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Last Updated: 2021-03-23 Current Version: 2.4.28
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Translation, spelling and punctuation need proofing, as there are a lot of errors. Battle system seems super linear as of right now, so it's not very involving. It does follow with the Manhwa very well. The character art, map, and user interface are actually very nice. I think I will stick to this and see how it develops. There is a lot of room for improvements, and I can't wait to see what happens.


Seems like fun, however a lot of the characters and stages aren't loading properly. Idk what's going on but they all look like black boxes and when you continue the story, the whole screen is black except your heroes. You only see red life bars from the enemies coming towards you. When i recruit new heroes, their small versions appear fine but when you click on them all of a sudden they become black boxes and don't appear right. The game has also crashed on me and kicked me out. 😓


Love the art style of each character and the ease of obtaining summons and premium currency. However just some flaws else this would be a 5 rating. - Battle system could be made much better rather than Idle style. - Gear upgrade failure rate too high and the penalty is reverting back the level. Upgrade System needs a revamp - Hero skill ups take way too much resource, making it close to impossible for how long it takes If these issues were mitigated the game would be perfect

Hardcore Leveling Warriror, the former #1 Ranker who suddenly lost all his power and items.
Gather up with awakened heroes, save Lucid Adventure from nightmares and regain #1 Rank!
Stylish Action, Easy Control and Addictive Storylines Await You!

[Game Features]

■ Story Mode, Find Out the Truth Behind Lucid Adventure
• Explore the Greates Fantasy World, Experience Amazing Quests and Storylines!

■ Limit Break! 'Awakening'
• Unleash powerful skills and special outlook of Awakened Heroes!

■ Become a Ranker!, PvP Arena
• Attack! Defend! Battle and achieve honorable Hall of Fame!

■ Defend Ambush
• Fight against the randomly appearing nightmares and receive bonus rewards!

■ Tribute to Dark's Village, 'God's Relic'
• Receive idlely generated resources and upgrade relics to power up the heroes!

■ Play Together, 'Guild'
• Play Boss Raid with guild memebers! Also gain bonus APs from members' campfires!

■ Variety of Contents
• Play through Skygarden, Material Dungeon, Soulstone Dungeon and more!

"Virtual Game World of Unlimited Adventures. Come on now! Lucid Adventure awaits you!"
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