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Last Updated: 2022-12-15 Current Version: 14.1.0
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I love playing this game. If you want to get anywhere you have to spend money. Also some of the events can be very confusing with no one to ask about them. Also some of the construction cost to build up things are EXTREMELY ridiculous. It requires way too much resources to build up things. I feel like I been playing this game forever and just today I got to level 35 it would have cost me 387 million pieces of food to upgrade. The event lowered the cost to upgrade but it still cost a lot.


I contacted customer service twice about my castle in kd 5232 that was hacked. I haven't heard back from anyone. It's a castle 44 which I put a lot of money in and now can't get back into. A friend found it and sent me a screenshot and the name was changed from Terror to Greenman. I spent a good deal of money to just lose it like that with no help or response. I'm lowering my rating from 5 star to 2 star.


Been playing this game for almost a year now and I have a lvl 45 castle. Spent a lot of money in order to get there. This game makes getting resources by your self impossible, improving without spending money impossible and makes it easy to lose troops which are expensive. Also the VIP customer support which you get access to when spending a lot is almost useless too. I lost about $1000 dollars worth of troops and RSS due to a game error and they refused to refund or help me at all.

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Frost & Flame: King of Avalon carries the legend of King Arthur in a different approach to amaze the players, and this is an MMP real-time game brought to you by the FunPlus International AG. You have to unite a kingdom in this game, and it will be a fantasy game based on the medieval era of England.


You have to raise your dragon in Frost & Flame: King of Avalon, and this needs to be done by building up a most powerful army. All those will clear up the path to becoming the king in this game, and now that King Arthur has been dead upon the betrayal of Mordred, Excalibur has to be found to bring back the glory to the kingdom to become the king.


Dragons, PVP Quest, and Adventures


The dragons in Frost & Flame: King of Avalon will ensure your power to the kingdom, and there are several PVP quests to deal with to ensure this kingdom's power. You can make friends and beat enemies, and there is a multiplayer adventure that you have to carry throughout the game.


There is this war everywhere, and you must be prepared with your allies. The best strategies have to be used for defending yourself, and there will be realistic gameplay to be enjoyed in Frost & Flame: King of Avalon with many missions. The best emulator, LDPlayer 9, will make Frost & Flame: King of Avalon enjoyable with better settings and optimizations.


The Best Battles with Best Settings


You need to beat your enemies by knowing them accurately, and understanding your background will let you easily identify the danger. You don’t get it on a mobile as there is a tiny screen and instead, use the LDPlayer 9 with a bigger screen by locking your gameplay to a landscape mode with the best ever graphics. So you will enjoy the game with the best details in there to make your kingdom more powerful.


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