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Last Updated: 2022-11-08 Current Version: 1.80.2
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Awesome game, love it, its really great for if you want to move more! But I have one problem with it, the limits on the inventory and pokemons, it's not fun to do anything if you they get full, you can't really do anything either except delete, I have a problem on the inventory limit especially, I can't collect anything and there's too much important stuff that I can't delete and it's making me not want to play and move anymore which I desperately need. I hope the limit at least goes higher!


I would give a better rating if they could actually help their players with account issues. The bot doesn't help whatsoever. I logged back in after a while of not having it on my phone and all my progress was lost, everything I had purchased was lost as well as lost friend list. I just want my status back if at all possible. Otherwise, it was money and time wasted.


Great... When it doesn't crash. been playing since the beginning and traveled around the world playing this game. Great casual game that gives me an excuse to get some fresh air... Problem is it has been crashing a lot. Pixel6Pro, reinstalled the game, no help. It's especially frustrating during the Battle League because there's no way to save your win streak if you have to reboot the app and wait 30 sec to run through the menu and attempt to reconnect. Would be an easy 4.5/5 stars otherwise :(

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Pokémon Go is a reality game for mobiles and a huge part of the franchise Pokémon. It is a free-to-play game by Niantic Inc that can make you go through several entertaining things too, and you have to capture all the Pokémon here that are roaming around you. There are billions of downloads made by this game, and known to be one of the best apps.


You have to be a part of the trainers around the world and then explore the world for the Pokémon. It is an exploration where you have to go for more and more Pokémon to catch, and if you manage to capture more, you will be able to complete the Pokédex.


Battle, Make Friends, and More Customizations.


There are so many challenges that each trainer has to take in Pokémon Go, and there will be trained battles to fight with another trainer. At the end of the battles, numerous rewards are also taken. You are also allowed to make more friends in the real-time world here, and through them, Pokémon Go will allow you to exchange more gifts and even a chance to trade Pokémon too.


You are also free to customize your trainer as you want, and there are so many accessories and apparel to choose from. There are also teams available here, and once you have joined, you can battle with better abilities for assigning Pokémon. And the best emulator: LDPlayer 9, here comes with the most optimized and best qualities for making your gameplay to the top level.


Best Battles and Best Controls


If you want to be more soothing with your controls, use LDPlayer 9. You are free to use your keyboard here with whatever preferred controls for your actions and movements, and then you will be easily battling with the best actions. The Keyboard Mapping will allow you to set the keys as you want from your keyboard for your gaming controls, and then you are good to go with your gameplay.


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