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Last Updated: 2021-03-23 Current Version: 1.27.0
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Nice modern themed strategy game. I like the ideas behind it a lot. As for the p2w part, it is unavoidable for this type of game. The only reason i give it 4 stars is because you cannot even watch replays with actual fights, let alone participate in them. I know it is quite a lot to ask for, but some fight animations or an after battle replay could help the game at least a bit. Otherwise, keep up the good work, because it is a nice game. Update: switched to a redmagic6, doesn't scale resolution


The good things: 1) you can store part of your troops and resources in the bunker depending on its upgrades levels; 2) you can play relaxed and not worrying too much about bullies and teams attacking you as the base will auto repairs after sometime as long as you store the troops in the bunker; 3) you can choose to spend some money on resources or nothing at all depending on how fast you want to grow; 4) there are always plenty of mini missions available that prize you with troops and resources also you can attack smaller bases for some small resources; 5) it's very easy to create an account and play the game across multiple devices. The bad thing: the game sometimes has too many pop up windows one after the other showing offers to buy this and that, it's very bad and frustrating.


The only few problems with this game is.That it cost to much for everything nothing is really free that you really need. And if it is.. Then it takes to long to get on build up. The biggest problem. is that it runs slow, like way to damn slow. when you send troops out. Even if you use a boost on time. The game looks so good. But missing the things that makes people wanna be hook. Speed the game up when sending troops out. And make it easy for us to get upgrades. The wait time is to much..

Step into the next generation of MMO strategy in Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare. Train your troops, build your base and command an army against your enemies. Conquer Black Sites and outposts full of resources, and team up with friends to take total control of the battlefield!

The year is 2037, and the evil Phoenix Corporation has taken control of Selva De Fuego - the world’s only source of a new lifesaving serum. The world has declared war on Phoenix, giving every private military and mercenary force a green light to invade Selva De Fuego and do whatever it takes to crush the rogue corporation.

This where you come in. As the commander of a division of seasoned soldiers of fortune, your mission is to defeat Phoenix before your rivals - but it won’t be easy. Standing between you and victory are the most elite mercenaries and devastating weapons on the modern battlefield.

Use a cutting-edge arsenal of weapons including advanced assault vehicles, tanks and futuristic military drones to prepare for all-out warfare in the mobile sequel to the award-winning hit Soldiers Inc.™.

NOTE: Please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare™

Game Features

✔ Available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean and Russian.
✔ Incredible graphics with motion-captured hero characters and stunning 3D maps.
✔ Compete online in realtime massive multiplayer clan warfare.
✔ Train and upgrade your troops and combat systems to create an unstoppable army.
✔ Develop and deploy the next generation of military weapons across an ever-evolving battlefield.
✔ Attack or Defend - reposition your base and customize your outposts to back up your strategy.
✔ Participate in intense, tactical PvP against players all around the world.
✔ Single-player PvE missions, tournaments, rewards, and achievements.
✔ Forge an alliance, cooperate with teammates and devise strategies to defeat your rivals.
✔ Live operations with hundreds of different events and leaderboards to play across single player and PvP.
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