Epic Seven Charlotte and Roana Drop Rate Ups with Updates 2021.07.15


Hello to all adventurous Epic Seven players, and now it has been so long since the game revolved within the RPG world. This fantasy-themed RPG has taken the hearts of many RPG lovers since its official release, and there you see the strongest heroes are fighting against the destruction that happened in the 7th world. The 2D animations in this game have also added unique features to the game, and its engaging plot with PVP arenas and so on will never fail to give amazements for the players.


Epic Seven Charlotte and Roana Drop Rate Ups with Updates 2021.07.15


Epic Seven is always taking the chance to maintain its popularity due to its unique movements and time to time updates. These updates add several unique features to the game, and there are also events for the players to earn some advanced features to their gameplay.


By that talking, we have reached another update on 15th July, and it now comes as two banners on Charlotte and Roana with newly added contents. These are drop rate up banners, and what are we going to be offered with those two and new updates? Well, this is your guide.


Drop Rate Up – Roana & Touch of Rekos 


Epic Seven Charlotte and Roana Drop Rate Ups with Updates 2021.07.15


This drop rate up event has been scheduled to start on 15th July after it is 03.00 UTC and you are no longer be able to participate in the event after it is 02.59 UTC on 22nd July. We recommend you play Epic Seven on PC to enjoy these all updates with some advanced features.


This is the first event we will talk about from two banners, and within this drop rate up the event, you will meet the Roana. Roana is a Soul Weaver from earth element, and she is capable of containing heroes who are specialized in counterattacks and for dual attacks. This is done due to the unique abilities Roana holds. They allow her allies to be healed after they have been damaged by some extra attacks, dual attacks, and counterattacks.


Players have the opportunity to obtain exclusive artifacts of soul weavers and the Touch of Rekos, which is recovering all allies' health after they have been attacked. So they are generally so helpful for players to be highly effective against enemies who are skilled with AOE skills. Let's take a more look at Roana as follows.


Roana Introduction 


Epic Seven Charlotte and Roana Drop Rate Ups with Updates 2021.07.15


This is an elemental earth hero who excels on soul weaver, and she is a 5-star hero to Epic Seven. She is increasing the survivability of her team by buffs while encountering her enemies who are using extra attacks, dual attacks, and counterattacks. There are three skills hold by her to be effective in the game.


  • Soul Purification – this skill can attack the enemies who have a noble power, and it will grant a barrier on allies who has the lowest health to be last for over two turns. Barrier strength is increasing proportionally to the caster’s maximum level of  health. So it is generally increasing the survivability of the whole team in a crisis. Soul burn of this skill grants a barrier for all the allies for over two turns after an attack.


  • Vigilant Eye is the second skill Roana holds, and by using this skill, she is recovering all the allies' health when they have been attacked with additional attacks, dual attacks, or counterattacks. She is also increasing the combat readiness of her team by 5% for each attack that happened to allies. The recovery amount will always be equal to the Caster’s  maximum health, and the amount of attacked allies. Roana recovers her allies by this skill.


  • Noble Rekos – on this skill, before it has been awakening, granting a reviving on all the allies for up to two turns. After this skill has been awakened, Roana is recovering the health of her allies using the grace of Rekos. And she is also granting a revive-up for two turns on the game. The amount of increasing recovery will always be going proportional to the maximum health of the Caster.


Introduction to the Artifacts  


Touch of Rekos is a soul weaver artifact of exclusive which is recovering the health of allies of Roana after their Caster is being attacked. This artifact assists the Caster in keeping a stable value of health for all the allies, and it is a most effective counter for the enemies who are using the AOE attacks.


On her Artifact Touch of Rekos, basic stats on attack 9 and 76 of health are on it. And the maximum enhancement of these stats will be 117 for attack and 988 for health. This is an artifact handed down by God called Rekos after a built of the Spirit Shrine. This item contains a god power, and the shaman of the most qualified has bestowed it.


Artifact skills are


  • Level 1 – on Level one, recovering all the allies' health by 5.0% after being attacked. You are getting a one-only chance to activate this per a turn, and the amount you are recovering will always be proportioned to your target's maximum health.


