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Last Updated: 2022-08-15 Current Version: 1.36.120365
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News and Guides for Blue Archive

Blue Archive Total Assault Shiro & Kuro Urban Warfare is Here

The Blue Archive Total Assault event with Shiro and Kuro bosses will start on the 27th of September 2022 and will be there until the 03rd of October 2022.

Blue Archive Pick-Up Recruitment will Debut New Student and Reruns

A new Blue Archive Pick-Up Recruitment event will feature Mimori as a new student, and there will be two re-running students: Izuna and Shizuko.

Blue Archive Best Team Building Guide - What Units to Be Included on Your Team

With these recommendations for Blue Archive team building, you will never fail to have faster progress in the game because this is the secret to your success in this game.

Blue Archive New Festival Banner Will Start with Wakamo

Blue Archive's new festival banner will be launched on the 06th of September along with the most favorite waifu character Wakamo.

Blue Archive Schale's Happy Valentine Patrol Event – Everything We Know So Far

Blue Archive Schale's Happy Valentine Patrol event is going to be launched on the 06th of September 2022, and it is now inviting players to pre-registration.

LDPlayer 9 Against LDPlayer 4: Blue Archive Performance

Compared to its earlier iterations, LDPlayer 9 is the most excellent emulator for playing Blue Archive and will take your gaming to the next level.

Blue Archive Working Coupon Codes

Blue Archive is a role-playing game created by NAT Games and distributed in Japan by Yostar Inc and in the English region by Nexon KR. The tale of Blue Arch

Blue Archive Tips and Tricks to restarting matches, Taunt, Relocating Units and many more

Blue Archive is a brand new Gacha RPG game on mobile that offers a highly captivating story where you play as a Sensei whose job is to guide female students

Blue Archive Guide to faster progress - Gears and understanding the game mechanics

Blue Archive is a fascinating new Gacha RPG game that offers tons of really cool features and exciting characters. The game lets you play as a newly appoint

Blue Archive - Beginner's Guide to Characters and Schools

Blue Archive is an exciting new RPG game from developers NEXON Company that lets you explore a fascinating and vibrant academy named Kivitos. The game offer