LOL Wild Rift Over Powered Ability Power Items

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In the league of legends Wild Rift, there are two types of damage one is AP and the other one is AD. Ap stands for ability power which is mainly used by mages in general. AD stands for attack damage which is used for champions that prefer using basic attacks in-game. Both of these stats are completely different from each other, but both of them do the job when it comes to it. If you are trying to get better at Wild Rift check out our ultimate guide on how to be better at Wild Rift.


Items That Are Broken In Wild Rift:


LOL Wild Rift Over Powered Ability Power Items


In this guide, we are going to talk about ability power items. There are many different types of ability power items in the game. Ability power champs mostly rely on their abilities to do damage as their AD ratios are just not sufficient. However, if paired with the right champion, AP items can even be one-shot Tanks.


In the game right now, there are many different ability power items to choose from, but we have made a list for you in which we have listed all the ones we think are just unfair.


Luden's Echo:


Luden's Echo Is mostly built as your first core item; it's the item your entire build revolves around. The item is busted when it comes to bursting the enemy champion. Luden's Echo costs 3000 GOLD and is a must if you are going for a build that is supposed to one-shot enemies. The item is mainly built by AP assassins such as Karthus or Ryze.


Luden's Echo provides the player with 80 ability power which is a fantastic deal if paired with the 300 mana it gives. The item has a passive where it does more damage on the next attack if you just move around. Moving around charges the Ludden's Echo to 100, after which any ability that deals damage used by you does 100 plus ten percent ability power bonus magic damage to your target and three other targets nearby.


This burst of energy helps your early game a lot, and the mana that Luden’s Echo provides allows you lane sustain. The burst from the burden is also excellent at clearing out minions and letting you do chip damage to the enemy.


LOL Wild Rift Over Powered Ability Power Items


Liandry's Torment:


If you are looking for an item that will make your enemy regret even turning Wild Rift on, Liandry's Torment will do the job. The item has to be one of the most annoying items in the game. As the burn damage is so much from Torment and you can do nothing to stop it. If you have an AP champion who is good at doing chip damage, just build this as your first item and watch yourself win the game.


Liandry's Torment costs 3150 Gold, and it provides you with plus 70 ability power and plus 250 Max health. The item has two different passives. One is called Madness and the other ones Called Torment. If you are in combat, Madness will get activate and increase your AP damage by 2 percent per second for the next 5 seconds. Meaning if you are in a fight, you will get one stack which is a 2 percent bonus damage per second. The cap for this ability is at 10 percent bonus damage, meaning if you delay combat over 5 seconds, you have a bonus of 10 percent ap damage.


Torment is the second passive, and somehow, it's even more annoying than the first one. The passive leaves the enemy burned and slowly take chip damage. The enemy champ gets damaged for 1 percent of its max health as bonus magic damage over the next 3 seconds. To make it worse, if you get immobilized or slow, the burn will do double the damage of what it's already doing.


Seraphs Embrace:


LOL Wild Rift Over Powered Ability Power Items


Seraphs Embrace is one of those items which are not a nuisance early game, but when it meets specific criteria, it's just straight out broken. To build Seraphs Embrace, you need to get Archangels staff which eventually turns into the broken item we all have a love and hate relationship.


Archangel Staff costs 2950 Gold, and after you gain 700 mana from the archangels passive, it turns into Seraphs Embrace. This item Gives you 1200 mana which is so much that a champion will never even run low on mana after that. Somehow that's not even the broken part about this item. This item scales with mana which means the more mana you have, the more damage it does.


Seraph's Embrace has two embraces, the first one being a stat buff and the other a lifeline. The first passive allows you to deal 3 percent bonus damage depending upon your maximum mana. Apart from that, it also refunds 25 percent of mana spent hence making it nigh impossible for you to run out of mana ever. If a champion like Ryze, whose passive lets him have unlimited mana scaling, takes this item late game, he can one-shot anyone.


