7 Essential Tips You Should Know About When Playing Mobile Legends


7 Essential Tips You Should Know About When Playing Mobile Legends


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a MOBA game that is developed by Moonton studios. Just like League of Legends: Wild Rift, the game is a 5v5 that allows you to select multiple unique character classes, each put in a specific lane with the sole objective of farming opinions to get 'farmed.'


You then need to take down the enemy buildings in a map that is entirely mirrored using tactics and items that you have purchased to get an edge on the enemy. The game has taken off in popularity in recent years, especially with constant new updates that include new heroes and character skins.


1. Fix Your Performance:


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a game that requires constant attention. Therefore, your entire gaming experience should remain uninterrupted. There are a few settings that you can turn on, and options you can follow that should help improve your performance on the game itself and make sure that you get the best experience possible.


Firstly, go to the settings tab and go towards Network settings. Over there, turn on Network Boost and Speed Mode. Both of these options might consume a lot more of your total internet but will generally end up giving you much smoother performance overall in terms of networking.


Moreover, we recommend that you tone down or amp up your graphics settings according to your specifications to not be bottlenecked by anything other than your skill.


2. Watch your Minimap:


7 Essential Tips You Should Know About When Playing Mobile Legends


A lot of players forget about the minimap for most of the game. This tool is perhaps the most important one that you must use to your advantage. Firstly, your minimap provides you with complete information about what particular enemy is currently missing from the map, alerting you of ganks. Moreover, you get an idea of what is happening around each lane. Furthermore, you also understand what heroes are present at particular places on the map.


You can use the minimap to ping important places quickly and can also use it to quickly jump to a particular location on the map rather than scrolling or panning there yourself. In any case, the minimap is an essential part of your overall gameplay. It must be utilized as much as possible.


You can always change the minimap hero icon size, the size of the minimap itself, and other essential aspects. As the game allows a lot of customization, you can tailor make your own HUD experience, including the Mini Map, to suit your particular needs more.


3. Do Not Camp Lanes:


When queueing as any role or character in the game, you have a specific role and lane in your head that you need to fulfill. After you get into your match, you should start moving to that lane instantly. After doing so, start playing that lane. If you feel like you are unable to play the lane, you should not keep dying. This process is called feeding. If you keep staying in the lane, you will probably not get any farm alongside the fact that you will keep making the enemy stronger.


7 Essential Tips You Should Know About When Playing Mobile Legends


In the cases, we recommend that instead of camping lanes, you should probably rotate to any other lane on the map. Of course, a rotation would mean that it's not just you who goes to a different lane. The individual on that particular lane should rotate as well. So, clear communication is the key. Surprisingly, even if you are stomping and winning a lane, the best option for you is to stick to it rather than abandon it.


4. Ward Areas You Are Worried About:


Vision is the most important part of any MOBA title. In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, each character is given a free ward, which they can use for vision. If you are not standing next to an area, you cannot see it even on your minimap. There are particular spots on the map, such as the river and areas closer to the jungle, that you should always ward, especially if you are playing in that region.


5. Stick To Item Guides:


Item Guides are devised by players who are much better than you. Therefore, following them would be quite a smart choice for most players. Try to understand why the guide recommends a particular item and the reasoning behind it. If you succeed in doing so, you will end up developing a routine of knowing what to build at a specific point on your favorite character.


6. Always Replay Matches:


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has a thriving E-Sports scene. Tournaments are filled with extremely skilled players who exploit everything about their particular hero and use it to its maximum potential. Therefore, it makes sense for you to take some time out and watch some replay s or professional game s. Like the item builds, you should understand why a particular action was done so you can emulate it in your own game the next time.


7. Keep Open Lines of Communication:


7 Essential Tips You Should Know About When Playing Mobile Legends


Communication is an integral part of any team game, including Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The most significant advantage the game gives you in terms of communication is that you can chat via text and audio. These interactions are significant, especially in Ranked matches where every microsecond of lost time matters.




While other MOBAs have tried to take its throne, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang remains a dominant game with a terrific fan following. With a growing competitive scene, the game has kept its player base alive by introducing a chain of constant updates that have always added a sense of depth to the game.


All these tips should help you understand the many nuances of the game and develop a greater sense of the strategy present In the game and what particular aspects make the most sense given certain situations. In any case, your gameplay should drastically improve only with a bit of practice.

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