ability Power:

As mentioned earlier, Evelynn is a versatile champion and can build AD if required. If your team is squishy and needs an AD tank, then you can go for Attack Damage. The other option is while jungling; a lot of people prefer AD Evelynn instead of AD Evelynn in Jungle because she is squishy in the early game. But if you know how to farm efficiently and know what Jungler you are up against, you can decide on a build of your own.


Jungle Evelynn is quite famous for her AP build and which is highly recommended, but you can switch to AD Evelynn if you are not sure about surviving in the jungle.

Evelynn Magic Resistance, HP Regen, and Attack Speed:

Magic Resistance can only be built if you are up against AP Jungler or the enemy team has more AP champions in their lineup as compare to your lineup. However, make sure to decide in the early game and then start your build accordingly.


HP Regen also depends on the lineup you are up against. In comparison, Attack Speed is the basic power of an Assassin. An Assassin must be sneaky and should’ve Attack Speed to dominate your opponent. We will be explaining everything in the building part and suggest you a build you can follow.


Evelynn Rune Guide and Builds:

Runes play a vital role in making great plays in LOL: Wild Rift, especially with S Tier champions like Evelynn. Let’s take a look at Evelynn Rune Builds and why these Rune Builds are perfect for Jungle Evelynn.

evelynn runes


The following are some of the Jungle Evelynn Rune Builds:

Rune Build 1:

  • Electrocute: Only choose this rune if you are good with Evelynn combos and are looking forward to it in team fights.

  • Brutal: Brutal is important if you are going for AP Evelynn as it provides you Magic Penetration and bonus AP.

  • Spirit Walker: Spirit Walker provides you protection from being slowed down and provides you more HP.

  • Pathfinder: Evelynn is an Assassin, which means she relies on her movement and attack speed. Pathfinder does provide her movement speed but does not provide attack speed.


Rune Build 2:

Conqueror: Conqueror is only useful if you are going for AD, Evelynn. The rest of the build stays the same as Rune Build 1. Conqueror – Brutal – Spirit Walker – Pathfinder.


Rune Build 3:

Rune Build 3 starts with Conqueror, and then you move to the Brutal, and the rest are as follows:

  • Hunter Titan: You can pick Hunter Titan just because of Tenacity, which reduces the amount of time you will be in Silence, Bind, Stun, etc., state.

  • Mastermind: Mastermind is the perfect rune for Jungle Evelynn as it provides more damage against Jungle Monsters.


Evelynn Item Guide and Build:

Like Evelynn Rune Build, the Item Build is also divided into two parts AD Build and AP Build. However, most of the time, the build will directly focus on one thing: to destroy your opponents within seconds. Let’s take a look at the first build:


Item Build 1:

This specific build focuses on one thing, which is to increase Evelynn’s burst damage to annihilate her opponents quickly. The build includes:

  • Infinity Orb: Infinity Orb increases your ultimate damage from x2.5 to x3 while providing extra Magic penetration and Movement Speed.

  • Rabadon’s Deathcap: This item will be quite useful because of your pure AP scaling, as it provides a massive damage boost.

  • Boots of Swiftness: These boots are just perfect for Jungle Evelynn as it provides movement speed bonus, which you can really use while using Allure and Whiplash combo. You can upgrade this with Statis Enchantment, The Glorious Enchant, Protobelt Enchant, and Quicksilver Enchant to protect yourself against burst damage.

  • Lich bane: Lichbane grants Spellblade passive, which increases your burst damage after using an ability.

  • Hextech Gunblade: Getting Hextech Gunblade is only because of Hextech Bolt Passive, which slows down the affected enemy and provides you extra bonus damage.

  • Void Staff: Only buy this as the last item to punish your opponent if they try to itemize against you. This specific item grants the highest amount of Magic penetration you can hope for in LOL: Wild Rift.

league of legends wild rift items

Item Build 2:

Item Build 2 includes Lichbane – Gluttonous Greaves – Infinity Orb – Rabadon’s Deathcap -Morelliconomicon – Void Staff. You all know why you need to pick other four items so let’s talk about the two new items in this build:

  • Gluttonous Greaves: Gluttonous Greaves provide +40 Movement Speed and 8% Magical Vamp.

