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Last Updated: 2022-09-22
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So it's a idle game. Art is similar to the oatmeal art. Leveling is not bad. There is some stuff that I don't understand right away but by playing you figure it out. The pay wall is massive but you don't really need it. Ads are optional. Not a bad attempt at a game here just wish there was a bit more of a upgrade tree for launchers


Very greedy that you bundle simply disabling ads with your most expensive package. Also that there's not a single automatic launcher you can earn through gameplay. Not even a fairly slow one. On top of that... loot boxes. It feels like you were trying to check all the boxes of predatory practices with this one.


Being a premium game that costs cash you would think there would not be ads, however there is. To remove the few ads you have to spend another $80, which also gets you in game items that you can't get without paying for them. This business model screams as a cash grab from a greedy dev. It is disappointing to see such things. Don't make a game that you are going to sell for cash then ask for more cash for in game items. As for the game it's pretty simplistic yet not bad.

■Missile RPG: VIP Mode Launched!
1. Get 500 Uranium.
2. Get 5 Auto-fire Boost.
3. Get 200 Leech.

Kill All Demons with your holy missiles

Rip and Tear all Demonic Portals and destroy bosses

Upgrade Missiles and Units to Survive

Clicker RPG, Missile simulator
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