  • In maximum, this artifact skill is recovering all the allies' health by 10.0% amount after they have been attacked. It will only be activated once per turn, and the amount you are going to recover increasing is always being proportional to your target's maximum health.


Granted System for Summon 


Each summons will case a summon counter here to decrease by one number, and it is a maximum of 120 summons. If a player doesn't take a chance to receive a featured hero after their 120th summons, then the next summons guarantees 100% for summoning that hero. If you still didn't get the featured hero by summoning, then the counter for the summon will be reset.


Probability of the Summon 


The hero here has a 46.75% probability of summoning five stars Roana for 1%, a 4-star hero for 4.5%, and a 3-star hero for 41.25%. artifacts are guaranteeing 53.25% of summon including 5 star Touch of Rekos for 1.05%, 5 star artifact for 0.7%, 4 star artifact for 6.5% and 3 star artifact for 45%. Remember that players may check a more detailed probability of summoning by going into the Roana and the Touch of Rekos Drop rate up banner.


Drop Rate Up – Charlotte & Ritual Sword 


Epic Seven Charlotte and Roana Drop Rate Ups with Updates 2021.07.15


This is the second banner we see on this update, and in here, you will meet Charlotte, who is known to be the Fire Elemental Knight. She is used in the game where we are attacked by an enemy or used a basic attack and obtained a fighting spirit. Charlotte is dealing with the most significant damage to all her enemies by using her skills. And there is an artifact of this hero give to the players as Knight.


This hero drop-up rat will commence on 15th July by the time 03.00 UTC, and you can enjoy the drop rate up until it is 22nd July 02.59 UTC. The 5-star hero Charlotte and her 5-star artifact called Elbris Ritual Sword have the highest summoning rate on this event period.


Charlotte Introduction 


Epic Seven Charlotte and Roana Drop Rate Ups with Updates 2021.07.15


Charlotte is a 5-star fire elemental knight, and she is capable of gaining a fighting spirit when there is an attack. She does this when she is being attacked, and then she is going to use the Vortex, which is capable of inflicting the most severe damage on all her enemies. A successful attack she does with Vortex will always hit a massive critical hit, and Dual Sword will land on the critical hit until it is missing on the use of charlotte turn. There is a high damage guarantee in here despite Charlotte's chances of the critical hit.


Check out the Full Tier List from here.


Her skills are


  • Dual Sword – attacking all the enemies with dual swords by having a 35% chance of decreasing the attack on one turn. When there is a buffed caster, dual swords will become the highest attack that can target all the enemies when we used them within the turn of Caster. This skill increases the combat readiness of the Caster by 20% of the amount right after the attack on changed attacks. And there is a successful attack that will happen with those changed attacks, resulting in a critical hit. Changed attacks are not going to trigger any kind of dual attack.


  • Will of the Swamp – after there is an attack, Caster is gaining ten amounts of fighting spirit, and it is granting increased attacks the defense over one turn. When it is caster turn and happening an attack, it is acquiring a doubled fighting spirit. You have one chance per turn to increase the attack and the defense.


  • Vortex – When Vortex is not yet awakened, it cuts down all the enemies while making a spin and making those enemies unhealable for over two turns. After this skill has been awakened, it is cutting down all the enemies while doing the spin, and it is also making them unhealable for over two turns. There will be a successful attack is always resulting in a hit of critical.


Introduction to the Artifact 


The artifact used here is the Elbris Ritual Sword. It can be identified as an exclusive artifact that has an opportunity to counterattack when an ally is being attacked. This will not include the Caster on it. This artifact delivers some unexpected attack to the enemies, and it is done when it has been equipped by a hero who has the strongest basic attacks or the debuff abilities to the game.


This 5-star artifact has basic stats on the attack for 15 and 54 for health. When it is maximumly enhanced, the attack will become 195, and health is going for 702. Elbris Ritual Sword is identified as a ceremonial sword that the elves have handed down for over a thousand years. This blade has been infused by various magic springs. And the one who owns this Sword is becoming the king of the Elves.


Artifact skills of this blade are


  • Level 1 – there is a 10.0% chance of counterattacking the enemies when allies are being attacked except for Caster.