  • Morelliconomicon: Increases your magic damage by providing 80 Ability Power and provides you 250 Health. The item provides you 40-60% Grievous Wounds for 3 seconds. Grievous Wounds reduce healing and regeneration effects.


Build Items depends on the Meta, and the above-mentioned items are the best items for the current meta. However, we will keep updating item Builds according to wild rift new patch updates to always provide you the best information in one place. You can also get better with Evelynn if you enable 120 FPS Gameplay on Wild Rift using LDPlayer.


Evelynn Skill Introduction:

Skills are the most important part of understanding a champion, especially in League of Legends Wild Rift. The game mainly revolves around skills, and skills are also one of those things, which increases and decreases the difficulty of mastering a champion in LOL: Wild Rift. Skills are commonly known as Abilities in the game so, let’s take a look at Jungle Evelynn Skills/Abilities:

wild rift evelynn skill

Demon Shade – Passive Ability:

Evelynn can enter into Demon Shade after not taking damage or attacking for 4 seconds. There is also a 1.5 seconds cooldown if she takes damage from an enemy champion or turret.

In this state, Jungle Evelynn regenerates 17 HP (17 + 10% AP) every second when she is below 320 HP. Evelynn also gets Camouflage ability once Demon Shade is at level 5.


Hate Spike – First Active Ability:

Evelynn unleashes the two lines of spikes; each spike deals 45 Magic Damage (45 + 50% AP) to all enemies struck. The ability has a 4-second cooldown.


Allure – Second Active Ability:

Allure allows Evelynn to curse the monster or enemy champion for 5 seconds, allowing Evelynn's next ability or attack to remove the Curse and slow the target champion by 65% for 1.25s.

If the target is a jungle monster, it deals 300 additional Magic Damage (300 + 60% AP).

If the target is champion, shreds their MR by 20% for 4s.

Casting Allure doesn’t affect or remove Evelynn’s Demon Shade ability.


Whiplash – Third Active Ability:

Evelynn whips enemy champions or monsters with lashers, applying on-hit effects and dealing magic damage equal to 55 plus 3% (3% + 0.015% AP) of their max HP. Then, gain 30% movement speed for 2 seconds.

Entering Demon Shade enhances Evelynn’s next cast to pull her to her target, dealing increased magic damage equal to 75 plus 5% (5% +0.02% AP) of their max HP to all enemies in the way.


Last Caress – Ultimate Ability:

Evelynn briefly goes untargetable and decimates the area in front of her before warping backward a long distance. Deals 120 Magic Damage (120 + 75% AP), damage increase to 250% for the enemies below 35% health.


Evelynn Abilities Analysis:

Evelynn might not be the strongest champion in the early game, but as soon as she hits level 5, she just becomes a monster, and if you didn’t shut her down before that, she would become a living nightmare. This is just a typical Evelynn, but a lot of things matter while playing Evelynn Jungle. You are getting those extra buffs, which can really help you gank lanes easily.


Demon Shade’s Camouflage at level 5 is Evelynn’s bread and butter. This allows her to freely invade enemy jungle and gank lanes to put pressure on enemy teams. Keep in mind; you had already put a lot of pressure on the enemy team when you picked Evelynn. Now all you need to do is get a few kills, harass enemy jungler, invade his/her Red and Blue Buffs and gank lanes.


Demon Shade’s health regeneration is not to be taken for granted. It allows you to return to farming your jungle monsters right after ganking a lane, even if you are low on health. It also allows you to have a second take on a failed gank. You will still be farming or ganking lanes where many champions might recall and regenerate HP and Mana in the home base after a gank.


Demon Shade, combine with Evelynn's ultimate, is death for your enemies, especially after a failed gank (when they least expect you) when they push too much into your turrets.


Jungle Evelynn Summoner Spells and Combos:

As a Jungle Evelynn, it is highly recommended that you go for Flash and Smite. Smite is a must as a jungler, but taking Flash can save your life, help gank lane, etc. Choosing any other Summoner Spells can cause you major fallback as Ignites, Teleport, etc., are not useful on Jungle Evelynn. So, make sure to pick Flash and Smite and dominate your opponents.

wild rift evelynn combos


Evelynn has multiple combos hidden inside her abilities; some of those combos are still to be found. Don’t go for her looks; she might seem pretty, but she is not the one you want to be a Jungler against.

