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I enjoyed this game for a few hours but the levels just take way too long. There is literally no reason for rounds in a game like this having a timer of 15 minutes. It's pretty easy figuring out the best upgrades and you'll be sitting in the levels for 15 minutes just waiting for it to be over because you're basically oneshotting everything. In later levels you probably wouldn't one shot everything but it takes way too long to reach those because the levels take ages.


A very addictive game. NO FORCED ADS!!! If you see ads, it has been your own decision. But some levels are just not beatable. You almost want to buy the special offers to continue leveling up. Also the weapon selection is a bit strange. And now you can buy EDF supplies only with keys and not with gems? I find that a bit weak. Otherwise great pastime


Ok, game. Based on tons of grinding (Yeah, it's that type of game.) Need probably need months to get any golden item. The UX when choosing the 3 upgrades is also horibble. Sometime it just pops up and I'm choosing the wrong item. I'm sure it happenes to thousands of other players, too. Please fix that! Another annoyance is that in some levels the game will never gives you 3 items randomly to choose from but 3 items you can pick from that won't fit to your current equipment.

Play on PC with 120FPS is a zombie game by Habby, and you basically have a lot of dangerous zombies here who are attacking nonstop for a city that is placed in peril. You are the one who is going to save this city as a human warrior, and although you have awakened from dreams, now you have to do all you can to save it. LDPlayer 9 is the best emulator to play on PC with 120FPS.


Fights, Beat and Clear the Map


You have to pick your weapon here and have unlimited potential to beat these zombies. You, with your other survivors, are going to find the best weapon that goes with you and beat all those zombies in an evil battle. There will be constant challenges, but you must survive by doing your best in the game.


More than 1000 monsters are here to beat; you must wipe them all from the ground. Since the map is full of these monsters, you need to make all the things happen to eliminate them, and you will be given unlimited combinations here within a rogue-lite skill experience in There are also different types of difficulties here; you will have to go through them to see how challenging they are.


The Best Ever Gameplay from


Do you want to enjoy in the best settings with the best visuals? Then make it play from FPS 120, and there you go for the best-ever gameplay with the sleekest motions and pictures. You only get this by the LDPlayer 9, and it will be the best way for a player to enjoy to the fullest.


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