If the absurd amount of AP damage isn't enough, this item also provides the champ with a shield when they are at a lower hp. If a champion gets below 35 percent maximum health, it will use 15 percent of the current mana plus 150 to shield you for 2 seconds. Last but not least, the plus 25 ability haste just helps the summoner to toy with the enemy laner just because he can at this point.


Hextech Gunblade:


LOL Wild Rift Over Powered Ability Power Items


If you are looking for an item that will help you do both AP and AD damage, don't worry, the Riots balance team had the same idea. Hextech Gunblade is an item that's so broken that it doesn't even feel fair. If you decide to build this item early game, there is probably a chance that you won't lose in your lane anymore now.


The Hextech Gunblade costs 3200 gold, and in exchange for it, it provides you with 60 ability power and 30 attack damage. At first, it doesn't seem that broken right but waits. We haven't discussed it's passive. The item has three passives, not one, not two, but three. The first passive gives you 15 percent magical vamp, meaning for every ap damage you do, you 15 percent of it back.


The second passive allows you to do 15 percent Physical Vamp, meaning that you get 15 percent of it as HP for every Physical Damage you do. Which, if paired with conqueror at full stacks, is a recipe of just never dying. Primarily that's the case with champions that scale both with AP and AD-like Akali does.


The third passive, called Hextech Bolt, deals damage when you hit the enemy champ with an ability or basic attack. It deals 100-200 magic damage depending on your level, plus an additional 30 percent bonus damage which scales with your AP. If you think that's all, it's not the champion hit by the bolt that is also slowed by 40 percent for the next 2 seconds. The item has a 30-second cooldown on this ability making it somewhat manageable to deal with it.


Stasis Enchant:


Stasis Enchant is an item that is a must in every squishy AP champ build path. It is just like a free get out of jail card for you like; if you even find yourself in a position where you think you will die by an unavoidable attack, just use it's active, and you are good to go. The item on its own can easily just change the outcome of any battle.


The Stasis Enchant costs 800 gold and comes with no additional stat increase. But its passive itself is worth the trouble of getting it. The item passive is called Stasis. Statis put your champs in Stasis in the next 2.5 seconds, meaning you will be unforgettable and invulnerable for the duration. Due to your champ being in Stasis, you cannot move or use any abilities for the next 2.5 seconds.


The thing with Stasis Enchant is that at first, it doesn't seem like a big deal. But the item's passive is so broken late-game that it's a must. If you ever find yourself in a position where you are turret dive, you can just press one key, and that will save you. If you are in an engagement and you need to buy time for your team, just one click. Stasis Enchant can also be used with champions like Diana swain in which their ultimate perfectly synergize with them, letting them deal damage while being unforgettable.


Awakened Soulstealer:


LOL Wild Rift Over Powered Ability Power Items


A champs Ultima is a high damage yield ability, but the issue with it is its high cooldown. But don't worry, that won't be a problem for you anymore if you decide to buy Awakened Soulstealer. The item is so broken on champs that have game-changing ults like Malphite or Karthus. There is a reason that ultimates have such a long cooldown, but this item just throws water all over it.


The item costs 2500 gold, and in exchange for it, it gives you 65 ability power, 25 ability haste, and 200 mana. The item's unique passive is that for every takedown you get on a champion, the item gets three ultimate haste stacks. The item caps at 15 ultimate stacks hence taking five takedowns to be completely stacked. The Ultimate Haste allows the user to lower its ultimate ability cooldown by a certain percentage.


The item, if built the early game, can help you with snowballing, and once you get full stacks on it, your ultimate will help you greatly with fights. The item lets you abuse the ultimate haste you get from it, and at the max level, your ult takes just a few seconds to recharge.


Redeeming Enchant:


LOL Wild Rift Over Powered Ability Power Items


Imagine you are chasing an enemy champion, and he is one ability away from getting shut down. But suddenly, a light from the air hits on you and him, and somehow, he is healed, and you have taken a fair bit of damage. I don't know about you, but to us, that feels very broken. The item has the ability to change entire team fights in a matter of seconds, and all it takes is one hit.


