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An excellent port of a pretty decent wargame system. Not the deepest, but reasonably engaging and very versatile, covering many different conflicts fairly well. The only problem with the Android version is the pricing. While the PC version has packs that are more or less competitively priced, in this one battles must be purchased individually and the cost adds up quickly. Barring that, this is one of the most seamless wargaming experiences on Android today.


So the game will load now, but i cant even get past the tutorial because the arrow buttons dont work. Also, Your Really only gonna make one acutal map for free? Listen, i know you need money, but this is just trickery. If anything, once you know all the kinks are ironed out, make it a paid game, id buy it


Unable to install on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 lite. It installs 288 mb and then it kicks out of installation. I will re-rate if you solve my problem. I have sent you email.

WAW is a unique strategy turn-based game concept, on a boardgame spirit, which aims at simulating in one single system ALL conflicts throughout the world (and beyond) from Prehistoric times to nowadays, from grand massive wars to asymmetrical conflicts.

The Main Game Features includes:
• Game is turn-based, using the I GO U GO system, each player taking one side (sides involve sometimes more than one nation).
• The map is divided into numerous regions, with various terrains and sometimes structures (ports, fortresses, airports ...), and potentially sources of income when necessary.
• When maintenance and purchase of forces is needed, or to acquire new event cards, a simple income system is activated.
• Combat units may be from the land, naval or air domains. You will find different types, such as infantry, cavalry, artillery, guerrillas, submarines, flat tops, fighters, elephants, anti-aircraft batteries, etc ... All of which can be combined into different stacks for easy handling.
• Leaders are crucial in the game, as they have three main usages: first they give bonus to the base combat values of their stacks, second their morale values are use to check victory or defeat levels, and lastly they are necessary to launch attacks on the enemy.
• Two opposing stacks in the same region generate a battle, which is resolved in a semi-tactical way in two successive rounds. The game automatically calculates the various bonus and penalties of sides, their respective morale levels, allows for event cards play, and they each combat unit of each side shoots simultaneously (in most cases) at the enemy. Losses are taken in terms of hits and panics. The moral level of the initial army affected by the losses and panics suffered, which in turn may lead to rout, pursuit and breakthroughs.
• Multiple Events Cards packs are granted to each side, that they will use to influence all aspects of the game, such as alliances, income, movement, weather, leadership, number and quality of troops and finally many tactical aspects for the battles. This ensures both a real uncertainty in the game and a great replayability potential.

The application contains the scenario Normandy 1944. Several other scenarios are purchasable in content inApp, including: Hamilkar 264 (First Punic War), Hastings 1066 (Conquest of England), Saratoga 1777 (American War of Independence), Waterloo 1815 (Napoleonic wars), Bull Run 1861 and Missouri 1861 (Civil War), Tannenberg 1914 (World War I), Malaya 1941 (WW2 Malaysian campaign), Bulge 1944 (WW2 Battle of the Bulge), Berlin 1945 (End of World War II) ) and Six Days 1967 (Six Day War).

Other scenarios will be added regularly.
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