There are two combos for Evelynn as of now, which increases her time in team fights and allows her to make great plays:

  • Ganking Combo: Allure – Whiplash – Basic Attack – Hate Spike – Ultimate

  • Baron/Dragon Steal: Flash – Ultimate – Smite


In all cases, gank or baron steal, you must keep your ultimate ready. Because this is the ability that will allow you to get Quadra or Penta kill and sometimes saves your life. Learn your Abilities limits, HP limits to properly execute your enemies even in solo fights. Check out keymapping and keybinds of League of Legends Wild Rift to successfully execute combos.


Evelynn Skill Progression:

Skill progression is the most important thing, which explains your entire early game. Follow this Skill Progression to save a lot of hustle or to make great plays in the early game:

  • Hate Spike – First Ability: 1 – 4 – 6 – 7

  • Allure – Second Ability: 3 – 8 – 10 – 11

  • Whiplash – Third Ability: 2 – 12 – 14 – 15

  • Last Caress - Ultimate: 5 – 9 – 13

wild rift evelynn skill progression

Evelynn Pros and Cons:

Every champion has its pros and cons. Pros make a champion more valuable than others, but sometimes a con can be converted into a pro to make great plays. It all depends on your skills and champion understanding. Let’s take a look at Evelynn Pros and Cons:


  • Evelynn has ganking potential and immense map pressure thanks to her Demon Shade's Camouflage.

  • Massive damage per second and burst damage output.

  • Amazing at Solo and Team Fights.

  • Her Ultimate is her hidden talent; she can use it to execute her enemies or to escape discreetly.


  • Weak Early Game presence

  • Extremely squishy even for an Assassin

  • It can be as useless as not having a player if she doesn’t get kills.


Evelynn Synergies & Counter Guide:

Understanding your champion's Synergy and Counters can also play a vital role in winning almost every match. If we specifically talk about synergy champions, which can increase your confidence and impact in a match, Camille and Ziggs would be those two champions. If you have any of those or both of them in your team, then it will be a matter of minutes before you start domination Wild Rift.


Camille - Camille can keep up with your pace and assist you in ganking and getting fed. She can take damage for you and can even dive towers with you. The best part about Camille with Evelynn is that she deals a massive amount of damage while being a tank and all. There isn’t any champion in Wild Rift who would be more synergized with Evelynn at this stage.

Ziggs - Ziggs is a two-way sword for your enemy champion. Ziggs give them two option (if you are playing Evelynn):

  • The enemy team can keep up with his lane pushing.

  • They can keep up with your ganks.


Pro Tip:

If you have Camille on your team, then push as hard as you can with her help and dominate in the early game and try to finish the game within the first 20 minutes of the match.

If you have Ziggs in your team, then gank as much as possible and keep building pressure slowly. This will take you towards a win-win situation, just like mentioned in the Ziggs headings.


Evelynn Counter Champions:

The greatest Evelynn encounters you can face in League of Legends Wild Rift are as follows:

Xin Zhao – Xin Zhao is a life threat for Evelynn and can shut her down in both early and late games. In the early game, Evelynn is at her weakest point, whereas Xin Zhao is pretty strong. Try to avoid invading his jungle and stay away from her before level 5. Also, do not engage in 1v1 fights with him at all stages.

wild rift Xin Zhao

Olaf – Olaf is also pretty strong in the early and late game. He can clear the jungle really fast and can gank lanes before you are even ready to do so. Do not engage in a 1v1 fight with especially at the early stages, because if you lose even one fight against him, you are done for. You better quit the game at that stage and save your time. Always have a teammate beside you when you are up against him.

Dr. Mundo – Dr. Mundo has insanely high health regeneration and magic resistance. Your team must have at least two ignites against him at all times when engaging in fights. You must push Grievous Wounds items fast if you want to have a surviving chance against him.


