MIR4 Beginner's Guide for Faster Progress


MIR4 is a Korean fantasy MMORPG game from developers Wemade Entertainment Co. Ltd. The game takes inspiration from the original Legend of MIR series from the same developers. The former and new titles feature intense fighting scenes and captivating and realistic 3D graphics using Unreal Engine. 


The game has many interesting features that players will enjoy by allowing you to choose your own story and develop it with little to no limitations. MIR4 was released for mobile in August 2021, and the game has so far garnered more than a million active players ever since it launched. 


This article is for the newcomers that aren't familiar with MMORPG titles and those who have experience with MMORPG games but are finding it difficult to get the hang of MIR4. It is a beginner's guide that will help you learn the game's features, combat systems, and overall gameplay basics with various tips that will help get you up to speed in no time. 


Gameplay Overview

As the game's introductory instructions promised, pretty much every activity you engage in will reward you with character growth in MIR4. The time and effort you spend playing the game isn't really time and effort wasted, which is an intriguing aspect. To explore the elegant and mystical life of the oriental world, players can choose to become any of the playable characters. 


They can decide to live a blissful and peaceful life of hunting and gathering items to sustain themselves and can decide to wage war against other clans and attempt to conquer them all. 


Understanding the different classes     

Like most MMORPG titles out there, MIR4 lets you choose between various classes of fighters before you can start the game. There are four classes to choose from, and they each possess a different and unique set of skills and attributes that makes them suited for different playing styles. 

Below is a breakdown of the four classes of playable characters that you can choose in MIR4:



They possess a high amount of damage potential with a combination of solid defense against enemy attacks. Warriors are the best and most suited fighter class that beginners should start with.  


MIR4 Warrior



They have a devastating AoE (Area of Effect) combined with single-target spells. But they possess a low defense level which makes them somewhat tricky to use in battles. 


MIR4 Sorcerer



They are very powerful with instant melee attacks towards enemies coupled with healing and support skills, making them suitable for players who want to play solo. Nevertheless, they possess a sluggish melee playing style and a low defense that makes them difficult to master.  


MIR4 Taoist



They wield powerful and magical spears with a lot of range and a massive variety of mobility skills that enable them to punish their opponents and remain gallant at the same time. Lancers are arguably the best classes in PvP duels due to their unexpected sweeping strikes and mobility.  


MIR4 Lancer


Whatever class of fighter you decide to play with possesses promising and powerful abilities as your enjoyment of the game heavily depends on the class of fighter you choose. You can decide to play with a class that, despite not being very powerful, possesses cool magical skills that seem eye-catching to you.


The Combat System     

Being a mobile MMORPG game, MIR4 provides an auto-combat feature that puts the AI in control of your character and handles pretty much any opponents you come up against. However, if you're up against a powerful boss or enemy, we advise taking control of your character as the auto-combat feature doesn't help in such cases. 


MIR4 Combat System


It will be up to you to create your own attack strategies against an enemy by manually controlling your character. You'd be amazed at how well your skills and special attacks can help in battle. 


MIR4 also offers real-time action combat, allowing players to move their character in any direction they choose using the virtual joystick at the low left corner of the screen. You can move your character and use the attack and skills button on the right side to fight enemies, making the combat system straightforward. 


Players will have to be moving consistently to dodge enemy attacks while pressuring enemies with their own abilities. If you don't want to waste your special skills on inferior enemies, you can use the game's several basic attack buttons such as dashing, dodging, or attacking.


Using Potions and Consumables     

In order to keep your class in good shape and ready to go against opponents, consumables are one of the most effective things you should use. Consumables are good for your character's grinding experience as they are the items that will pretty much keep you alive during auto-farming. And in some cases, especially when fighting against an inferior enemy, you won't really need to use consumables as much unless the game's difficulty increases over time. 


MIR4 Mobile Game


Consumables can be purchased in portions from the game's vendors located in major hubs. You should visit these hubs and pick up as many consumables as you can buy, especially if you plan on farming with your character for an extended period of time. 


Additionally, you can attempt to adjust the rate at which you use your consumables by clicking on the gear icon that's placed next to the buttons. It is better to set both values to 30-35% of MP and HP for the most suitable results. This helps you avoid overusing all your portions in situations where you don't need them. 


Upgrading and customizing characters

After taking the time to carefully choose your character, you have to build them up and spend resources to upgrade them. Upgrading their threads, weapons, and skills is a great way to boost their performance on the battlefield by making them stronger and more susceptible to enemy attacks. Based on how you wish to enjoy the game, you can also customize your character anyhow you want them to look. 


Completing Daily Goals 

Mir4 gives players a total of 30 easy tasks that they can complete daily. These are not very important missions that take up much of your game time, and you can choose to complete them and gather the EXP points and other resources that you'll be rewarded with afterward. It'll take a while to complete all 30 daily tasks for sure, so you can simply pick the tasks that'll reward you with the necessary resources that you need and ignore the rest. 



That's it for our brief beginner's guide for MIR4. We hope our guide has been able to help you become familiar with some of the game's concepts as a new or existing MMORPG player. 

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