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Last Updated: 2022-12-05
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Works. Not having root access sometimes makes it hard but it's not the app's fault, so... Thanks a lot. One thing though, you can use up and down arrows to go through command history, but since you don't have the right and left arrow on the bar, it's extremely hard to change the last command without deleting the most of it. Simply add left and right arrows, please.


Great app!! But it's apparently not working correctly on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A with 8'' screen I bought a few nights ago. Characters aren't appearing on the screen immediately after being pressed on the onscreen keyboard. But a sequence of characters appears after I press the spacebar. I looked online, and other people say they're having the same problem. When will this problem be fixed? I don't know if it's a problem with Termux, or the onscreen keyboard, or other part of the Samsung Galaxy, or some combination of those three, etc. But Termux seems to work fine on my larger Samsung Galaxy, and on my OnePlus 6t smart phone.


For what it sets out to do, this app is perfect. However, I do have one minor complaint that keeps it this app from being 5 stars and that is unless your phone keyboard supports it, there doesn't seem to be an obvious way to shift the cursor left or right. Only up and down which can be frustrating at times. Maybe sliding horizontally on the touch screen could shift the cursor left or right depending on the direction?

Run Termux on PC


Termux is an app that eases your updating and installing issues within a single place by Fredrik Fornwall. It will combine the strongest terminal emulation for an extensive collection of Linux, and this will be the Linux environment that works for you without having any setup or rooting. The best emulator: LDPlayer 9 can give you superior features as its user while you are using it on this best platform.


Small Base System, Access Servers, Text-Based Games, Coding, and Many More


When you first enter the Termux, you will only be downloaded with a small base system, and the following packages will be downloaded afterward. There are zsh shells as well as the bash to be enjoyed here, and you are allowed to access the servers over ssh. If in case you need some editing, Termux also allows you to edit with vim as well as with nano.


There is a python console here, which we can use as a pocket calculator, and the app compiles the codes with clang as well as with GCC. There are so many projects to be checked out with subversion and git, and for more enjoyment, you can run some text-based games in Termux using frotz. Termux also comes with a help option where you can learn more by accessing it.


Wider Screen for the Linux Environment and Android Terminal Emulator


Wanna get Termux on a bigger screen? That would be the best place to enjoy all features offered by the app. Look nowhere else but the LDPlayer 9 because the bigger screen that you want to enjoy the app is in there for all the users.


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