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Last Updated: 2023-02-06 Current Version: 2.7.6
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So, I've been reviewing a bunch of VPN on Play Store and this VPN is the FASTEST FREE VPN and THE BEST I've ever seen! The ads on this app in my experience is very good. However, the downsides of this app is the server availability and the app design. This VPN only offers a few servers among other free VPN app, but it covered all area for people in the world. It got U.S covered, Europe, Asia but not very for people in Russia and Australia. I can't confirm how good the speed for those area tho.


Great app. Doesn't bother you with too many ads. Just when you connect and disconnect. Allows you to use proxy on selected apps, which is amazing. Has a few countries that you can manjally choose from to connect.


This was fantastic for a while but now it's saying "please allow app running in background by disabling battery optimization in yoir phone settings" I have done so. Theessagw still shows. I have tried everything. Message still shows.

Run Super VPN on PC


Super VPN is an application which belongs to the tool category where you can access free VPN with super privacy protections. No need to be signed in to this application, but you can connect with servers in various regions through just one tap. Since this Super VPN lets you use multiple regional servers, you can easily access all the blocked content. The LDPlayer 9 is the best emulator to run Super VPN on PC quickly and efficiently. With its features and tools, you can run the application smoothly. 


Super VPN Features


  • No registrations or sign-ups are needed. 

  • Through just one tap, you can connect with servers in different locations. 

  • Many servers are available in different regions and locations to make the users comfortable without making them feel limited.

  • Protect the users' privacy and never let third-party applications trace the users' private information. 

  • With this Super VPN, users can access all the blocked content unavailable for their region. 

  • You can connect to more than twenty-four countries.

  • Unlimited bandwidth to connect with better speed. 


Access to Almost all the Unavailable Content


Depending on the region you live in, you may not be able to access games only released to a limited number of areas. You can use the Super VPN application and easily access the unavailable games. Therefore, when you play games through the Super VPN application, it is better to use LDPlayer 9 to run this app on your PC as it allows you to play games you access through these VPN servers on a broader screen with better optimizations.


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