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Last Updated: 2023-06-08

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All went well at the beginning. And then after a while the game get incredibly unbalanced, to the point enemies 20 levels below you are much stronger, more accurate, and debuff you more constantly. And the game makes it much harder to level up, so you get stuck at the same point, unless you spend money. Too bad, I wanted to like it, but it's just another cash grab.


**Drop the hours long hand holding, forced tutorials ruin games.. I want to explore the game. Artwork, characters/their stories and animations amazing. It makes a nice VN. Unfortunately that's all it has going for it, the rest of the game is lacking massively, moving through SO many menus is a chore. It feels like everything else; dungeons/gear was a last minute addition, it's a terrible menu system to navigate. Summon rates aren't bad tho, it's a gacha you can't complain


It's good, paid elements aren't predatory and even one star characters can be upgraded all the way to 5 stars, everyone is viable. The only downside is that the interface is kind of a dog. Getting relevant information can be difficult and there are 'dead end' interface actions where if you enter windows in the wrong order you can't proceed without backing all the way out.

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It is a new adventure coming by the SmileGate where both isekai and the anime style are mixed into one, and the kingdom has to be saved by someone here. The game's protagonist is now in another world, and he has so many things to learn and to know the viewer and the reader. There are small arenas where you will have to beat the best of the enemies by combining heroes, and this is the Outerplane which comes as an RPG to play as a single player with many more anime adventures.


Turn-Based Actions Combined with Epic Stories


The actions you see in this game are entirely filled with 3D animations, and everything will be turn-based. You have so many compositions to try here, and there is no need to stick to a one-combo mechanic. You have to deal with many of them, and it is up to you to try several variations of them to see which will work for you for the best.


Once you dig into the game, an exciting story will have to be revealed and everything you need to explore here. There is an adventure that you have to take on the other world's kingdom in Outerplane, and the best emulator: LDPlayer 9, will be the best option you have to enhance this gaming experience for the better.


Bosses and Challenges


So many rampaging bosses are waiting in Outerplane to beat you, and it is now your time to beat them before they do the same for you. Every defeat will reward you, and every attack can also be customized in the game. You are all free to challenge your own abilities in this world by engaging in strategy-based combats.

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