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Last Updated: 2022-11-16 Current Version: 0.70.1

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This is a fun game. I've been playing for 2 years now. I love the maps, events and the minigames too. The shop is filled with all interesting items. The gameplay is also very good. my complaints are; This game is kinda pay to win. You pay for houses, gems, and coins. Other than that, everything is great. What do you guys think?


I love the game 🎮💙 but the items are a bit too pricey. It might be a little hard for more little kids though because how pricey it is and there's not much to say in the chat either but ,Alot has updated since I played ▶️🙂 and I'm happy to play the game again but, plz change the prices of items a little bit lower if you can do that. Thanks 😊


Fun game but there is a glitch which makes tje experience bad. The glitch is when we edit our house and place an object there is a glitch which makes u go through it and then u cant even place it back as when u press the object to move it it does not work. To fix it u have to go outside the house and then go back in which is very annoying. So please if fix it

Play PX XD on PC
For the players who would love to adventure and explore in a world full of players, Afterverse Games made an opportunity with PX XD where you can create your own avatar to explore the world. It is an adventure. You have to deal with what you made for yourself, and endless opportunities are here to be whatever you want. Even if it is a zombie, a human, or a witch, everything is possible to join this PX XD world to explore and adventure.

Mini Games and Pets
Just like the way you to be a human or witch, you also have the freedom to play so many mini-games in the PX XD world. You might be a lot f interested in delivering pizza or going with a race. It can be done here, and you will be rewarded with coins when you succeed. More fun will come with more pets, birds, snowballs, and birds here, and players will have a new thing to capture each day.

You, as a player, also have a chance to combine two pets and then create your own type of pet in the world PX XD. More fun can be taken by creating some unique animals here, and you can experiment with making your pets evolve into the best creatures. To make it into an advanced gameplay experience, you can use the LDPlayer 9.

Build a Dream House
Hiding a dream of building a swimming pool, a playground, some games room or anything in your home? This virtual world will give you the opportunity to build that perfect dream home, and it is time to assemble everything the way you exactly wanted them to be.

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