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Last Updated: 2022-09-28 Current Version: 1.0.82
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I've been playing for a few weeks and nowhere near then end of story mode. But I might stop playing. Here's the reason To progress in story, you need a certain currency that can be earned in instances (dungeons, raids) But running them consume another currency that you can only replenish after 24 hours. This currency is also being tapped in when you grind or farm. After the instances, I can't grind or farm efficiently. Log in, 5 instances (each 4min), set up auto farm. Log out. That's all I do.


I'm giving 5 stars to that mobile version of the Ragnarok game. I used to play Ragnarok in my early 2000-s. It was fun!! Many worlds, great dungeons, nice chat commands and game events. I believe this is only the beginning and they can improve this game technically and visually. Go Gravity!


As cute and lively as I remember the old games to have been. Sure, it's a mobile game,so if that's not your cup of tea, you'll have some issues learning the controls or somewhat flawed U.I. But overall, it's a neat game that offers exactly what you'd expect from this sort of MMO. Gives plenty of reasons to explore, if you're into collecting and being a completionist. Seems to have decent combat, although, somewhat hard to aim sometimes if the screen is cluttered. Clear thumbs up!

2.0 Newly Launched Official Mobile Game, explore a massive worldly freely in this 3D MMORPG! Special update for the new version of the Thanatos Hero Class, call upon your friend to adventure together!

======Game Features======

🧚‍♀️Original Class Switch At Will🧙
All classes of the original version will now be unlocked, switch instantly with ease, all new Hero Class for you to try!

🦄Cute Monster Pets Accompany Your Journey🐱
In your adventures, monsters are not only your enemies but also can be tamed to become your pet! Catch and feed to improve your affinity with the pet and merge into rarer pets!

💑Hand in hand Let Love Flow Together💟
Wearing a white wedding dress under the cherry blossom tree, making your vows with one and only, engagement, wedding, honeymoon, protecting the love that belongs to you!

⚔️Work as a team The mightiest King🏆
Multi-mode casual and competitive PVP, GVG gameplay, clash of the mighty, reasonable composition with the strongest strategy, fight for glory together!

👓Thousands of Styles Fancy Mounts🚀
Thousands of appearance, Headwear DIY combinations at your disposal, rich solo and duo mounts, and so on for you to collect, each adventurer is unique!

🎀The same heart Waiting for your return🎁
3D recreation of the original game's world, rich explore the story freely, from the promise of South Gate to the adventure of the Lost Isle, Midgards Continent is waiting for you to unlock!

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