Scary Mansion - Horror Game 3D

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Last Updated: 2023-01-29

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An escape from a mad evil monster riddles in this scary horror games for free!

Scary Mansion is a puzzle horror game and a super thriller with scary story and a maniac's sinister house. A mad evil Magician in this scary horror games adventure is just like the characters in films about best serial killer Jason and Friday the 13th in the ghost survival horror.

You went with your brother into the scary spooky woods looking for treasure from the house of terror in this scary horror games adventure.But your brother disappeared in the greater dark cold silence of the scary house riddles where a crazy monster magician lives.The evil mad Magician found your lost brother and lock him up in the dark side of this house of terror.Today you will keep your eyes open and play your role and experience heartbreaking terror.Overcome your fear, hide, run, solve puzzles, open locked doors and finally escape from the house of violence and torture in the scary horror games adventure.The survival horror game has begun! So you need to rescue your brother and escape from the horror house.

This maniac mansion and a dangerous murderer creates an atmosphere of a true nightmare of fear house. Escape from the psycho-killer , collect all his treasure , free up your brother and find your way out. Hurry up, don't close your eyes and save yourself from the horror butcher! Because you need to survive from a scary adventure escape from a maniac mansion.

Experiences the thrills of survival horror in this scary horror games for free. Interact with the exciting adventures in the scary horror game world. Download the game to immerse yourself to solve all the secrets and mysteries. Defeat the evil, win this fight and find the way out from the scary game. Enjoy the story, escape out from house of terror.

Enjoy your every step you take in riddles of this classic horror. Transfer to the horror world and give yourself unforgettable impressions. Stay focused to unlock all doors and explore all the rooms for treasure. Find each sinister edges of the mansion and enjoy the scary game!

You will be chased on every step you take in The house and it will distract you from your destination.When you start playing with your character ,you will love the breathtaking environment.Join the creepy quest and try to escape the room first.So dive into this game and have fun.

Key Features of the horrors of the spooky game Haunted Scary Mansion:
- scary story of two brothers, in the scary horror games adventure;
- chilling atmosphere and quality graphics;
- creepy maniac psychopath ;
- horror puzzle with tricky locked doors;
- quality 3D animation and super cool cutscenes;
- thrilling quest with mysterious puzzles.
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