Wild Rift All Champions Tier List [ April 2021 Update]

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League of Legends has been so much enjoyable with its patch notes and also the newest features. As the game's popularity has increased a lot so far, it has been time to know about the newest characters added to the game.


As each character can develop so far into the game, players must know how well these heroes are behaving and how their skills can be used. And the best news here is that League of Legends Wild Rift has come with a new update for the game with two new characters. So today, we are going to discuss each character and how well they will become in the game.


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Champion List – League of Legend Wild Rifts


There are over 50 characters available within the game Wild Rift and let's get to know about them one by one.


Wild Rift All Champions Tier List [ April 2021 Update]




Ahri will be a mage in the game, and she can shape up the magic. The magic Ahri shapes can turn into raw energy, and it can do massive damage to the enemies of hers. All of the abilities Ahri holds can mess her opponents, and it also increases her own powers.




Akali is known to be a rogue assassin in here. So this female character will act in the game as an assassin, and her deceptions, trickeries, and her Kunai will be used to shot on her enemies with melee damage on magical.




Alistar is a tanker in the game, and he uses rage as his weapon. This weapon will be slavery-induced, and you can see Alistar as a massive hero. There will be huge horns with him to make his appearance scarier.




Amumu is a sad-looking person in the wild rift, and he is wrapped with so many bandages. He is a champion who has remained undead for centuries, and sometimes it would be the reason for his sadness.




Annie is a cute-looking childish looked hero. But don't be ever mistaken or fooled by her appearance, as she is a badass to deal with. Annie is a mage here, and she sets fire with her teddy to scare your enemies off from the ground.




Ashe is a leader from her birth, and she is a marksman.  Her arrows can be wrapped up with ice from her frozen bow and cause heavy damage to the enemies.


Aurelion Sol


Aurelion Sol is a type of star dragon and will be a mage to the wild rift. He can drag the stars down to the earth, and through that, Aurelion can deal with heavy damage to his opponents.




Blitzcrank is a metallic tank, and he is so kind as he wants to love others. Blitzcrank is a person who likely to help others so much, and he is an enormous hero.




Braum is a vast wrestling-type champion seen in Wild Rift, and he has considerable strength in his body. In addition, Braum is a giant, and there is a rumor that once, he was able to punch a big mountain into pieces.




Camille is an attractive soul, but she is not entirely a human. This champion is a part machine and part human one, and she has all the powers in the world to the max.




Corki is a cute, tiny, and at the same time insane-looking champion in the wild rift. He is a dab-handed person with his rockets, and Corki can blow up any enemy as soon as he looks at them.




Darius is a blood-thirsty warrior in the wild rift, and he loves to make conflicts. When Darius fights long as he can, he becomes significantly more robust.




Draven is a champion who has deadly abilities in the battle, and he is a real warrior for the Noxus. He is always likely to throw some flair to the proceedings and to see it; you will never be live.


Dr. Mundo


This deadly insane-looking champion is constantly harming his self to deal with heavy damage to the opponents. Therefore, when you cross the heroes, Dr.will be the last champion you would likely to be crossed.




Evelynn has an attractive charm-looking self to her, and she is more likely a cat. But falling for the charm of her will never be a good idea. Evelynn is very much likely to play with her prey before she decides to kill it ruthlessly.




Here is our charming champion Ezreal. He has an attractive appearance, and Ezreal loves to deal with more tombs. You can identify this champion as a magic gifted person in the game.




Fiora is a duelist who acts deadlier than other champions in the game.  She is with a rapier, and she wants to restore the honor of her family had once.




Fizz is an ocean dweller, and he can control deadly beasts. But, unfortunately, these deadly beasts can lurk on the surface of the water to attack opponents.




Garn is a champion who has armor, and this armor can withstand the magic just like a blade. This feature holds by himself will be very useful for him to use in the hunting of mages.




Gragas is a drinker, and he loves to drink. He spends on drinking, and he spends the same time fighting. So what you will imagine with his personality is correct. He is acting a disaster as a drunker who loves to fight.




If you ever met a more stubborn and nasty person, here is a similar person, Graves. Graves is a champion who is in love with the troubles, and everywhere he goes, he needs trouble to deal with as he loves it.




Jana is a spiritual champion in the wild rift, and she belongs to the wind spirit. Jana loves to help the sailors who are navigating around the dangerous water.  She is a good champion who is more helpful towards others.


Jarvan IV


Jarvan IV is a frustrating warrior to the game, and he performs attacks with a wielding lance with some deadly attacks.




Jax has a sharp wit with a lamppost and an err. By using those all skills, this champion can wander the world by seeking the newest allies in the game.




Don't ever try to be a mess with Jhin as he enjoys murders. He is a person who sees murder as the most remarkable thing, and he enjoys them as a cool drink.



