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Story-driven turn-based RPG that has a lot going for it. Stunning visual design (though, please let us skip ultimate animations), good sound design, and so far accomodating to free players. My only gripe is that exploration so far is rather linear. Zones contain minor side-objectives, but they are a bit underwhelming. Maybe this will change throughout the zones, but ~10hrs in I find myself a little bit bored with the zone progression loop, and the story is mostly what drives the game forward.


First I was turned off due to me having a sub par experience with Genshin Impact. However I feel this game feels a lot more like a full fledged game and I felt it's easier to ignore the "mobile game" aspects. Dailies don't feel like a chore and the story progresses in a very linear way so that I hardly ever have to go out of my way to grind a lot. Apart from that the focus on instances makes it feel more alive than an open world and the turn based combat makes for more rewarding experiences.


Coming from someone, who isn't the biggest fan of Sci-Fi, this game has an immersive world you just want to explore, but it feels more linear than open world games and therefore can get boring fast. Turn-based combat is actually very fun and straightforward. The characters have a more complex personality in comparison to Genshin Impact. Of course their designs and voice acting are topnotch! Take your time and don't rush, there is not a lot to do if you are caught up in the story and have to wait

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Honkai: Star Rail is an upcoming brand-new space strategy RPG game that operates from the free-to-play state by miHoYo, and it is the fourth installment of the most famous series of the global: Honkai Series. You get a mixture of new characters and old characters from the universe here, and this 3D game will ask you to build a team on your own and then fight against many other creatures and monsters from the game.


Another Universe to Beat Monsters


Like the Honkai Series, Honkai: Star Rail will also take you to another universe, and the game world is filled with fantasy and sci-fi elements. There will be this Star Rail as a transport system for new worlds throughout the story, and you will meet a lot of familiar faces here from the original universe with its roster of characters. To use these characters, you will have to build a team of four; to use them, you must progress through the story.


To beat the monsters, you will have to combine the abilities of different characters, and it is a free-to-play game with no microtransactions. Your characters will be given by grinding through the game, and you will have to come up with the best skill uses and fast thinking for winning in this real-time action combat system.


Immersive Experience for the Battles


To enjoy the real thrill of these real-time combats in Honkai: Star Rail, you better have it from a bigger screen view, and now you are accessible for it with LDPlayer 9. There will be clear, detailed gameplay to enjoy every bit of action, and that is how you can enjoy Honkai: Star Rail to the fullest.

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