MIR 4 Mastering the Art of War


War is a game mode in MIR 4 in which all the players compete to get control of a Bigok. The clan that has occupied Bigok can get tax on black iron mined from the occupied Bigok until the next Bigok occupation. Non-Heavenly Siege Wars is a war content to cover the masters of non-heavens. The monarch of the clan who won the siege warfare ascends to the throne, rules the monarchy, and has the authority to grant official posts, invoke edicts, grant titles, want for nominations, and rewards. Below is everything you need to know regarding winning wars and what it has to offer.


Groan Interface:


mir 4 groan interface


Players can move to the territory window by touching the War - Territory tab in the. Here they can check the factions and monarchs that have occupied Bigok, the number of occupation days, the remaining time to start the Battle of Bigok, and the total amount of black iron mined. Players can also check the level, appearance, and obtainable rewards of the boss and the boss of Wailing.


To check whether or not you can enter Bigok. There are three ways to enter:


  • Use the portal from the 3rd floor to the 4th floor of Bigok.
  •  Select the 4th floor of Bigok on the mini-map and use it to move automatically or to use Agonjeonseo.
  •  Menu > War > Territory > After selecting each secret song, use the [Immediate entry] or [Enter] button at the bottom


All members of the clan participate in the battle of Bigok every Wednesday 22:00 – 23:00. Clans who wish to participate in the Battle of Bigok can only damage the Occupation Stones when they achieve Clan Skills > Clan Development > Tax Bureau Level 1 or higher.


Preparations Before Proceeding with the Occupation of Bigok:


Players can check peer identification through a name tag. Light Blue means that the faction is affiliated. The green one represents an alliance with a faction, while a red tag represents an opponent faction. If the player changes the battle mode to hostile mode, all users and monsters except party/moonpa/friend are recognized as attack targets.


Players can exclude recognition of attack targets for monsters by setting the 'Attack by users only' ON/OFF setting at the bottom. After checking the location of the occupation stone in the area you want to occupy, you can plan a siege/fortress strategy


Bigok Occupation Battle in Progress:


Five seconds before the start of the Battle for Occupation of Bigok, all personnel on the 4th floor of each Bigok except for the Mercury Munpa of the Bigok will be forced to leave the safe area. If ownership is changed due to the destruction of the occupation stone of the siege clan, characters without ownership will be forced to leave the safe area after 1 minute. After leaving the safe zone, the members of the clans can regroup and attempt to retake the occupation seat.


If ownership is changed due to the destruction of the occupying stone, the engraving of the clan that occupied the occupying stone begins. It takes 10 minutes to complete the engraving. If a member of the occupant with possession of the occupation stone is in the circle of recovery of the occupation stone, HP is restored. The faster the circle of recovery there is, the faster the HP is restored.


You can check the progress rules through the exclamation mark icon in the upper left corner of the control window in the game. After destroying the occupation stone during the occupation period, the engraving may continue to change as the clan ownership changes.


Victory Conditions for Conquest Battle of Bigok:


At the end of the Occupation War, the faction marks the Occupation Stone.


Occupation Stone Status:


Under Sealing


After destroying the Occupation Stone, the faction that owns the Occupation Stone is in a state of defense. Occupational stones whose ownership has been changed because they are destroyed becomes invincible for 1 minute.


Under protection


The battle for the occupation of Bigok is over, so players cannot attack the occupation stone.


In battle


The battle for the occupation of Bigok begins, and players can attack the occupation stone.


Precautions Before Occupying Bigok:


mir 4 precaution before occupying bigok


Anyone can participate in the Conquest War held on the 4th floor of each Bigok. If you do not belong to a clan or belong to a clan that is less than Level 1 of the Tax Bureau, you can attack, but you cannot damage the occupation stone. A clan can only own one scoundrel.


About Rewards:


Victory Clan


  • The clan gold coins will be awarded to the clan that has captured the secret.
  •  All members of the clan are rewarded with clan coins.
  •  The member who made the last blow (last blow) to the occupying seat will be selected as the MVP and receive a separate Clan Coin.




  • Players will have the right to obtain tax on the black iron mined in the occupied Bigok for one week until the next Bigok occupation.
  • 15% of the black iron mined in Bigok is paid to the Youngji Warehouse in Bigok at 4 am every day.
  • If there are no occupation factions, taxes are accumulated up to 1 trillion in the territory warehouse.
  • Players can check the daily black iron mining amount of each Bigok in real-time in Menu > War > Territory.