Strong Against:

There is a lot of conflicts when it comes to who she is good against. Some pro players say that she is Strong against Xin Zhao and Olaf, but the win ratio says otherwise. However, she is strong against:

  • Graves

  • Shyvana

  • Amumu

  • Lee Sin


Evelynn Matchups and Counters Overview:

Evelynn matchups and counters are categorized into four different sections (Skills, Easy, Medium, and Hard):

  • Skills are about practicing and who is more fed and has more damage. Teemo and Shyvana.

  • Easy to tackle Jarvan IV and Master YI, but you might want to have attack speed, and also, you should stop them in the early stages.

  • Graves, Olaf, and Wukong are easy to go up against, but you might want to surprise them first so they can’t escape.

  • Dr. Mundo, Jax, and Gargas are hard to kill because of their HP, so you must have a teammate with you, and preferably two ignites.

wild rift evelynn

Wild Rift Evelynn Full Guide:

Evelynn is all about her passive skill, which provides her invisibility, and that’s what allows her to make great plays. Evelynn is quite squishy in the early game and can die easily to almost most of the jungle champions, and if you died once, then the pressure is on you. So, it is the best choice to rush farming in the jungle and avoid ganks or fights in the early game or at least before she hits level 5.


After reaching level 5, you can gank, invade enemy jungle, or engage in 1v1 fights to pressure the enemy team. Never miss any 1v1 fight or ganking opportunity once you have your ultimate ready. You can also dive under turrets to secure your kill if you have your ultimate ready.


In the early game, try to surprise your enemies and avoid head-on head fights; it can be dangerous for you. Make sure you attack them from behind while they are distracted or farming jungle. You can start with the Allure skill and then quickly move to your Second skill, Whiplash or Hate Spike, to activate your charm.


Late Game:

In the late game, it’s all about your skills, practice, and combos. You can pretty much 1v1 any champion except the one mentioned above (Counter Champions). However, it is always recommended to learn your attack and HP limits and attack from behind to destroy enemy DPS first while your team is fighting with the enemy front line, tanks.


You can also pursue Dragon/Baron steal in the late game by using your Smite + Evelynn Camouflage combo, which is your signature move. In the current meta, no one can outsmite you for now. So, use this opportunity to outsmart your enemies and make great plays. Do not forget that your power is hidden in your speed and burst damage, which you can only achieve by getting proper builds, as mentioned above, and getting a few kills.


Jungle Evelynn Pathing Guide:

Jungle Evelynn pathing guide is as follows:

  • Always start at your Red Buff

  • Only use Hate Spike before you get to Blue Buff.

  • Kill Raptor Camps, Krugs, and Wolves before you get to Blue Sentinel.

  • Use Skill/Ability 1-2-3 to get Blue Buff; otherwise, you will run out of mana.

  • You will be level 3 before and after you have got the Blue Buff.

  • Kill Gromp to get to level 4.

  • Kill Scuttle next to get to level 5; that’s when you will be able to unlock your ultimate ability.

  • You can then go for a gank in the top or mid.

  • Recall back to your base after ganking a lane.

  • At that point, you will have enough gold to buy Infinity Orb and Boots of Speed. If not, then buy Boots of speed and some control wards.

  • After your recall, you can go for Dragon or gank Bottom or Mid lane to pressure the enemy team.


Special Note:

Only start with enemy Blue or Red Buff if you have at least two of your teammates to support you. Put a control ward in the enemy jungle and Immediately move back to your jungle after invading to avoid any fights.


Evelynn Skins List:

As of now, Evelynn has three different charming Skins in League of Legends Wild Rift. Evelynn skins, price, rarity, and how to get is as follows:

K/DA All Out Evelynn:

  • Rarity – Epic

  • Price – 990 WC (Wild Cores)

  • Buy – In-Store

Tango Evelynn:

  • Rarity – Rare

  • Price – 525 WC

  • Buy – In-Store

Agony’s Embrace:

The default version of Evelynn Skin in League of Legends Wild Rift.


Final Thoughts:

The purpose of this whole guide is to provide a detailed overview of Evelynn Jungle, including everything you must know about her. If you are reading this, then it means you are already read the whole guide and feeling confident, which makes you almost 40% ready to start LOL Wild Rift on PC.

The rest of the 60% depends on your practice and skills. So without wasting your time, download LDPlayer now and start practicing Evelynn Jungle Wild Rift.

Download League of Legends: Wild Rift on PC

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