  • Maximum Level – there is a 20.0% chance of counterattacking for enemies when allies are being attacked except for Caster.


Summon System of Guaranteed 


Each summons in here is causing a summon counter for a decrease by one. And there is 120 summons for the max. If there is a player who is not receiving their featured hero after spending 120 summons, it is guaranteeing a 100% of chance of allying summon that hero. If there is a summoned featured hero, then the counter for summoning will be reset.


Probability of Summon 


Hero has a 46.75 amount of probability, including 1% for five stars Charlotte, 4.5% for a 4-star hero, and 41.25% for a 3-star hero. For the artifacts, there are 53.25% included with 1.05% on 5 star Elbris Ritual Sword, 0.7% on 5 star artifact, 6.5% on 4 star artifact and 45% on 3 star artifact.


Important Notes 


Players have to remember that the drop rate up applies only for this banner when there is still an event. And the players have the opportunity to use both these guaranteed drop rate up banners with the regular summons of the covenant. You will not see moonlight heroes within this banner of drop rate ups.


There is a probability rate for the featured 5-star hero as it increased by 1% when a player has summoned this banner. And there will be no other 5-star hero to be summoned.


Update Contents on 15th July 


Several events came up with the game with these newly updated contents as follows.


Frosty Kiss – Advent Side Story 


Epic Seven Charlotte and Roana Drop Rate Ups with Updates 2021.07.15


Our hero, Elisia of the Ice, will meet up with our heirs with a new, improved look. Players have to challenge this side story, and they have to acquire a light connection by these challenges. There are also several types of rewards on this event with the most significant modifications.


The event has been scheduled for 15th July at 03.00 UTC, and it will run until its 02.59 UTC on 29th July. You can enter on to this adventure by clearing up episode two from the coater 10 to 10 and then going to the lobby. After that, tap on the Battle, and there is the side story.


This stage is consisting of 3 levels of difficulties as Epic Hell, Hell, and Hard. Players can choose a higher difficulty level after being successfully cleared out of one Level before that Level. The Level Epic Hell can clear up to 5 times during the period of the side story.


Event Currencies 


Epic Seven Charlotte and Roana Drop Rate Ups with Updates 2021.07.15


There are two types of currencies on this side story as follows.


  • Regular Currency – this is the White Snake Scales, and they are transparent and so cold as just like Ice as it has been touched with the breath of Elisia. The location this Currency is placed at the Hard Hell.


  • Special Currency – special Currency is the White Snake Fangs. They are filled with come bitter type of cold, and they are harp fangs to the game. You can see them on the Epic hell exchange.


Please note that if you have collected these White Snake Scales, you can use them to exchange in White Snake Fangs, and the chances for doing so will be maximum of 10 turns.


Elements Enhanced 


If you need to have an enhanced buff element, there should be two heroes assigned  within the same element. The enhanced element buffs received by each team will be varied, and the amount of buff will always be proportioned to the number of heroes within the same element. Fowling is the enhanced element that you can gain in the game.


  • Level 1 – the condition on this will be two heroes within the same element, and team one will gain a 20% increased speed. Team two is getting a 20% increase in maximum health while team 3 has a 20% increased in the attack.


  • Level two – the condition here will be three heroes within the same element, and team one will gain an increased 40% of speed. Team two is gaining an improved 40% maximum health while team 3 gains an increased 40% attack.


Remember that the saving on this Advent Side Story is not going to be remained until the next story comes on advent side. And the players are not able to take EXP, penguin mileage, or the Friendship from Advent Side story.




Players in this story are getting a chance to exchange their currencies for the items in the Exchange. And the players will be gain an opportunity to exchange these event currencies for the items up to one week after the end of the side story. Those currencies which have not been used will be deleted after the period ends.


Take a chance on looking up to our Epic Seven Reroll Guide. You will gain the best method to earn your best and favorite heroes.




So that is all we are getting with the 15th July update on Epic Seven. Ensure to take these all opportunities before the event period runs out to make your gameplay a lot better. They will be helpful for you to grow within your Epic Seven game with several features. Hurry up, take a part of these all before the time runs up.

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