Use of Tax


  • Players can sell the black iron accumulated in the territory warehouse through the "Black Iron Merchant" at all times except the time before the occupation of Bigok.
  •  If they try to recover black iron that exceeds the warehouse holding limit from the black iron merchant, the excess will be lost.
  • Players can set the price to be sold at "how much (gold coins) per 10,000 black iron", and the sales proceeds will be paid to the clan safe in clan gold coins without deducting tax.


About the Black Iron Merchant:


The Black Iron Merchant is located at the entrance / Bicheonseong / Bamgol / Conduit on the 4th floor of each Bigok. You can reset the price and sell it regardless of the duration until the time before the next non-gok occupation. Anyone can purchase Black Iron, and the sale price is based on the price set by the Bigokju Munpa through the Black Iron Merchant.


Siege Interface:


mir 4 siege interface


In Siege Wars, players can enjoy amazing battles based on abundant finances by occupying the castle and additionally collecting a large portion of the transaction tax of the exchange and the bigok tax of Bicheon, Bamgol, and Jeokwolbigok. Players can move to the Unnatural window by touching the War - Territory tab in the menu.


Preparation for the Non-Perforated Crusade:


Clan Skill


Mastery of War: 


Acquired qualification for participation by achieving level 1 or higher of the Defense Formation. It also increases the number of members of the clan who can participate in war by acquiring emergency mobilization skills


Mastery of War > Emergency Mobilization After levelling up, skill activation when adjusting the number of war participants before non-heavenly siege warfare > Activate 'Emergency Mobilization' will be able to participate. For Example, after reaching level 5 of 'Emergency Mobilization' while there are 50 members of the clan, the maximum number of clan members is expanded to 82 for 3 hours and 32 members Players can join additional members, and you can participate in the war together.


Effect by Emergency Mobilization Level:


Lv. 01

Lv. 02

Lv. 03

Lv. 04

Lv. 05

Lv. 06

Lv. 07

Lv. 08

Lv. 09

Lv. 10












Effect duration is for 3 hours. When emergency mobilization ends, the maximum number of clan members will be restored to the original 50. If there are more members than the maximum number of members at the end of the emergency mobilization, all member functions will be temporarily disabled. If the total number of clan members is set to a maximum of 50 or less, all disabled clan functions will be normalized.


Siege War Participation Qualification Auction:


mir 4 siege war participation qualification


The auction for participation in the siege will be held at 00:00 on Thursday (24:00 on Wednesday), three days before the start of the siege in the 'In-game menu (+) > War > Territory > Non-Nature menu. If a bid is made 1 minute before the end of the auction, the auction time will be extended by 10 minutes, up to a maximum of 6 hours.


During the siege on March 14 (Sun) 22:00, the auction will be held from 00:00 on March 11 (Thu) to 23:59 on March 12 (Fri), up to March 13 (Sat) 06 It will be extended until 0:00.


First Siege Participation Qualification Auction Schedule Announcement:


March 11

March 12

March 13

March 14

Start Auction

End of auction

End of auction extension

Siege in progress



06:00 minutes 00 seconds

22:00 - 23:00


Siege Bidding Limits:


Clan > Skill > Warfare > Only clans that have achieved level 1 or higher of Defense Formation can bid in the auction. After one siege, the clan holding the castle cannot participate in the siege auction.


Siege warfare auction in progress:


The siege can be auctioned using the clan funds. The clan funds required for bidding competition must be used by converting clan gold coins into clan funds in the 'Goods Conversion' of the clan warehouse. The initial auction bid is 100,000 sect funds, and for subsequent bids, the amount is increased by 10% from the previous bid amount, and it is set as the minimum bid amount.


If a sect has submitted a bid higher than the bid amount paid by the bidder waiting for the successful bid, the bidder waiting for the successful bidder will receive a full refund. At the end of the auction, the bidder with the highest bid wins the bid, and the bid amount of the successful bidder is non-refundable.


