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Last Updated: 2022-12-19 Current Version: 1.6.3
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would rate the auto clicker app developed by True Developer Studio as a 3.5 out of 5 stars. The addition of horizontal and vertical lines for the controls is a useful feature that enhances the app's usability and makes it easier for users to navigate. The inclusion of a hold button is also a welcome addition, as it allows users to perform continuous clicking tasks without the need to repeatedly tap the screen. However, there is a significant issue with the app automatically turning off in the Ac


It is perfection. It's free. It clicks is almost as fast as you want. I'm pretty sure there's no point in clicking any faster and it is very easy to use. Play online games with it and you can't even get ads. It's perfect. Nothing beats it except for ones that make capable of clicking faster but those ones probably aren't, freeee!


Not only an auto clicker, but can also be used to automate repetitive tasks. Multi target mode can be used to perform a series of taps and swipes, which can be used to automatically watch ads for you in games. The only minor issue for me (pixel 3a android 11) is that accessibility service breaks if it isn't used very often and has to be disabled and re-enabled.

Run Auto Clicker - Automatic Tap on PC


Auto Clicker - Automatic Tap is, as the name says, an app for your repeating taps by True Developer Studio. With this, you no longer need to go with your multiple repeating taps one by one and the app Auto Clicker - Automatic Tap will provide it for you at any intervals that you want to make it happen. The best emulator: LDPlayer 9 can provide the best features for this app that doesn’t come with its default settings.


Easy to use and Multiple Taps


Auto Clicker - Automatic Tap is very easy to use and makes users ease their everyday activities within seconds. The UI seems to be user-friendly, and anyone can get into this app easily. If in need, it also comes with support for multiple swipes as well as for click points.


There is no need to have root access to this app, and you will be provided with a floating control panel to go with the automatic tap. Using it lets you decide if it needs to start or stop. The app is the ideal for click games. There is also a global timer run here for a specific time, and the automatic scripts can be exported and imported here.


Switching to the Mode as Per Your Need


Although Auto Clicker - Automatic Tap is a brilliant app, it doesn’t allow you to switch between portrait and landscape mode, so this might be an issue when you play some games. But with LDPlayer 9, this will not be a longer issue because it allows you to switch between these modes from a PC. So you can now play the game as you want from whatever switching mode you need.


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