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Defense of the Ages: Tower Def

An epic tower defense game with over 50 maps, 20+ weapons and 100's of levels.
Twilight Castle Productions
Last Updated: 2023-06-20
How to Download and Play Defense of the Ages: Tower Def on PC
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Details About Defense of the Ages: Tower Def PC Version

Defense of the Ages: Tower Def is a Strategy app developed by Twilight Castle Productions. You can play Defense of the Ages: Tower Def on PC after downloading an Android emulator from this page.
Android emulators are software that run a virtual Android device on your computer. LDPlayer is one of these Android emulators for Windows PC.
LDPlayer also provides additional features such as multi-instance, macros, operations recording, and others. Using the Android 9.0 system, LDPlayer can help you play mobile games on PC with faster performance and higher FPS.
LDPlayer is meant for hard-core mobile gamers.

Defense of the Ages: Tower Def Overview

Tired of downloading tower defense games and only getting to play three maps or having only five basic defensive weapons to choose from? Then embrace the opportunity to play one of the best TD games available and leave those other boring defense games behind!

Play the most in-depth, intense and strategic tower defense game you can find, brought to you by people who truly love tower defense games! Come and discover the mysteries and strategy of Defense of the Ages!

Can you survive through the ages? Embark on a defensive journey throughout history and into our future to save mankind from a force never imagined! In this TD game, you will battle giant creatures threatening the survival of mankind! Use ingenious tactics to defend your kingdom.

Discover new defensive weapons and unlock technology to make them even more powerful. Discover new worlds and levels! Ascend through time from ancient Rome, through the dark ages, in to the present, and beyond! Discover intense challenges and unseen worlds with multiple game style modes and play! Strategic tower defense players will truly love this strategy war type simulation game.

Witness a truly spectacular and fun tower defense strategy game that is on a whole different level than the competition!

Defense of the Ages is an epic tower defense game that will let you defend multiple kingdoms. Start by defending your pyramid in ancient ages, move on to defend your castle, then later defend space itself. This defense war game offers more play for your game than any have ever seen before! Defend your homeland with a multitude of unique defense weapons while progressing through time to discover and unlock modern and future weapons.

Strengthen your defense by researching over 20 unique defensive weapons and enhance them to new heights with an immense tech tree. Unlock defensive walls to help your td strategy.

Space Tower Defense: Learn to harness the power of the stars and sun to use for your defense!

Strategize your play and fortify your land in open field tower defense game mode!

Test your skills with single to multiple path modes, including single or multiple entrances!

Customize your game play with options such as endless mode, single to multiple paths, along with open field strategy modes!

Discover over 300+ unique levels and over 50+ custom maps! With countless hours of challenges to face.

Challenge your ability with a multitude of difficulty levels ranging from noob to insane!


Tower Defense Features:

★  5 unique game eras spanning 50 campaign levels.
★  Unique and fantastic story for a td game.
★  Over 20 different defensive weapon types to unlock and use.
★  Over 50 unique, custom designed world maps.
★  Endless hours of TD game play!
★  Over 300 random maps to defend and enhance your skills on.
★  Over 60 special challenges to test your tower defense game skills on.
★  Immense list of upgrades to enhance your weapons with.
★  Mixture of Collect, Survive and Destroy game types.
★  Both open field and fixed path maps to defend.
★  Dozens and dozens of enemy types to fight.
★  Several difficulty choices to challenge even the most veteran td players.
★  Choose from 10 through 150 waves to test your defensive skills!
★  Endless Mode Tower Defense!
★  Amazing graphics!
★  Plays offline.

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How to Download and Play Defense of the Ages: Tower Def on PC

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