If a siege is ripped off in the absence of a castle holding (Mercury) faction (including the first siege), when there is no bidding faction: Without a castle owner, the siege war will be invalid. While In the absence of a castle holding (fortress) faction (including the first siege) and only one faction bids: Designate the siege (bidding) faction as the owner of the castle without a siege. When there is a clan with a castle (Mercury), and there is no siege bid clan, the existing castle clan is maintained as the owner without proceeding with the siege.


Rules for the Non-Heavenly Crusade:


mir 4 rules for non heavenly crusades


Siege Program Information


Siege Cycle


Siege Starting time: Sunday 22:00 ~ 23:00


Siege Time: 60 minutes


Siege Battle Entry Time: Entry is possible from 21:50, 10 minutes before the start of the siege.


How to Enter


You can enter by pressing the [Enter Siege Battle] button in 'Menu (+) > War > Territory > Non-Nature' in the game.


Entry rules:


Entry Eligibility


Suseong (defense) camp can only have members of the Suseongmoon faction (max. 100) plus the members of the clan allied with the Crystal Moon faction (up to 50). The Siege (attack) faction are allowed to recruit members of the siege clan (up to 100) + members of the clan allied with the siege clan (up to 50). The maximum number is 100, including 50 members who have been expanded through the acquisition of emergency mobilization. Entry is not possible for clan members that are allied with both the Mercury and the Siege. The maximum number of allied factions is 20, but the number of people participating in the siege is limited to 50.


Restrictions to Maintain Entry Qualification:


The faction cannot be disbanded during the auction, and players cannot leave a clan during a siege (you can join, though). They are also Unable to apply for or accept alliances during the siege. During the siege battle, it is impossible to cancel the alliance with a clan that is qualified to enter. If the castle and siege factions are allied with each other, the alliance will be automatically cancelled 10 minutes before the start of the siege.


Siege War Faction Classification Criteria:



Mercury (defense) camp

Siege (Attack) Faction

When there is no castle holding (Mercury) clan

highest bid bid

second highest bid

When there is a clan with a castle (Mercury)

When there is a clan with a castle (Mercury)

highest bid bid


Non-Heavenly Crusade Start:


Dedicated PK mode (war) is applied when entering the siege and cannot be changed to another PK mode during the siege. Even if you are in a party with the opposing faction, you can attack the enemy camp due to the exclusive PK mode (war) priority.


Neutral Outpost:


This is a neutral respawn site that the besieging/siege camp can capture, and then they can be resurrected here if the siege side occupies it. If a character is located in a certain area around the resurrection flag, capture points can be acquired, and the occupation is completed when the specified control points are obtained.

If the enemy camp enters the area while acquiring control points, the acquisition of control points will be stopped. The faction that has captured the neutral outpost will respawn at the nearest respawn site.


Siege Tower/Giant Crossbow:


Siege Tower


Siege Tower can be summoned by consuming 2,500 clan funds through the Siege Weapon Merchant, and it is automatically moved to the castle wall. Players can easily climb the wall using the siege tower. Just remember that that mercury camp can attack and destroy it.


Giant Crossbow


Players can summon it by consuming 10,000 clan funds through the siege weapon merchant, and when deployed after summoning, attack the siege camp. Up to 4 giant crossbows can be summoned in the siege tower, and the higher the level of Munpa Skill > Siege Strategy, the less damage taken by friendly siege weapons + the damage received by enemy siege weapons can be increased.


Battle Status Board:


mir  4 battle status board


Players can see the battle status of the siege battle at a glance through the battle status board. They can also check Siege Weapons, Resurrection Sites, Castle Gates, and Occupation Stones. In the battle status board, players can check the current location and death location of allies. When commanding an ally, players can share tactical markers such as attack/retreat.


Siege Victory Conditions:


The siege (attack) clan that destroyed the occupancy stone within the siege period or the siege (defense) clan that secured the occupancy stone at the end of the siege won the siege. During the siege, players can earn ranking points by destroying the opposing faction's siege tower, giant crossbow, etc., or by dealing with the opponent's characters.


Non-Heavenly Crusade Rewards:


Siege Victory Clan Benefits


  • The winner can acquire 22,000 clan funds.
  • The King of Castles can purchase mounts exclusively for the King.
  • Exclusive items that can only be purchased and registered for sale by those who own a castle are provided in the Munpa Shop.


