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Last Updated: 2023-01-05
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Digging the game so far, very Arknights like but very different setting/story. Characters are very interesting and likeable. Also kudos to the translatiin and dub, very well done. But they really gotta work on their netcode, no matter if wlan or 4g, i always need several attempts to even get in, if it works at all. Also always throws me out when i minimize it which makes it even worse.


Not bad. Gameplay a bit clunky, some things don't make sense, and the story is kind of cringeworthy. They don't really hit a balance between edge and drama so it just feels over the top, using every mobile game story stereotype there is, in a bad way. The setting itself is very nice, turning the story into wasted potential. Character design is relatively good. I don't like the body proportions, some are off. Not in a subjective way. Some graphics are insanely bad while others are insanely good.


Very well done game with intriguing story revolving a dark and cynical world. Many characters you can gacha, are important figures on your journey throughout the 8 chapters. The game comes with many qol functions which removes busy work so you can focus on the best parts of the game! Gameplay wise it is not a classic tower defense game since you have to move around your units to maximize their effects. This results in an exciting and engaging gameplay, which will keep you constantly on your toe!

When Path to Nowhere released?

The game Path to Nowhere is due for a worldwide release on October 27. Now you can download Path to Nowhere on PC with the powerful android emulator LDPlayer 9 and run it on your big computer screen.


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AISNO Games' recent SRPG game is known as the Path to Nowhere, where you have to deal with some real-time tower defense strategy, and this is welcoming you to the Bureau of Crisis Control. You will be the chief of this bureau, and you have to control all the sinners with every outlaw to protect this city. It is your duty to protect the city before it falls down, and this is just you trying to be in the light while there is darkness, ready to conquer the world at every cost.


Apocalypse and Sinners

This world is at the start of an apocalypse, and the reason for it is unknown. There are mysterious meteorites here, and they seem to be causing the apocalypse, and now the people are losing their consciousness. It makes them monsters due to the Mania infection, and this world makes you survive this nameless disaster. It is now the time to save the dystopian world and find some providence as much as you can.


Although there is an apocalypse, it is not a reason for the sinners to stop because now the prisoners are holding the dangerous powers. It is now required to have their loyalty back and all their secrets with the best interrogations and through the disciplines. For more optimized gameplay with Path to Nowhere, the best emulator: LDPlayer 9, will be the key.


Timing and Tactics

Everything in this game is going to succeed with time. You have to utilize your talents in time, and it is always better to use the right tactics at the right time. It is the only way for a player to turn the battles in their favor in Path to Nowhere.

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