Another champion who is looking insane is Jinx. Jinx has an explosive weapon with her, and with the powers it, you will never want to cross her.




Kai'sa is a champion who has been plagued with darkness. She cannot be identified as absolute good or an evil champion, and Kai'sa will always be in between for those edges.




Kennen is an adorable champion in the wild rift game, and he has fantastic speed with him. If you ever stop to say him pretty, before you speak a word, you will be dead due to his speed.


Lee Sin


Lee Sin is the strongest man available within the champions of the league of legend, and if he has ever hit you, you are dead. That is is, and game over. This happened because Lee Sin has secondary effects on his many abilities.




Lulu is not c champion who enjoys so much in battles and fighting. She instead loves to chill with the Pix, who has been her friend than fighting.




Lux is a gifted magic champion, and she comes from a hailing region with suspicion.




Malphite is a rare species available within the game, and he is the last of his kind. He struggles to find his place to live in this cruel world.


Master YI


Master YI is the Yoda of the wild rift, and he is a mysterious champion. Master YI is a swordmaster searching for the newest disciples, and he seeks them to the art of Wuju.


Miss Fortune


This champion is known to be a deadly pirate, and she wants revenge. So Miss Fortune will never stop until she gets revenge for heart's pleasure.




Nami is a champion that uses a Tidecaller staff, and she uses those to attacks by using the ocean's strength.




Nasus is a jackal-headed demigod, and he can defend the whole Shurima city by only using a fierce zeal.




Olaf is more like a Nord from Skyrim, and he wants justice. Olaf seeks justice with the bloody intention by using his dual axes.




Orianna was once a human girl who lived and breathed, and now she is no more a human. Instead, she is made up of whole clockwork.




Seraphine intends to be the biggest pop star in the Runeterra world. But she has no chance to do so and what Seraphine does in wild rift is playing so many battles in the game.




Shywana is a real dragon, and she is appeared to be more humanoid in look.




Singed is an alchemist, and he fires on various chemical concoctions to make a massive frustration to his enemies.




Sona is a bard, and she is so much helpful to her teammates. And also, Sona hinders her enemies as the help she does to her friends.




Soraka was an immortal, and she has given up her immortality to protect her fellow mortals. You can identify soraka as a kind-hearted person in the game, and she is so much support for her team.




Teemo is a scout, and he intends to explore the Runeterra world.




Tristana is a more likely Teemo, and she is amazed by the Runeterra world. However, Tristana is not precisely like the Teemo as she performs well in combat.




Tryndamere can be known as a person who harnesses rage to fulfill his attacks on fuel.


Twisted Fate


Twisted Fate is a champion who is very much filled with charm, and he is always letting his cards speak.




Varus is a frustrating champion, and he is hard to face by the opponents. However, this champion can keep the player art his arm length without a hard effort.




Wukong is a champion who is similar to a monkey, and no one knows what they deal with him. Unfortunately, you can't precisely say whether you deal with him or with his double, as it's a frustrating feature to know. 




Vayne is a monster hunter, and she has dedicated her life to destroy a demon. She wants to murder the demon that murdered her whole family.




VI is a champion who has a massive gauntlet, and she uses them to punch through the walls. This is a champion that has o many anger issues with herself.


Xin Zhao


Xin Zhao is known to be the master of the spear, and he is constantly fighting for his kingdom.




Yasuo is a speedy hero, and he uses the air as his weapon.




Zed is a master for the dangerous and corruptive magic spirit, and he is never stopped defending his nation.




Ziggs is an explosive champion, and he loves to blow on stuff up. Ziggs is an expert for the explosion and also for the fanatic.


The Newest champions




Rengar is a pridestalker to the game, and he is a hunter who is looking to kill dangerous creatures. He is also caple of tracking down those creatures. He is a top fearsome beast to the game, and Rengar is stalking on his prey not for food or to the glory. He only needs the beauty of that pursuit.




Kha'zix, the void reaver, is a mutant who has been born to survive and strongly slaying. When he tries more and more to survive, he finds new ways to kill his prey and the counters, which is a mindless beast. Kha'zix is utilizing the terror he plants on the victims.


Best Champions for Wild Rift


Baron Lane Champions Tier List:


Wild Rift All Champions Tier List [ April 2021 Update]


The Best Baron lane champions are Darius and Dr. Mundo, and the reason why is given below:


  • Darius:


Darius is one of the scariest champions in this patch. He is famous for taking down multiple enemies without any help from his teammates. The main reason is his Iconic Ultimate Guillotine, which can have unlimited resets and Penta kills as long as you land the final blow with this ability. Additionally, Darius is a beast when it comes to engaging in 1v2 and 1v3.


If played correctly, this champion alone can carry you to victory. Darius's Passive Hemorrhage makes it harder for his opponent to stay in lane for extended fights. Darius's powerful in the early game fights but is susceptible to being poked down and unable to get in the range.