Victory Faction Reward


Ranking Points Acquired

Reward name

Compensation Details


General Yellow Dragon

Coins 100,000 + Black Iron 100,000 + Genuine 100,000 + Gumyorang's Blessing 2 + Battle Buff Balance 4

1 to 50

Third class yellow dragon

200,000 Coins + 200,000 Black Iron + 200,000 Jinki + Blessing of Gumyorang 4 + Battle Buff Balance 6

51 to 100

Second class yellow dragon public new product

Coins 200,000 + Black Iron 200,000 + Jinki 200,000 + Gumyorang's Blessing 6 + Battle Buff Balance 8

101 to 500

First Class Yellow Dragon

300,000 Coins + 300,000 Black Iron + 300,000 Genie + Blessing of Gumyorang 8 + Battle Buff Balance 10

501 to 1000

Hwangryong's official work of martial arts

300,000 Coins + 300,000 Black Iron + 300,000 Genie + Blessing of Gumyorang 10 + Battle Buff Balance 15

1001 to 5000

The golden dragon of the patriotic kingdom

Coin 500,000 + Black Iron 500,000 + Genuine 500,000 + Gumyorang's Blessing 15 + Battle Buff Balance 20


Defeat Faction Reward


Ranking Points Acquired

Reward name

Compensation Details

General Yellow Dragon Support Items

Coin 50,000 + Black Iron 50,000 + Genuine 50,000 + Gumyorang's Blessing 1 + Battle Buff Balance 2

1 to 50

Third-class yellow dragon support 

Coins 100,000 + Black Iron 100,000 + Genuine 100,000 + Gumyorang's Blessing 2 + Battle Buff Balance 4

51 to 100

Second class yellow dragon support 

Coin 100,000 + Black Iron 100,000 + Genuine 100,000 + Gumyorang's Blessing 3 + Battle Buff Balance 6

101 to 500

First-class Yellow Dragon support item 

150,000 Coins + 150,000 Black Iron + 150,000 Jinki + Blessing of Gumyorang 4 + Battle Buff Balance 8

501 to 1000

Unholy Yellow Dragon Support 

150,000 Coins + 150,000 Black Iron + 150,000 Jin Ki + 5 Gumyorang's Blessing + Battle Buff Balance 10

1001 to 5000

Support for the Yellow Dragon of the Patriots 

250,000 Coins + 250,000 Black Iron + 250,000 Jinki + Blessing of Gumyorang 10 + Battle Buff Balance 15


MVP Moon Pa-won


MVP rewards will be awarded to the 1st place with the highest earned ranking points among the winning and losing teams. All rewards will be sent by mail


MVP Rewards


MVP Rewards

Coin 1,000,000 + Black Iron 1,000,000 + Genuine 1,000,000 + Gumyorang's Blessing 20 + Battle Buff Balance 20


Estate Management:


mir 4 estate management




Until the victorious clan exists in the next siege, you will have the right to receive taxes based on the fees generated from the exchange and the amount of money collected from the grove. Thirty percent of the total of all fees generated on the exchange every day will be paid to the castle warehouse at 4 am every day.


Every day, 10% of the total amount collected from the Brigade is paid to the castle warehouse. Gold coins and black iron accumulated in the castle warehouse can be transferred to the clan warehouse occupying the castle and can also be paid to other clan groups. There is no separate fee for this.


By consuming the gold coins accumulated in the warehouse, the King or a member of a government official with authority can use functions such as titles, edicts, wanted, and rewards. The gold coins and black iron accumulated in the castle warehouse cannot be used from the start of the next non-perforated war bid to the end of the siege war.


Royal Authority:


The King of the castle is automatically selected as the King of the clan who won the siege. When Munju, the King of the castle, transfers the status of Munju, the status of the King that he had with him is also transferred. The King of the castle can grant official posts to members of his clan, and the monarch who has been conferred with the official posts can receive up to one effect of retaining official posts.


