Arcana Tactics Dragon Shaman Special Dungeon Event Release Date and Details

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The Developers of Arcana Tactics will be releasing a brand new Dragon Shaman Special Dungeon as soon as the current Duelist Special Dungeon ends. You can clear this special dungeon and earn free Dragon Shaman Soul Stones depending on your progress in the game. We’re going to be talking about everything you need to know about the dungeon including its release date and time so you can be ready for the next big event in the game. Here are some other tips and tricks that should help you become better at Arcana Tactics.


Dragon Shaman Dungeon Event:


dragon shaman arcana tactics



Just like any other special Dungeon Event in the game, the event will be starting and ending at a particular time with players encouraged to try as many times as they can to get the highest rewards possible. Here is the current schedule:

5/2 ​08:00 - 5/9 07:59 (PDT) 

5/2 23:00 - 5/9 22:59 (GMT+8


Hero Details:


Dragon Shaman is a four-star character that will be available throughout the duration of the entire event. They are of fire type. Here are the hero’s entire stats:


  • HP: 3640
  • P.ATK: 290
  • M.ATK: 340
  • P.DEF: 170
  • M.DEF: 280
  • ATK SPD: 0.561
  • MOV SPD: 12.47
  • RNG: 33
  • CRIT RATE: 2.50%
  • CRIT DMG: 170%


Hero’s Skills:


Here are all the skills of the hero you should know about:


Dragon’s Teachings: On attack: Has a chance to deal M. DMG proportional to your M. ATK to the enemy with the lowest M. DEF on the field as well as a few nearby enemies within a few spaces.

Dragon’s Intimidation: Reduces M. DEF for all enemies within a few spaces of yourself.

Dragon’s Blessing: Every few seconds, increases M. ATK for you and all ally Wizards within a few spaces of yourself for a set time.

How to Fuse: Invoker + Rune Master + 3 Cubes


Here’s a tier list of all the characters in Arcana Tactics you should know about.


LDPlayer and Arcana Tactics Features:


arcana tactics ldplayer



LDPlayer is arguably the best Android Emulator out there to take advantage of the new Dragon Shaman Special Event that will be happening in Arcana Tactics. It allows you to quickly change your key binds and remap them to your will allowing you to gain an advantage over any competition. It is also heavily used in re-rolling ease due to its synchronizer and multi-instance feature.




The new Dragon Shaman Special Event is surely a treat for fans of the new character. Make sure to start using playing in the event as soon as it is available as every second counts! Getting far ahead in the dungeon allows you to collect valuable Soul Stones that are quite a lucrative and rare currency.

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