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Last Updated: 2022-11-22
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It's been a long time since I've come across an app game I really have fun playing. This game is it. I wish there were more games like this you can play on my phone. Most of the games are mediocre at best and the ads just drive me crazy. I'm mainly a console and pc gamer in which I pay upfront for the cost of the game. Not in app purchases.


Even free games have cloud save. During the free portion I didnt get a sense of roguelike replayability or grinding for levels or upgrades. Is it just a story you play through then your done? I didn't understand what I would be buying.


beautiful strategic game, reminds me of my childhood playing old school strategy games exploring and conquering bases, really worth it, good aesthetics and challenging levels forcing players to use their wits

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Xeno Command coming from the ChillyRoom is a real-time strategy game, and this game is one that will be suited for those who want to be a commander. The game is enriched with roguelike elements from its gameplay, and you will have a galaxy here to battle as well as to defend. LDPlayer 9 is the best emulator to play Xeno Command that can provide you with the best features to optimize your gameplay as per your wish.



As from the gameplay, Xeno Command is making you lead a powerful army with some strong heroes on it, and their main aim is to defend their galaxy. The reason is that some aliens have invaded it, and now you must go through so many battles to save the galaxy.


Multi Factional Heroes, Battles, Skills, and Roguelike Elements


Xeno Command is rich from so many powerful heroes who come from 4 factions, and each of them will be unique with their skill sets, constructions, powers, and also with their units. You have to deploy these heroes to beat your enemies, and it will clear you a way to build up a powerful army as well as to have proper construction.


As the commander to all these heroes, you will be the savior for this entire galaxy, and it is a must to get the full use of your commands with the best strategies as it can lead you to have the quickest win from the battles.


Better View with Better Visuals


If your tiny heroes are not so friendly for your vision, why not try the game from a wider screen with some enhanced graphics? That is exactly what you have from the LDPlayer 9. If you play the game from it, there will be the best visuals with a better view for your gameplay for sure.


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