Information on Permissions by Office


government office

retention effect








All damage increased by 3%


All damage reduction 3%



Coin acquisition increase by 10%




Strike damage increase by 10%




Hunting drop rate increase by 15%




Critical attack damage increase by 10%




Edict (Server Buff):


The King and Honors can provide special buff effects to all characters on the server for a certain period of time. When using the mandate, the tax stored in the castle is consumed.



issuance cost


holding time

number of triggers

training book

5,000 gold coins

Hunting experience increase 15%

3 hours

5 times in 3 weeks

hunting book

5,000 gold coins

25% more coins earned

10 times in 3 weeks

collection book

5,000 gold coins

Item drop rate 15%

5 times in 3 weeks

Gathering Encouragement

2,500 gold coins

10% increase in gathering speed


mining power

2,500 gold coins

10% increase in mining speed


encouraging practice

2,500 gold coins

10% increase in fortune-telling speed





The King and Sama can give titles to members of the clan or other characters. However, both official positions and titles cannot be granted at the same time. The title cannot be released until the granting authority releases it.




Effect 1

Effect 2


hall of glory

All Attack Damage +2%

All Damage Reduction +2%


Physical Attack +20

Physical Defense +20


Magic Attack +20

Spell Defense +20


Coins earned +3%

Drop Chance +3%


Luck drop +3%



Magic Regeneration +3%



+5% Mining Haste

Gathering acceleration +5%


Monster Attack Damage +3%




physical attack -50

Spell Attack -50


Increase damage

from monsters +3% (Damage from monsters decreases -3%)



Health potion effect -3%

Experience gained -3%


Drop Chance -3%

Coins earned -3%




The King and general can order specific characters on the server to be wanted. Gold coins are given as a reward when the wanted person is killed, and the debuff effect is applied to the dead wanted person.


wanted name

wanted cost


kill reward

Debuff effect when the wanted person dies


500 gold coins

24 hours

350 gold coins

10% reduction in the amount of money acquired when hunting for 6 hours

(up to 5 people at the same time)

heinous criminal

1500 gold

12 hours a day

1050 gold coins

10% decrease in EXP acquired when hunting for 12 hours

(up to 3 people at the same time)


3000 gold coins

2 days 8 hours

2100 gold coins

Decreases all ATK by 100 for 24 hours

(maximum 1 player at the same time)




The King and the Seungsang can reward certain characters on the server with boxes packed with various items. Rewards in the game consume a certain cost and are notified by a message from the server that when it will award a rare or higher reward.


box name


number of payment limits

Legendary Award

2000 gold coins


Hero Award

1000 gold coins


Rare Award

500 gold coins


advanced award

200 gold coins


general reward

100 gold coins



Siege Eve:


mir  4 seige eve


Siege Eve is a siege-exclusive event where you can support the camp that wants the victory while the siege doesn't start, and here they can wait to obtain special rewards.


Siege Eve Period:


It runs for six days from Monday to Saturday of the week before the siege. For Example, if the siege is scheduled to take place on June 20 (Sun), it will be held from June 14 (Mon) to June 19 (Sat)


How to Participate in Siege Eve:


Select the event menu after logging into the game (the firecracker icon in the upper left corner). From the menu on the event page, select the 'Siege Eve' tab. During the event period, players can obtain a victory drum with a certain probability by hunting in the field, the elite, the labyrinth, or the pit, and by using the victory drum item, click the 'Cheer' button on the side wishing for victory, either on the siege or on the side of the fortress. Players can participate by pressing.


A Player can acquire up to 100 'Victory Drums' items per day during the event period. Cheering' can support up to 10 times and up to 60 times a day during the event period. All Victory Book items will disappear at 00:00 on Sunday, the start of the siege.


At 00:00 on Sunday on the siege, players can check the faction that won the cheering match, and the 'battlefield drum sound' effect applied only to the siege zone is applied to the winning camp. The sound of drums on the battlefield applies the effect of increasing all damage by 3% and reducing all damage by 3%.


When leaving the siege zone, the "Battlefield Drums" effect will be deleted.


The Reward for Participating in the Siege Eve Cheering event:


Players can acquire "Siege Kingdom Bohap" when cheering for the siege side and "Suseong Kingdom Bohap" when cheering on the Mercury side. (Acquire 1 item per cheering). They can acquire up to 60 Siege Kingdom Bohap and Mercury Kingdom Bohap during the event period, and 'Kingdom Bogam Plaque' items acquired using Bohap can be registered in Bogam from 00:00 the next day after the Siege War ends.




Taking part in Wars is a very important aspect of MIR 4. The unique Siege Mechanic can be hard to learn as many things are surrounding it. But if a player spends some time and master the art of war, they are bound to succeed. This guide will help you learn everything that you need to know regarding the games war mode so that you won't end up wasting your time.

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