Genshin Impact V4.0: Fontaine

Last Updated: 2023-08-10 Current Version: 2.8.0_7997424_8078355

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I absolutely LOVE this game! I've been playing since launch and its absolutely amazing. The characters are very well designed and each has an interesting background story, the quests have good rewards and its just so cool. The only thing that sucks a bit is that there is no cross server play so if you have friends with an account on a different server, you can't play with them, but otherwise everything is really good.


I loved playing it in the very beginning. So much to do, so many stories to be told, so many photos to take. But since I started around launch, there isn't much for me to do anymore. The only things I look forward to are new areas. Events are recycled and repetitive. New story comes once a year with the new areas and then you wait months for something, anything new to come. Overall, it's still an amazing game, the devs put so much work into it and new players can look forward to binge playing it


Honestly love that game, one of the best open world games I've played. Beautiful scenery and good lore, I love the character designs too, but it's hard to get 5 stars. I only managed to get a lot of them because I play every event and explore everything to 100%. And the standard banner is pretty bad, I would love them to add the same pity system like the weapon banner because I always end up getting 5 stars I don't want and it's frustrating if it happens 7 times in a row. But the rest is amazing

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Genshin Impact is a role-playing action game set in the world of Teyvat by COGNOSPHERE PTE. Ltd and miHoYo, and you come to this world from another world with your sibling. It is a journey that you are going for seeking the answers from the gods of each element, and there will be so many mysteries that this Teyvat holds to be revealed. LDPlayer 9 is the best emulator to play Genshin Impact on PC to get the smoothest functions, with the highest FPS settings taken for the gameplay.


An Open World, Combat System Based in Elements in a Beautiful World


You get a huge open world to interact within this Genshin Impact, and there are so many things hiding there to be discovered by the players. Apart from the discovery, you will also have to interact with a combat system solely based on the elements, and you, as a player, have to turn these elements to your advantage to get the best out of your combat.


The world is enchanted with the most beautiful visuals, and everything is stunning with the best art style. You can build up a team as you want with the diverse characters available in this world, and together with them and with friends, you will beat the enemies to the best.


Best Quality Settings for the Best Visuals on Genshin Impact


As we already mentioned, Genshin Impact is a world made out with the best visuals and details on it and to enjoy it from the full view, you better go with LDPlayer 9 because there you get the best FPS settings to enjoy in-depth details of this game to the fullest. When you have the sleekest operations with the best picture in quality for Genshin Impact, that will surely amaze you throughout the whole gameplay.


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