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Last Updated: 2022-11-16 Current Version: 0.70.1
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I like this game, but there are a lot of things I've had problems with. The glitches i get are just impossible to get thru, i was in the middle of a race once and it just froze up. Another problem is the outfits, there just to "out there" and i struggle to find one I actually like. The same with the furniture, more realistic stuff would be great.


Good game, but every single time there is an event since I've been playing, something goes wrong for a few days. Either I'm getting kicked out of play after just a few minutes, or I'm not able to do something because it isn't loading. This time with the Halloween event, I can't get into my inventory to decorate my home, then everything freezers. Just a thought, but how about starting these events without any problems arrising... for once.


I like this game alot, but some glitches/bugs are annoying me. One of them is that sometimes when I try to exit the crazy run, it has the loading symbol and takes a long time. Usually, it only takes about 5 seconds. Another one is a with the vehicles. After I take one vehicle out and put it away, when I try to put another vehicle away, I'm driving a vehicle with no one on it and I have to rejoin the game. Please fix these glitches/bugs.

Play PX XD on PC
For the players who would love to adventure and explore in a world full of players, Afterverse Games made an opportunity with PX XD where you can create your own avatar to explore the world. It is an adventure. You have to deal with what you made for yourself, and endless opportunities are here to be whatever you want. Even if it is a zombie, a human, or a witch, everything is possible to join this PX XD world to explore and adventure.

Mini Games and Pets
Just like the way you to be a human or witch, you also have the freedom to play so many mini-games in the PX XD world. You might be a lot f interested in delivering pizza or going with a race. It can be done here, and you will be rewarded with coins when you succeed. More fun will come with more pets, birds, snowballs, and birds here, and players will have a new thing to capture each day.

You, as a player, also have a chance to combine two pets and then create your own type of pet in the world PX XD. More fun can be taken by creating some unique animals here, and you can experiment with making your pets evolve into the best creatures. To make it into an advanced gameplay experience, you can use the LDPlayer 9.

Build a Dream House
Hiding a dream of building a swimming pool, a playground, some games room or anything in your home? This virtual world will give you the opportunity to build that perfect dream home, and it is time to assemble everything the way you exactly wanted them to be.

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