Redeeming Enchant Costs 500 Gold, and it's mostly built as a support item. The item has no additional stat boosts apart from its activities. Its active is called Redeem, which reveals a position of 2.5 seconds. In this beam of light, the user allies will get heal between 25 - 375 depending on their max health. Any enemy in this light circle will take 10 percent of their maximum health as true damage. The minions and monsters are also affected by these active items, which makes them take 250 true damage. The item has a 60-second cooldown, and the effect is reduced if the enemy is affected by it within 20 seconds.


The item can be used from anywhere on the map. All the user has to do is point on the map and click its passive, and that place is affected by the items active. This item late game can entirely change team fights as the AOE damage and AOE heal is insanely broken in Wild Rift.


Protobelt Enchant:


This item gives your champion a free dash in any direction and deals damage to the enemy in that direction. If you are using a champion like a fizz, this item can be a real pain for the other player. At first, Fizz in itself is a very annoying champion to deal with due to its skill set. Now that he has one extra dash, your life's just going to be worse. Protobelt by itself isn't a problem, but using it at the right time can truly show you how amazing this item is.


Protobelt costs 500 Gold and is an enchantment meaning it gives no extra stat buffs apart from its Active. Protobelts active lets you dash in a direction and do 75 to 145 damage depending on your level. The dash is followed by a cone of missiles that goes in all directions, making it an excellent executioner option. If champions or monsters are hit by one of these missiles, the rest of the missile will only do 10 percent damage. The Protobelt has a 60 second cool down.


The item can help you get out of picky situations and let you follow up on your combos. It can also be used by champs like Akali as a part of her combo, which would help in catching the enemy off guard. So, if you are playing AP champs with not that much movement, Protobelt is an amazing option as it will help you cover-up.




LOL Wild Rift Over Powered Ability Power Items


Morellonmicon is a very good pick against the champs, which heals a lot. Most ADC build includes high physical vamp which allows them to heal a lot of damage which dealing a ton. Morellonomicon can easily decrease that healing by 40 percent making the enemy champion be at a very big disadvantage.


Morellonomicon costs 3000 gold, but it provides you with plus 70 ability power and 300 health, making it a fairly good deal. Morellonomicon passive makes the item very unique it's passive is that it applies Grievous Wounds on the enemy when you damage them making them heal less. Morellonmicon can help you shut down champions, which are on a rampage by decreasing their life regeneration. So having this item can be a fairly good advantage for your team. The item's 15 percent magic penetration is amazing as it helps you shred down tanks.


Rabadon's Deathcap:


Rabadon's Death cap that one item that is a must for any AP champ's complete build. The item is so broken that it can give you such a big change in DPS once it is completed. You could be losing your lane and then just get this one item, and your entire game will be changed. The sheer presence of the death cap on the wild Rift map will change the outcome of the match.


Rabadon's Deathcap cost 3500 gold making it the most expensive item in the game that you can buy. The Deathcap, however, only gives your ability power, but it's 130 Ability power which is a lot. However, the main thing about this item that makes it so broken isn't its Stats. It is passive. The item passives increase your current Ability power by 40 percent meaning apart from the 130 AP it gives you, it also gives you a bonus of 40 percent AP.


The item is mostly built Late game or after the third or fourth item. No AP mage build is complete without having one in its build. The item is so broken that you can easily one-shot the enemy ADC once you get your hand on it. So, the next time you are SnowBalling with your AP champ, build a Deathcap; it will make you snowball even harder.




League Of Legends Wild Rift is a very versatile game in which there are many champions and items to choose from. Each champion scales differently and synergizes with different items. The items mentioned above are specific for AP champs and will help them completely delete their enemies' HP bar. Some of these items are used for dealing damage and while others are used to heal or have another tactical advantage. But in the end, all of these items are overpowered in their own right. So if you want to be better at the game or just try it out check out our guide on how to play LOL Wild Rift on Pc.

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