Between Ghost and his Boot Active and Glory's Enchant, he can find some windows, but champions like Ezreal and Seraphine can still kite him. Darius, with all his OP Abilities, is an S Tier Champion.


  • Dr. Mundo:


DR. Mundo is also one of the scariest Baron lane champions in LOL: Wild Rift. Almost half of the time, you will see these champions banned because most players don't want to fight against Dr. Mundo and Darius.


Dr. Mundo can chase down almost any champion with the slow from his cleavers and movement speed from his ultimate ability. Therefore, if you are going against Dr. Mundo, you will need many ganks from your jungler as lanning against him is pretty hard.


Dr. Mundo can safely farm minions and poke from his range with Cleavers. The best part about Dr. Mundo's passive is that it heals him. The passive, along with hp and damage, allows you to stay in the fight longer than most Baron Lane Champions in LOL: Wild Rift.


Dr. Mundo and Darius both shine in every stage of the game but engaging in team fights with these two champions is a suicide mission. They are continually going to damage you as long as you are in their range. Talk about Health, Damage, and Scary champions. Dr. Mundo and Darius take the lead. Make sure to pick the right build and runes for Dr. Mundo to utilize his abilities at their max.


Jungle Champions Tier List:


The top of the list is Amumu and Lee Sin. These two champions are above your average S Tier and can be described as OP champions.


  • Amumu:


Amumu is not the most potent early game champion in LOL: Wild Rift, but he is not a pushover and could contribute to the early game skirmishes.


As you might be aware, level 5 comes quickly in League of Legends, and that's when Amumu begins to overpower most of the champions. As you progress further into the late game, Amumu will be able to solo push lane or engage in 1v2 and 1v3, depending on the situation.


  • Lee Sin:


Lee Sin is one of the early game champions with many skirmishes and consistent outplay potential throughout the game. Lee Sin clears the jungle very fast and wins almost every fight that he takes. You aim to reach level 6, and you have to do it as soon as possible.


Lee Sin's ultimate Dragon's Rage makes him unstoppable in every fight. If your teammate needs early game ganks or help, this is the champion you want to pick. Lee Sin's abilities make him the best champions in team fights as his ability to kick the enemy to the front side is impressive. If you plan your dash and kick your enemy towards your teammates, then it's game over for that player.

The possibilities with lee's kicks are endless and creative usage is vital to getting the most out of him. His kick can be an absolute game-changer when played to his fullest potential, but the raw power in his damage and dueling makes him a force to be reckoned with.


Mid Lane Champions Tier List:


Mid Lane Champions Tier list includes Seraphine and Zed as the op champions against most of the champions.


Wild Rift All Champions Tier List [ April 2021 Update]


  • Seraphine:


Between Seraphine's q poke and enhanced passive autos, her laning can be incredibly obnoxious, and she only gets stronger when she links up with her allies. This is because her supportive capabilities are so strong, and she pumps out damage and slows constantly.


Her ultimate beat drop also sets up her kit nicely, but best of all, it clumps up the enemy team for your allies to combo on top of making her a very potent team fighter. She's strong throughout the entire game and has it all, damage, cc, landing, team fighting, and buffs for her teammates. Seraphine's only weakness is Assassins.


Best AD Carry Champions Tier List:


Ezreal, Jhin, and Draven are the OP AD Carry Champions, and Seraphine and Alistar are two OP Support champions in LOL: Wild Rift. But, of course, if we talk about Ezreal first, you can't go any wrong if you think it's because of his abilities.


There are two things that Ezreal provides: Aggression and Ultimate Ability. He is one of those champions, which requires you to play aggressively, and if you combine all his damage with his ultimate, you will notice the difference why he is the best AD Carry.


Jhin is also famous for his ultimate ability as it provides you a long-range and three shots with so much power that you can kill any enemy, especially enemy ADC.


Best Support Champions Tier List:


Wild Rift All Champions Tier List [ April 2021 Update]


Seraphine will be the top pick for Support Champions, and as we have discussed above, her abilities are just incredible. Alistar is your tank support champion, which provides an excellent cover to his ADC and is proven to be the best.


If we talk about duo vs. duo or duo vs. five, this champion with his ADC can dominate the battlefield without any other teammate. In team fights, Alistar is your front lane tank and takes as much damage as he can while providing ADC the opportunity to deal massive damage in a short time.


Now you can play Wild Rift in the best possible ways through these champions by LDPlayer with its amazing features for best movements.




Tier doesn't make a champion less useful if practiced and played nicely; any champion can be used to dominate the battlefield. The best part about this game what you think is impossible is the possible thing for other players.

Make sure to practice hard and as much as possible because even with a C Tier Master Yi, you can get Plenty of Kills with good S Tier or A Tier champions. Make sure to find your unique champion and play with that champion to show your hidden strategies and skills.

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